20 Signs That She Likes You Over Text

So you finally got her number, now what? How can you tell a girl interested? Here's our list of signs she likes you based on her texts!

By Veronica
20 Signs That She Likes You Over Text

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #20

She uses a lot of emojis

If she uses a lot of emojis while texting you, it could be flirty. It depends on the emojis, and the girl, but she is taking the time to choose them before she sends the text, which is a great sign. If she's not using emojis, not to worry! She very well may still like you and just doesn't use emojis. Or maybe she doesn't want you to think she's a dork.

Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text #19

She texts back right away

If she promptly responds to your texts, this is definitely a sign that you're a priority. She may even be impatiently waiting by the phone for your text. If she takes a while to respond, it could be an indication she may be losing interest. Or maybe she's scared you will think she's a dork if she sends a text back too fast. More likely, she is just a busy person. Which could be a good sign, because you want a girlfriend, not a stalker.

Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text #18

She laughs at your jokes

If you're the type that uses a little comedy in your conversation (which I recommend), hopefully she's responding to your jokes positively with "Hahaha", "lmao" or at least an "lol". Girls like when a guy can make them laugh. If you're the more serious type, throw in a joke here and there to keep her on her toes. If she isn't responding, rethink your approach!

Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text #17

She has your contact name saved as something besides your actual name

If she has you saved as some cute nickname or your name with an emoji, she probably likes you. Having a nickname at all is definitely an indication of flirtatious behavior. Even if she just calls you by your last name. But if you don’t have a nickname yet, there is still time to establish one! Even if its kind of cheesy, girls like feeling special and nicknames are perfect for making a girl feel like the one.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #16

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She texts you a lot at night

Does she text you when she can’t sleep at night? A girl sending messages in the wee hours of the night is a sign she likes you. She obviously likes talking to you, or she wouldn’t have chosen you to be the person who keeps her entertained when she can’t sleep. Or maybe she is actually just staying up to talk to you specifically, which is an even bigger sign.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #15

Her friends know about you

Do her friends say things like "Is this the guy you've been texting?!" when you meet them? A girl always talks her friend's ears off about guys they like. Maybe you're included in a group text with her and her friends, that's a great sign that she wants her friends to get to know you. Hopefully you really like her friends, its very possible they will become a big part of your life if you pursue a relationship with this girl. If you really can not stand them, then you may want to rethink the girl you're talking to. There's always a reason someone keeps poor company.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #14

She uses sarcasm

Does she tend to use a lot of sarcasm in her texts? Is she the type of girl with a dry sense of humor? Those types of girls can be such interesting partners, but sometimes it takes a lot of getting-to-know them to really understand them. The first sign a girl like this likes you is if she teases you and tends to poke fun in a sarcastic manner. Don't be scared to dish it back!

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #13

She references things you said days ago

If a girl brings up things you told her days ago, this is a sign she's really listening to you. Which means she probably likes you enough to care in the first place. It's a nice touch to also try and pay attention to things she says in passing, you can remember the things she likes for the future.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #12

She confides in you

Has this girl shared some really personal anecdotes? Told you some secrets she doesn't share lightly? If so, this is a great sign she's into you. She trusts you enough with her secrets! Don't take advantage of that privilege! Try and be thoughtful about your responses and make sure you're being sensitive to her experience and not gas-lighting her. And never share the things the tells you with anyone unless she gives you explicit consent.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #11

She sends you funny memes

Does this girl always send you funny pictures she finds? That's a great sign! It means she likes to share things with you, and feels like you have a good sense of humor. She's hoping you'll appreciate them! Make sue to always acknowledge that you enjoyed the joke and don't try to one-up her with a funnier meme or something else. A girl with a good sense of humor is always the best kind of girlfriend. Someone who won't take stuff personally and wants to have a good time.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #10

She sends you selfies or videos of herself

If a girl sends you a text with a picture of herself, that's a clear sign that she hopes you think she's cute. Even though it probably took her like 100 times to get the right one, she wants you to think she's attractive. So you better ham it up with the compliments! Society has trained women to want to be looked at positively, so maybe also include something about her personality you like along with saying she looks good.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #9

She talks to you about her ex boyfriends

Does she ever bring up her ex boyfriend? This could be a sign she trusts you with her honest feelings. Of maybe she's trying to figure out whether you're the same type of person her ex is. Maybe she's scared of getting into another relationship like the one she has had before. Either way, a girl probably wouldn't talk about past lovers with someone she doesn't care about.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #8

She texts you from work

If a girl sends you a text about being at work, this could indicate a few things pointing to her interest in you. First is the risk of sending personal texts at her job, this means she is prioritizing you over her performance at work. Second, even if she's not under strict supervision of a superior, she may just be bored and thinking about you. Both solid signs she likes you.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #7

She wants to actually see you in person

If you've been texting a girl and she really wants to hang out with you in person, she definitely likes you. Usually girls use texting as a way to feel out the other person to see if they would be a good match, and it's especially difficult sometimes without the use of body language. If she's expressing interest in seeing you, you're already a step ahead! Don't blow her off! If you make plans, make sure to mark it in your calendar and don't plan anything else.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #6

She sends you a text first

After you have parted ways for the evening or after a hangout, does she text you before you even leave the driveway? If she does, then she probably likes you a lot. She misses you immediately! She obviously wants to get to know you more and keep the conversation going. If she's a prompt texter because of her personality, then that's a great indication that she's relationship material!

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #5

She sends you risqué photos

Now I won't go into too much detail about this one. We all know what I mean when I'm referring to 'risqué' photos. Photos that you would be scared to show your mom. Photos that can sometimes portray a certain type of body language, probably the type of body language she's using to tell you she's interested. If you are the recipient of such photograph, then you should handle it with extreme discretion and respect. Nothing is worse than a guy who shares private photos with his buddies. Don't be that guy.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #4

She compliments you a ton

Does she always talk about how smart or cute you are? Is she always saying you're such a wonderful conversationalist? Or maybe she loves that you know so much about cars and sports (probably not though)? That's a telltale sign she likes you. Girls wouldn't waste their time complimenting someone they aren't interested in. Pay attention to these compliments. It's a good way to keep track of the behaviors she really likes and wants to see more of. Also beware of a girl who is a little too interested, you don't want a stalker on your hands here.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #3

She got her phone taken away for talking to you late at night

If you and the girl you're texting are young still, living with parents and going to school, it's likely they're not on board for you staying up all night to text. If she recently got her phone taken away for talking to you too much, or too late, she definitely likes you. She's willing to take the risk of losing her one way of communication just to talk to you, you must be pretty special to her. Bonus points if she's using some other source to contact you, like a computer at the library or a friend's phone. This is also a sign she really wants to talk to you.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #2

She chooses talking to you over hanging out with friends

Has she ditched her friends because she would rather text you? Maybe her friend's house doesn't have any service, or maybe strict parents. Maybe she left her phone charger at home and decided not to sleep over at her friend's so she could get home to charge her phone. You must really be important if she's doing all that just to talk to you. Make sure not to take that dedication for granted. Definitely don't ditch her for your buddies.

Sign A Girl Likes You Over Text #1

She has told you she likes you

Has she flat out said she likes you? Did she literally say those words? This is the only surefire way you can know whether or not she likes you. Body language, insinuation, and guesswork will only get you so far. If she is straight to the point about how she feels about you, be grateful and grant her the same respect but being honest and straight forward about your feelings as well. This will lay a good foundation for a relationship.