Cute And Creative Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

Creative baby Halloween costume ideas for both boys and girls

By Merri
Cute And Creative Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

Toddlers, kids, and newborns can celebrate Halloween too, and there's no limit to the style of costumes they can wear. Allow newborns take part in Halloween costume display; they add so much finesse to the event. Plus, it is another chance to dress up your baby so why not? smiley


There are creative baby Halloween costume ideas for both boys and girls. Apart from animal characters, the shape of fruits can be worn as costumes without frightening masks. However, remember that materials for these costumes must be enough to keep your baby warm but at the same time, be comfortable enough so they won't have a hard time wearing it.

Letting your intuition determine cute shapes, colors, and characters will add glamour to Halloween. We are putting a guide that makes it more enjoyable to create baby Halloween costume ideas. Guardians, moms, photographers, and stylists can review these cute costume ideas.

What is Halloween?

Understandably infants of at least 3 months are unaware of Halloween. Halloween is the eve of All Saints' Day - an ancient tradition of the Celts when young people dress up in odd costumes (clothes and frightening masks) for the special day. Especially in the U.S, the Celtic festival of ghosts and spirits is a display of house to house visit by children. Before the host gifts them candies, they knock on your door and say 'trick or treat'!


The October 31st night displays funny and frightening costumes of ghosts, spirits, fairies, princesses, witches, monsters, fruits, vampires, etc. Adults often hold Halloween parties, and take that as the perfect reason to get drunk all night!

Baby boy and girl Halloween ideas for 0-3 months

Use your creativity to choose uncommon designs for your baby! They can be anything you imagine them to be, be it in the shape of sports accessories, playset, and cartoon characters. Babies can't remember their first Halloween, but pictures help them imagine how cute they looked on that day. So get your creative hat on!

1. Bat outfit


I mean, how cute is this BAT-BOY? 

The batsman Halloween costume for baby boys is an evergreen design. The stories of the Batman amaze adults and teenagers as they try to imagine the supernatural feeling. So, allow them to enjoy the future memory of mimicking any terrific TV character by starting with the batsman.

Swatches of white and black fabrics can form a pair of wings with one-piece footed pajamas. Simply attach both wings between the underarms and waist. Polyester material is ideal to design the swatches for this costume because it stretches and keeps the baby warm. Batsman has eyes too; so, make a hood and cut holes for eyes after attaching with the back neckline.

2. Fox Outfit

Newborn Fox Costume/Crochet Fox Hat/Fox Outfit Photo Props/Fox | Etsy

Turn your little one into a fox with this cute crochet outfit!

3. Baby Shark Outfit

Baby Shark Costume Halloween Baby Costume Newborn Halloween | Etsy

Yes,  that favorite song for all kids called 'Baby Shark'!

4. Cinderella Baby

Source: @yingtuktik/ Instagram

Cinder-baby anyone? The easiest to put together, this outfit is definitely a comfortable choice for baby. Baby would thank you for not dressing her as a tree.

5. Pumpkin costume ideas

Source: @babyisabellaharo/ Instagram

Pumpkin costume ideas can be worn by male or female infants during Halloween. Every fruit or vegetable shape costume must be designed with eye-catching colors, but avoid color stuffing. Then, create a cap; attach it to the neckline of their costumes to form the top of a pumpkin. Don't forget to crop both feet of the pumpkin DIY costume. As they 'trick or treat' in their cribs, preserve this memory with a nice photoshoot. 

6. Boss baby costume ideas

Daddy @amacbean brings the A game when dressing his kiddo as Boss Baby / Instagram

It can be easy to put together this outfit as long as your baby does not wiggle out of it at the same time.

Run to any stores to get a black coat or the one your kid has last worn to someone's wedding. Depending on his age, you can romper him or dress him in black pants and a white top. Put up Daddy's tie and you got yourself a boss baby right there! Oh wait, complete the overall look with a fake cardboard briefcase!

7. Shell them up

Make a sea turtle or snail Halloween costume; infants can lie on the shell or the belly, and they'll look unbelievably adorable. They will definitely be at their most comfortable state and the shell will be really cozy for them.

8. A Dragon baby

@miss_trouvaille / Instagram

Attach a matching cap (hood) to the neckline of the bodysuit. Get a strip of foam from an old mattress or couch and cut a long tail of triangular patterns. At least a meter long with zigzag edges; it should run from the forehead, along with the spine to the buttocks. Attach each pattern with a glue gun to the bodysuit. When babies rest on both feet and knees, it depicts a dragon with four limbs.

DIY creative outfits for older babies

Older babies do not have to miss out on the fun! Here are a few dress up ideas for you:

9. Statue of Liberty

@piedbeautystudios / Instagram

A top to toe DIY project by the studio behind the shots! For an affordable version, try putting together cardboards, velvet cloth or just any cloth with similar colors from the Statue of Liberty herself.

10. Mother and Baby - Mario and Mushroom combi

@natefit2018 / Instagram

All you need to make for baby is the mushroom top! That can be framed up with some good craft glue, white and red cloth, and velcro! 

11. Cute toddler witches

@katsiaryna_sz / Instagram

Tulle dresses can be easily bought online. The only item you might need to spend some cash on would be the witch's hat, which you can definitely re-use over the years! Talk about value for money :)

12. Donald Duck

@politeasfudge / Instagram

What's Halloween without some Disney? Try using a blue long sleeve and sew it with the half bottom of a white romper. Cut out the remaining white cloth into 4 circles and add up a bow tie made of sponge. As for the hat, you can find cheap white trucker caps and paint over! 

Don't forget, the essence is not for babies to be excited, but to keep the memories of their first Halloween by using low budget techniques.


Allow your baby to own his look! Mothers or both parents can make complementary themes of costumes with babies. Carry your little child in a strawberry plant costume, and complement the theme by dressing as a basket. Also, a mom and her 3-month-old infant can wear Halloween flower and bumblebee costumes respectively as a two-in-one design.


Always create exciting themes that will keep fond memories of the design of his or her first costume. Creative baby Halloween costume ideas should be cute. 

Are you a rookie mom that dreams of her first homemade Halloween costume for infants? Discover the art of styling Halloween costumes for babies with ideas that produce results. Learn dress-up ideas that will remind your child of his earliest days on earth. Halloween celebration unites the family; so, use your imagination to create these parents and baby costume.