Empower your little girl with these baby books for girls

Bring up strong, opinionated little girls who can brave the world

By Evelyn
Empower your little girl with these baby books for girls


Reading a book to your little girl can give her a great power because it can help shape the person she will become as an adult. With the right book, you can encourage her to be strong, to be resilient, to be opinionated. With the right book, you can empower your little girl to be the best person she can be, you can stimulate her imagination and nurture it so that what she can imagine, she can do. 

Children are like little sponges, they are absorbing everything that goes around them. You can help your baby girl absorb girl power during your nightly session of bedtimes stories. So in your next bedtime story choose a book that tells a story that can inspire your little girl for a lifetime.

We want to help you empower and inspire your baby girl, so take a look at some girl power books and choose one to share with her during your next bedtime story.

Best baby books on girl power

1. This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer

This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer: Joan Holub, Daniel Roode: 9781534401068: Amazon.com: Books

Our first choice is a book that would introduce your little one to strong women. Written by Joan Holub and illustrated by Daniel Roode, This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer is a board book that will introduce your kid to a variety of strong women throughout history. The introduction of each trailblazer starts with a rhyme about their place in history and then there's an explanation of their achievements

We're sure both you and your child will love all this girl power, it's full of fun, age-appropriate facts and bold illustrations.

2. Little Feminist Board Book Set

Little Feminist Board Book Set: Galison, Emily Kleinman, Lydia Ortiz: 9780735353817: Amazon.com: Books

The next book to check is Little Feminist Board Book Set written by Galison and Emily Kleinman with illustrations by Lydia Ortiz. This book will introduce your little girl to strong women in four categories: Artists, Pioneers, Leaders, and Activists. Each mini-book contains adorable cartoons illustrations, is fun and realistic. Your baby girl will learn about these amazing women, their accomplishments and contributions.

3. The DC Superheroes: My First Book of Girl Power

Amazon.com: DC SUPER HEROES: MY FIRST BOOK OF GIRL POWER (9781941367032): Julie Merberg: Books

Who doesn't want to be a superhero or in this case heroine?! You can empower your little girl to be a Superwoman or Wonderwoman with this book. Written and illustrated by Julie Merberg - The DC Superheroes: My First Book of Girl Power explores some of the best female superheroes and could be a great role model for your little girl. 

It explores not just the physical strength, it explores intuition too. Your girl would learn about Wonder Woman's ability to finding the truth or Batgirl's keen mind, or Black Canary's powerful voice. By sharing this book you can show your baby girl that women are powerful and totally capable of saving the day!

4. Little Women: A BabyLit Playtime Primer

Little Women: A BabyLit® Playtime Primer: Jennifer Adams, Alison Oliver: 9781423643890: Amazon.com: Books

Introduce your little girl to classic literature! You can do this with Little Women: A BabyLit Playtime Primer where Jo, Beth, Amy and Meg (the pioneers of girl power) will show your child ways to have fun, in a time before apps and television. She can learn about gardening, singing, reading, skating... the possibilities are limitless.

5. Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon: Patty Lovell, David Catrow: 8601404928352: Amazon.com: Books

With this book, your little would know that she has the power to stand up to anything just by being herself. Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon can teach your girl to be proud of who she is.

 Molly Lou Melon isn't perfect, she has big teeth, is short and clumsy and has the voice of a bullfrog being squeezed by a boa constrictor (easy pickings for a bully), but Molly knows exactly what to do about that... keep being herself, because that is more than OK!

That's a very powerful message for little girls nowadays, don't you think?

Baby books for girls that are inspiring

1. Feminist Baby

Feminist Baby: Loryn Brantz: 9781484778586: Amazon.com: Books

Want to raise a strong feminist?  Feminist Baby can help inspired your baby girl to be one. In this illustrated book your baby will meet the irrepressible feminist baby, a girl who's not afraid to be her own and do her own thing while making as much noise as possible along the way.
With illustrations worth a thousand words, this book is warm, cute and inspiring. It shows that with no boundaries you baby can grow to be anything she wants.

2. Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice!

Amazon.com: Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice! (9781368022798): Loryn Brantz: Books

You should also check Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice! Now that Feminist Baby is starting to talk, she is back with more fun adventures, and she has new friends. These two board books by Loryn Brantz for sure are going to be an inspiration to your child and will empower her.

