The basic baby supplies to prep for baby's arrival

An a-z checklist of essentials for a newborn in the family

By Rachel
The basic baby supplies to prep for baby's arrival

Preparing the essentials for your baby

Once you have taken the pregnancy test, you know things are going to change and this change is going to be from scratch. Pregnant mothers begin to get emotional over all the baby conversations and once this phase of theirs is over they begin to realize there is so much they have to do while the baby is growing inside her womb. You need to make changes to your house to make sure that the baby is secure and you have to buy all the essential stuff before the baby arrives. 

You know you will decide to make a short trip to buy a few supplies beforehand but while you are taking a walk on the “baby” aisles you will see numerous products which you think you should buy and this short trip is definitely going to transform into a big one and all this is because you are overwhelmed. 

Be in control with a checklist

How we see it, the crux of the problem is that you do not have a list sorted out for you. But since you already have so much baby work and juggling to do, you are going to miss out on a few things and you have to keep everything prepared before your child turns a week old. We have got all this sorted out for you, just the way you had thought it to be. There is a checklist you are supposed to follow through which is going to make you smile throughout your journey as you go checking off all the essentials.

A list is going to make things so much better for you and it is going to help you realize where is it that you are overspending because now that you are overwhelmed you are bound to make rushed decisions. 

All you have to do during this time is relax! There will be a lot of time in your hand to buy all the indispensable items. You know there are some things that strike to be of utmost urgency. For instance, when you are going back from the hospital to your home – you would want an infant car seat. Further, when you reach home, you will realize that you want a safe place for your baby to be tucked into sleep, diapers, and clothing.

With time you may want some other material but that can wait and this is why this piece of advice will be useful.

The A-Z baby supplies list:

So get set and shop till you get all the essentials!

Baby Clothes

The first thing on your list should be baby clothes. As enticing as baby clothes shopping can get, you are supposed to stick to the essentials required to keep the baby safe and cozy because the list may become never-ending. These are the must have:

  • 4-6 onesies – the onesies should have wide head openings and lose legs for comfortable leg movement of the baby
  • 4-7 undershirts – the undershirts must have wide head openings to avoid suffocating the baby. 
  • 4-8 one-piece pajamas


When it’s summer the things mentioned above should suffice; however, you must include one to two hats which are broad-brimmed, if the baby is born in the summer.  

The requirements are going to change according to the season. When it’s winter:


  • 2 blanket sleepers for a winter baby
  • 1-2 sweaters or jackets – the sweaters and jackets must be front-buttoned to avoid any problem when you are making the baby wear it.
  • 4-5 pairs of socks – shoes are unnecessary at this stage or until the baby begins to walks 
  • 1-2 hats – soft and comfortable for the baby to don during winters. 
  • No-scratch mittens
  • 1-3 rompers or other dress-up outfits


You know you are going to need a baby’s bedroom sooner or later because you would want to keep their stuff in a proper place rather than in a haywire manner. And a baby’s room calls for cutsie-tootsie adornments but this does not mean that your forget to baby-proof the room or buy furniture that is not baby-safe. Essentials for the room that you are curating for your baby will include:

  • Crib or cradle – the baby must have its own place to sleep in and there is no better alternative than these two. 
  • A mattress that is going to fit perfectly in the crib – the mattress must be of the size which allows less than two fingers to be fit into the mattress and crib. Also, the mattress should be comfortable enough for the baby to sleep in. 
  • Baby monitor
  • Toy basket
  • Dresser
  • Rocking or armchair
  • Nightlight

Baby bedding

Sleep is a necessity, for the baby and for you. And your sleep is dependent upon the baby and how much comfort the baby is able to derive out of the mattress that they are sleeping in. So bedding becomes an immediate essential to keep a check on by the parents and here is the list of the baby’s bedding requirements:

  • 2-4 fitted crib sheets
  • 1-3 washable crib mattress pads
  • 4-5 soft, light receiving blankets – this acts as in aid in the breathing of the baby’s skin
  • 1-2 heavier blankets  - your rescuer when the weather begins to get a little cold


Source: Amazon

There is no way that you can miss this out. The baby is going to poop and wet their nappy in a jiffy and if you forget diapers, your house will be a mess. The task of wrapping a diaper around your baby can be a little daunting but since you have to perform it over and over again – you are bound to get used to it. There is a list of this essential too:

  • Diaper liner – these are going to help you dispose of the solid waste without having too much trouble in disposing of the diaper
  • Diaper bag
  • Diaper cream
  • Unscented baby wipes – baby wipes help your baby’s butt be happy and cause less irritation
  • Soft washcloths
  • 6-11 dozen cloth diapers and 6-11 diaper covers, or 2-3 large boxes of disposable newborn-size diapers

You don't need a diaper pail, even though it may look like you want it. You can dispose of the diapers in the same manner as you dispose of all other trash. You wouldn’t be very happy if you have to dispose off of the contents of the diaper pail.


Babies begin to enjoy bathing once they grow used to it and it can be a lot of fun because of how happy they become. Bathing becomes easier if you have all the necessary things handy and there are some things which rank as essential for a bath, just follow the checklist below:

  • Baby bathtub
  • Baby soap
  • Baby shampoo
  • 2-3 soft towels or hooded baby towels
  • Soft washcloths (use a different color or pattern than your diaper washcloths!)
  • Gentle laundry detergent


Newborn babies are supposed to be fed throughout the day. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding them, you are supposed to be ahold of the right material because specific feeding supplies for the same exist. Here is what is required for you to purchase before the procedure begins:

  • 10-13 bottles and nipples, both 4- and 8- ounce – if bottle-feeding is what you are sticking to, then the baby is going to get through the day with about 10 of them of the 4-ounce per day.
  • Bottlebrush
  • Dishwasher basket for small items
  • 4-8 bibs
  • Burp Cloths
  • 2-3 pacifiers

If you are going to stick to breastfeeding, then here is the list that you must focus on:

  • Pump 
  • Milk storage bags 
  • Nursing pads 
  • Nipple cream 
  • Nursing pillow



Like grown adults, babies have the need to be groomed, too. Your child may get sick in the future and that is when you would find the need for some essentials which we are going to enlist:

  • Baby thermometer
  • First aid kit
  • Petroleum jelly and sterile gauze (in case if the child is in need of circumcision care)
  • Baby nail clippers 


We hope we have covered all the essentials so that you can be pulled out of any sort of trouble that you might face when you are in this wonderful yet stressful procedure. Also, now you know what is it that you can chop off the list and cut down on the extra expenses you would have incurred, all at once.