20 Relationship Tattoos That Are Cute And Meaningful

Taking Boring And Ugly Couple Tattoos To A Whole New Level

By Diana Nadim
20 Relationship Tattoos That Are Cute And Meaningful

Relationship Tattoos Ideas With Names

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Tattoos started way back even though they were not as sophisticated as they now are. It is, in fact, claimed that they have been in existence since 12,000 BC! There are many reasons why people get tattoos and some of them include:

Love of art

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Those people who love art can use tattoos since it is a form of art and it really looks cool. Those who get tattooed because they love art do not need a tattoo that makes sense as long as it’s beautiful.

To commemorate someone special

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Tattoos done for this reason are one of the most common as they help people to remember those special individuals who they have lost.  Having a tribute of your lost loved one on your skin is an amazing way of ensuring that your loved one lives in your heart forever.

For sentimental purposes

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A good example of this is when a person gets tattooed so as to express his/her love for someone else. Some couples even get matching tattoos to show their love for one another.

Relationship tattoos come in various shapes and forms but the most common are those with names. The following are some of the great relationship tattoo ideas with names:

1. Life line tattoo

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This is where you get a tattoo of a name using life line design. It can be the name of your soul mate or even a special name that means a lot to both of you.

2. Feather tattoo

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For this design, the name is incorporated in the feather tattoo. This is very a unique and beautiful relationship tattoo name idea.

3. Heart tattoo

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Heart tattoos are very common for people in relationships. You can, however, go an extra mile and have both your names tattooed using the heart design. This design is amazing and will make your tattoos stand out!

4. Family tree tattoo

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This idea is perfect for those lovebirds who have children or who would like to include their family in their tattoos. A family tree tattoo is created using the names of the family members.

5. Multiple mistakes tattoo

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This is a unique and hilarious one! Multiple mistakes tattoos are ideal for people who are not afraid of showing their past mistakes. This type of tattoo contains several names canceled leaving only that of your current partner.

6. A stack of books tattoo

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For those who love reading, this is the type of tattoo for you. It involves a stack of books with names of your partner and a special message.

7. Rosary tattoo

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This type of tattoo is amazing for religious couples. Couples can include the names of the partners in the rosary and the results are elegant.

8. Footprint tattoo

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Couples can use footprints either for animals or for humans to express their love for one another. The names and a special message can be included in the footprint.

9. Graffiti tattoo

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This type of tattoo is ideal for those couples who love the urban lifestyle. It involves name or names of your partner being tattooed as graffiti.

10. Anchor tattoo

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This is another popular relationship tattoo design. The names are integrated into the anchor to create a breathtaking piece. It can be used by anybody but sailors use it the most.

11. Flower tattoo

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This type of tattoo is ideal for ladies and the most used flower is the rose flower. A name or even several names are included in the flower making it a very beautiful tattoo.

12. Wrist bracelet tattoo

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This is another elegant type of tattoo. In this piece, the name of your partner can be included in the bracelet pendant or in the chain making it an amazing piece of art.  

13. Wedding bands tattoo

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In this type of tattoo, couples can include their names on wedding bands tattoo or even get their names tattooed around their wedding ring fingers. It can be a perfect reminder of their vows.

14. Key and padlock tattoos

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A couple can get key and padlock tattoos that have their names incorporated in the design to show that they hold the key to each other’s heart. This is usually an exquisite piece!

15. Butterfly tattoo

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Butterfly tattoos are usually gorgeous but they are however more popular with ladies. A name of your spouse can be added into the design to make the beautiful tattoo even more meaningful.

16. Arrow tattoo

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This tattoo is also amazing and it involves an arrow or arrows with the name of your partner included in the design. You can even go ahead and add a special message.

17. Crown tattoo

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A crown is always synonymous with royalty which makes this kind of tattoo exquisite. Incorporating the names of your soul mate in the crown tattoo makes the piece even more special.  

18. Stars tattoo

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Stars are dazzling! Having them in your skin with the name of your partner is out of this world. There are many ways of incorporating the name of your soul mate in a stars tattoo and all you have to do is to choose the one that works best for you.

19. Infinity tattoo

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Infinity design is used to symbolize something that will never end. This is why this design is perfect for those in a relationship as including the name of your partner in it communicates of a never-ending kind of love.

20. Foreign language tattoo

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This type of tattoo is trendy and ideal for those who are in urban life. It involves getting a tattoo of the name of your true love done in another language. For instance, if you are American, you can have the name tattooed in Chinese, or if you are French, you can have the name of your partner tattooed in Hebrew.

Cute Relationship Tattoos

The following are some of the cute relationship tattoos that you can try out:

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse tattoos

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Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are one of the cutest couples of Disney land and a couple can use these tattoos to show their affection for one another.

Mr. and Mrs. tattoos

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These tattoos are perfect for already married couples but they can still work for those who are engaged or even in a relationship.

King and Queen cards symbol tattoos

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For couples who love having a good time, this type of tattoo can be a very good idea. The lady gets tattooed the queen symbol while the gentleman gets the king symbol.

Matching Relationship tattoos

Having a matching relationship tattoo is a sweet gesture to showcase your love for each other. With two connected words inked on the couple’s hands, you can use your favorite phrases or words to show how perfect both of you are.

Crown tattoos

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A king and a queen normally wear different types of crowns and a couple can use the tattoo of the beautiful crowns to express their love.

Padlock and key tattoos

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This is a very romantic and popular tattoo design for couples. It requires one person to get a tattoo of a padlock and the other to get one for the key. It is used to symbolize the strength of the relationship.

Heart tattoos

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Love hearts are the ultimate symbols of love and it is only natural for them to be used as tattoos by couples. There are many designs of love hearts and they are all amazing.

Relationship Tattoo Quotes

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There exists a lot of amazing relationship tattoo quotes and some of them are as follows:


  • Near or apart, you’ll always be in my heart.


  • I am part of you.


  • True love never dies.


  • Keep me in your heart always.


  • I am yours… You are mine.


  • All you need is love.


  • We got this love.


  • You see all my light… You accept all my dark.


  • Until my last day… Until my last breath.


  • Every day for the rest of our lives.


  • Forever his… Forever hers.


  • Always and forever.


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Relationships are usually delicate and they need a lot of effort to make them a success. One way of keeping your relationship healthy is by doing fun things together with getting amazing tattoos. Tattoos have added advantage as you will both live to see them for the rest of your life reminding you of the special moments you shared with your soul mate. Tattoos, therefore, can make your relationship grow stronger.