3. The Paper Bag Princess

Source: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com

Amazon.com: The Paper Bag Princess (9780920236253): Robert Munsch, Michael Martchenko: Books

The Paper Bag Princess is a board book about a very fearless princess. She has to outsmart the dragon that kidnapped his prince and burn all her clothes. In this quest, she uses all her creativity and intelligence; she manages to save the day rescuing his very snooty and ungrateful prince.

This book written by Robert Munsch and illlustrated by Michel Martchenko will inspire your baby girl to be fearless in the face of adversity.

4. My Feminist ABC

Amazon.com: My Feminist ABC (9781946064981): duopress labs, Irene Pizzolante: Books

Want a board book filled with inspirational lessons for you baby girl? You will find that in My Feminist Book ABC, using the alphabet this book will teach your little one human values and will empower her to follow her dreams and be confident. 

With big ideas like "G is for Girl Power and also for Grit" your baby and/or toddler will have lots of fun while learning very important concepts.

4. Tough Chicks

Tough Chicks (lap board book): Cece Meng, Melissa Suber: 9781328959850: Amazon.com: Books

All mothers want their baby girls to be good right? Well, this book tells the story of three little chicks that are good and cute but they are also loud, independent and different! And you know what? That's totally OK! You can inspire your baby girl to be all that with Tough Chicks.

Tough Chicks written by Cece Meng and illustrated by Melissa Suber is a fun book, it has humor, lively language, and bold illustrations. You and your baby will have a blast reading it!

Baby books for toddler girls which speak about feminism

1. Olivia and the Fairy Princesses

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses: Ian Falconer: 9781442450271: Amazon.com: Books

This book features a very feminist pig who doesn't like to wear pink. She has a lot of lofty goals which doesn't include being a princess. Olivia and the Fairy Princesses is a great book to teach your toddler about individuality, that it is ok if she wants to stand out and be different.

As Olivia states, not everyone wants to be a princess, so this book could inspire your little girl to start her own quest for individuality and discover what she wants to be.

2. Baby Feminist

Baby Feminists: Libby Babbott-Klein, Jessica Walker: 9780451480101: Amazon.com: Books

With Baby Feminist your baby girl will discover feminist icons and will relate to them because in this book they are portrayed as babies and toddlers. Icons like Frida Kahlo, Gloria Steinem or Ruth Bader Ginsburg are illustrated as adorable babies, they have inspiring messages for your budding feminist and could inspire her to make the world a better place. 

3. Part-Time Princess

Part-time Princess: Deborah Underwood, Cambria Evans: 9781423124856: Amazon.com: Books

Part-Time Princess is about a little girl whose a girl by day and a princess by night. A princess whose a little bit different, she wears pretty gowns and goes to balls but she also slays dragons and tames trolls. This book is great to teach your little girl that being a princess and having all those adventures is a great way to gain confidence to rule her own reign.

4. Not All Princesses Dress in Pink

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink: Jane Yolen, Heidi E. Y. Stemple, Anne-Sophie Lanquetin: 9781416980186: Amazon.com: Books

Guess what? Not All Princesses Dress in Pink, they come in all kinds. With this book, your little girl will discover that while wearing her tiara, she can play in the mud, climb trees, play sports, make messes... the possibilities are endless.

She will know that is OK if she doesn't like pink, she will discover the empowerment that comes from embracing who they are and her own endless potential.  

5. Ladybug Girl

Ladybug Girl: David Soman, Jacky Davis: 9780803731950: Amazon.com: Books

You can encourage your little girl to be independent, to be creative when she plays and to celebrate her imagination. In this book, a little girl name Lulu becomes Ladybug Girl everytime she puts on her ladybug costume. She is a superhero with a sidekick, her dog name Bingo, who uses her imagination to have adventures in her backyard.

If you have a toddler whose imaginative and likes to make her own games, Lulu will definitely resonate with her and will teach her to be a self confident girl.


The messages delivered by the books we read stay with us through all our lives. So imagine what your little girl can accomplish if you start reading to her all these empowering board books at such a young age! Bedtime stories are a great time to introduce your child to all these amazing characters that will definitely help her dream big.

So if you want to bring up a strong and opinionated girl who can brave the world read to her books that feature strong female characters that she can relate to and could inspire her to be proud of who she is and of the woman she will become.