The Best Toddler Books to Start Your Little Reader with

A recommendation guide for the best toddler reading books

By Viki Lara
The Best Toddler Books to Start Your Little Reader with

Toddlerhood is a superb time to create a studying ritual along with your baby. Bring books to life with funny voices, sound, and motion. At this point re-read their favorites and pause to allow them to finish the sentence or say the wrong word on purpose and notice if they correct you. 

A nice studying experience full of laughter and enjoyment allows your toddler construct early literacy talents. Impart a lifelong love of reading and at the same time, nurture a stronger bond with your toddler. At this point, toddlers want nothing greater than to find out about the world around them. Toddler books are a superb way to introduce them from primary concepts to a range of emotions. 

Here are some of our favorite books to feature in your collection.

Best toddler books in 2018

1. What Are Stars Written and illustrated by Katie Daynes, Usborne Books

Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers: What are Stars?: Katie Daynes, Suzie Harrison, Marta Alvarez Miguens: 9780794542115: Books

Toddlers just starting to observe the lighting twinkling above their heads at night are filled with questions. This elevate-the-flap book gives the answers for them to understand.

2. Black Bird Yellow Sun Written and illustrated by Steve Light, Candlewick Press Black Bird Yellow Sun (9780763690670): Steve Light: Books

Deceptively simple, this book of colors gets your tot making up her personal tales from what that blackbird is up to, to the inexperienced grass and beneath the purple grapes.

3. Touch Think to Learn: Vehicles Written and illustrated by Xavier Deneux, Chronicle Books

TouchThinkLearn: Vehicles: Xavier Deneux: 9781452145167: Books

Explore the outsides (and insides) of a number of their favorite modes of transportation on this cool cutout book.

4. Baby Goes to Market Written by Atinuke and illustrated by Angela Brooksbank, Candlewick Press

Baby Goes to Market: Atinuke, Angela Brooksbank: 9780763695705: Books

Toddlers will take delight in counting down the fruit that a hungry toddler eats on a movement-packed marketplace journey.

5. Peach Pear Plum Written by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, Penguin Young Readers Each Peach Pear Plum (Picture Puffin Books) (9780140506396): Allan Ahlberg, Janet Ahlberg: Books

A well-loved book by many parents, this classic has a poetic rhyme easy for reading (for parents) and engaging for toddlers to remember. With a large font, attractive images, it is a fun bonding session for parents and child!

Best toddler books about a new baby

Each parent is aware of that studying with children is essential for his or her development.
However, how do you already know which best toddler books can properly convey this idea to your toddler?

Below are some age-primarily based tips for selecting your baby's first books related to stories on babies and toddler like himself/herself! As he/ she grows, you could tailor your picks to fit his/her liking. Start a routine with a book a day to kickstart his/her reading habits.

These are a list of favourites for toddler books related to “sibling,” “toddler,” and “new baby”. 

1. I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole

I'm a Big Sister: Joanna Cole, Rosalinda Kightley: 9780061900624: Books

This picture book paints a beautiful picture from a child view of welcoming a new bundle of joy to the family. This book is excellent for parents who are introducing the first child to the idea of a sibling before or during pregnancy.

2. You Were the First by Patricia MacLachlan

You Were the First: Patricia MacLachlan, Stephanie Graegin: 9780316185332: Books

This book is a reminiscence to all the little joys of having your toddler, especially if he/she is your first! A recollection small milestones he/she went through during growing up will make both (parent and child) recall the times spent together, deepening the bond with your toddler.

3. Angelina’s Baby Sister by Katherine Holabird

Angelina's Baby Sister (Angelina Ballerina): Katharine Holabird, Helen Craig: 9780670061464: Books

This book is about a young mouse, Angelina who loves dancing. When the family is expecting a baby sister, Angelina went through a range of emotion of excitement to jealousy of a new addition. This is again, a great book to introduce your toddler to a new sibling, pre-empting him/her the attention you may give to the new young addition.

Best toddler books about feelings

Books may be effective tools to assist young children to uncover a range of emotions that they can express. These books are particularly useful for parents and caregivers who need to support children with tough feelings encountered in unfortunate circumstances.

We have selected a few books that explore feelings, dealing with anger, fears, friendship, grief and loss, and sadness.


As you share those books along with your child, it’s vital to follow her lead. You could find that your baby resists finishing a selected tale. This may mean that he/she is not but ready for it or the story can be “hitting too close to home.” Put the book aside in an area where your baby can explore it independently. Over time, your toddler may returns to the story when she is ready.

We give you the best toddler book for feelings and list a couple few that you can explore: 

Lots of Feelings by Shelly Rotner

Lots of Feelings (Shelley Rotner's Early Childhood Library (Paperback)): Shelley Rotner: 9780761323778: Books

This is an excellent book to introduce your toddler to associate the emotions he/she has felt but did not know the word or expression to use. It helps them to respond to surrounding more appropriately. With faces of other children, it is easy for the child to see the diverse expression and identify with his/ hers.

Other toddler books about feelings for good reading

With too much to cover, we would still love to share the few other books we researched that are great to teach toddler on emotions. These are:

  • Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard
  • When I Am/Cuando Estoy by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza
  • Tough Guys Have Feelings Too by Keith Negley

Toddler books on sharing

From time to time it’s fun to share, and sometimes it’s hard. Some books make sharing simpler, and suggests them where to turn to for help when sharing is hard. Little ones reading together can double the laugh and sharing time! 

We give you the best toddler book for sharing and list a couple few to keep in your back pocket: 

Sharing Time by Elizabeth Verdict

Sharing Time (Toddler Tools): Elizabeth Verdick, Marieka Heinlen: 9781575423142: Books

An ideal book to teach your toddler on sharing with friends, siblings and to even adults. A great book for parents to understand to approach the idea of sharing gently instead of forcefully.

Other toddler books on sharing for good reading

  • The Kingdom of Mine by Gary Edwards
  • Oh, Brother by Nikki Grimes
  • The Bear Who Shared by Catherine Rayner

Best toddler books of all time

It's never too early for children to fall in love with books. At this point, finding tales which are charming to study and amusing to pay attention while reading aloud is half of the battle.

This is the best  toddler book of all times and a couple of others as recommendations too!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar (9780399226908): Eric Carle: Books

With over 4000 reviews from and 300,000 reviews in (as of published date), this classic is in the bookshelf for the young child. Add on with a caterpillar rattle or plush to make the experience even more special.

About a growing up journey of a caterpillar, this colorful book gives young toddlers lots of visual experience fond memories of butterflies and caterpillar when they grow up.

Other best toddler books of all time for good reading

  • Feelings by Aliki
  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst
  • I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont


Early childhood is a really a good time for your child to explore the world and learn about himself/herself through books. By learning to read and enjoying it, it opens up a world of opportunities for your child to explore such as his/ her interest, expression and the world around him/ her.

Gift a good storybook to your toddler and also slowly let him/her understand the meaning of the story. Your child requests the same book again and again and repetition is good. It is an important way to make the experience last. 

Since Christmas is coming soon, gift your love one the precious gift of knowledge!