10 Best Erotic Books Recommended to Get You Hot and Wet

Cuddle up with an erotic book to get your heart racing

By Bella
10 Best Erotic Books Recommended to Get You Hot and Wet

With the current Covid-19 situation, Isolation and boredom are digging deeper. Instead of feeling frustrated, why not enjoy a read that pumps blood into your cheeks and more? Well, let dive in right now!

10 High Recommended Erotic Books

Here are 10 books that you can't just miss. Get it online, listen to the audiobook and get immerse to a whole new world!

1. Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland

Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland

Paying homage to Alice in Wonderland and Fifty shades of grey, this book is an interesting parody about a girl who stumbles down the rabbit hole of sex. Light-hearted and easy to read, it will tickle your funny bone and it is a treat for those who love BDSM fantasies.

2. Wild Child by Jordan Silver

Wild Child by Jordan Silver

Do you dig doctors in scrubs? Do you have sexual fantasies or romantic crushes on them? This book is rated as the #1 Best seller in Erotica, featuring a woman who is addicted and being referred to a doctor who has to treat her condition. However, the great doctor has some secret kinks of his own as well. This book will literally blow your mind. Well, if you can’t have Doctor Mike in real life, why not opt for the substitute? Last I heard, he placed himself up for auction on Coffee meets Bagel, for a good cause. Well, you would have to pay astronomical amounts of money if you want to date him, I bet.

3. The sleeping beauty trilogy by Anne Rice

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

Anne Rice is a very prominent and eminent author, known for her books about vampires. This time, however, she has released a book ghostwritten by her under her pseudonym, A.N Roquelaure. This book reads like an NSFW version of Sleeping Beauty. With a 4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, reviews for this book are definitely very promising. With vivid imagery and sordid descriptions, the reader is transported to an erotic fantasyland like no other. If you love being treated like royalty by a sexy prince, this book is for you.

4. Strip you bare by Maisey Yates

Strip you bare by Maisey Yates

This novella has elements of danger, action and nudity, complete with biker boys and bad boys. The protagonist tries to hunt down his mentor’s killer, to avenge his death. In turn, he meets Sarah Delacroix, whose family’s reputation was tarnished by scandals. She knows he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Micah Carpenter is no good for her, yet she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. What will happen when two star-crossed lovers collide?

5. Magic of the Demon Fae by Ava Mason

Magic of the Demon Fae by Ava Mason

Fans of the paranormal and supernatural, rejoice! With many 5 star ratings, readers probably unanimously agree that this is one bestseller. This book exudes ethereal and mystical vibes, and even the author’s name feels very mysterious as well. This book chronicles the tale of what happens when one half-breed demon with fae blood encounters three demons and a warrior angel, whom she finds completely irresistible. This is more than a menage-a-trois(threesome), if it is not a massive orgy, I don’t know what it is. It is perfect for polyamory lovers or those looking to explore relationships with multiple partners.

6. Under Lockdown by Jamie Knight

Under Lockdown by Jamie Knight

This book definitely has drawn some parallels to 50 shades of Grey, as it's about a subordinate entering into a hot and steamy relationship with her boss. Other than that, the similarities end there. Ironically, as many countries are under lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this book topped the Amazon #29th bestseller list.

As what the title implies, the protagonist's boss is a workaholic, who may not have time for a relationship. However, everything changes after the city were forced to go into lockdown mode. They become lovers and start spending more and more time together, delving into their sexual escapades. But perhaps, after the lockdown is over, they may go back to being bosses and subordinates again.

7. Undercover Action: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by Cassie Cole

Undercover Action: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by Cassie Cole

Amber is an undercover cop masquerading as a stripper at a club. As a detective in charge of cracking a case, she is walking on thin ice, as she falls in love with the men she is supposed to be investigating, basically, wanted criminals. She has to keep up a farce. She is also in love with Riley, a cop disguised as a bartender at the same club, which makes things more complicated.

8. Bad Night Stand(Billionaire’s Club) by Elise Faber

Bad Night Stand(Billionaire’s Club)

The first installment in the Billionaire’s Club Trilogy, this book narrates the life of a woman whose one-night stand goes wrong. Filled with numerous sexual innuendos and hilarious pick-up lines, this book makes for an easy and lighthearted read.

9. Good Girl Gone Badd (The Bad Brothers Book 4) by Jasinder Wilder

Good Girl Gone Badd(The Bad Brothers Book 4) by Jasinder Wilder

If you would describe yourself as a chaste and pure girl looking to explore your wild side, you would probably find this book very relatable. A stereotypical goodie-two-shoes, studying in a top university who received etiquette training classes, probably slated to become a Senator’s wife one day-what could go wrong? However, on one of her getaways, she meets one of the biggest, baddest boys, and like they say, the rest is history…

10. The Stewardess’s Diary, Parts 1-5: Steamy encounters around the globe by S.M. Pratt

The Stewardess’s Diary, Parts 1-5: Steamy encounters around the globe by S.M. Pratt

Ah, the mile high club, where most of the action happens right? An unsuspecting pilot finds a lost diary in his briefcase, but not just any ordinary diary-it is the diary of a kinky air stewardess. Join him on his journey as he travels around the globe to search for her as his sexual fantasies get wilder and wilder and his urges get out of control...

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50 shades of grey is so passe, so these are some books to satisfy your greatest fantasies. Whether is it action, fantasy or supernatural, erotic books have different subgenres to appeal to different audiences and tastes. Some books even cater to niche audiences. Please note that some books may not be available to the coronavirus epidemic.