10 Quick Date Outfits Ideas That Doesn't Involve A Dress

Chic outfits that will drive your date crazy and it's not a dress!

By Sarah
10 Quick Date Outfits Ideas That Doesn't Involve A Dress

It’s about time you’re out with the old and in with the new in the world of fashion, and dresses are all on their way out! No trend lasts forever, and it's safe to say that dresses have run their due course. There’s so much you can do to show off your personality through your outfits on a date, then why settle for anything less? Here are a few chic outfits for you to try that will make sure to catch your date’s eye. 

Getting Bored with Dresses? Try out Alternatives That Are Equally Hot

We’ve all had those days where you’ve had to resort to wearing the same old mainstream dress because you feel nothing else will give you that sexy oomph like a little black dress. If putting together a sexy outfit is your concern, then say no more! Here are a few super hot outfits that will outshine your average LBD any day of the week!

This absolutely gorgeous Black Broderie Anglaise Jumpsuit from Topshop, with its unique lacey design is a sight for sore eyes! Trust us when we say your date will only have eyes for you the night you put this on. Pair the outfit with some fun hoops like these gorgeous ones from ALDO and a pair of simple black block heels to complete the look.

This Lilac Satin Twill jumpsuit with some mid-riff action happening looks formal and sexy all at once! Put your hair up in a sleek bun and complete the outfit with some chic statement earrings and these trendy clear shoes. Not only your dates but all eyes in the room will be on you.

A long skirt, with a long slit! Show off those gorgeous legs by donning this beautiful mesh long skirt with side slits and matching it with this simple yet classy black smocked peasant crop top. Complete your look by keeping your make up simple and wearing statement jewelry. An elegant, classy, and unique outfit for when you want to look and feel sexy!

You can keep things elegant yet sultry with this classic black and white combo of a formal white blazer draped over your shoulders, paired with these high waisted black leather shorts from SAINT LAURENT. Just be sure the blazer is longline, and you can wear any plain black or white shirt with the combo. Complete the outfit with some pretty nude pumps.

Pair these tailored culottes with this sultry classic black crop top that leaves just enough for the imagination to make heads turn. You can go the super sexy route and pair these with high heels or keep things a little more casual with sandals. This outfit is versatile enough to be worn anywhere but will always make a statement.

Slits and all sorts of peek-a-boos are in this season! Pair these uber-chic formal mauve wide-leg pants with your favorite black camisole top for a seductive yet effortless look. Pair the outfit with some black block heels and a cute barrette in your hair. Keep your make up simple but wear some statement jewelry piece to really make your outfit shine.

10 Outfits That Guys Love

It's true, we all want to look smashing for our dates and have them fall head over heels the moment they lay eyes on us. Is that too much to ask for? I mean we don’t need a man’s approval for anything, but watching someone’s head turn and jaw drop the moment they see you will always give you a great confidence boost! Here are 10 outfit ideas for all occasions that are sure to have jaws dropping all around you. 

Outfits with Jeans

Jeans are so versatile and can be paired up nicely to give you the ultimate classic cool-girl look you’ve always wanted! Especially with the new trend in ripped jeans and skinny jeans seeming to thrive on. It’s about time you stop shying away from wearing them on dates. 

1. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans can be paired with anything and still give you a cool girl vibe! The best way to wear them though is with an eye-catching statement top, especially the off-the-shoulder, like this cute lace-trimmed crop top from Forever21, or cold shoulders type. Wear these stylish faded, ripped boyfriend jeans from Nordstorm with, this statement one shoulder ruffle crop top. Add a pair of large sunglasses and some nice earrings to complete the outfit.

2. Monochrome

You could go monochrome with an all black everything sort of look if you’re in the mood to give off elegant, opulent vibes.  Pair these posh and trendy high-waisted black riipped jeans with an off the shoulders, foldover bardot top to look every bit like the cool vixen you are. Keep the rest of your make up simple, and wear heels and statement earrings to bring the whole outfit together.

3. Play With Colors!

Play with colors and pair some bright striking top with blue denim. A classic girl next door looks all guys are absolute suckers for! All you need are a pair of well-fitting, good quality blue denim jeans, and a stunning red or hot pink top. that ‘s it. You can play with the rest of the look as you like but our advice would be to keep the jewelry simple to avoid looking cluttered. A nice matching purse will take your outfit to a whole new level! All ladies know the importance of a good handbag, it can either make or break your look so choose wisely.

Casual Outfits for Summer

Summertime is the best time to play with outfits and show off that gorgeous tan and summer body you’ve been working on! Here are some cool, creative ways to keep you looking your best while feeling light and breezy as well.

4. Tule Skirts

 Tule skirts are the all-new thing you do not want to miss out on! One wonders how we’ve spent all these years without them! There is so much room to play around with these that you can pair them with any shirt you have and still look 10/10! We recommend going ultra-girly with this pretty light pink mid-length tulle skirt and a lace top. Wear nude pumps and keep your make up light to look picture perfect for your date!

5. monochromatic jumpsuits

You cannot go wrong with monochromatic jumpsuits for a date. It’s simply not possible. And summers give you the freedom to explore this new trend to the fullest! There’s nothing like a good monochromatic jumpsuit to make you look your best. This monochromatic jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for casual day time, outdoorsy date. Pair it with cute sandals or even sneakers if you’re going for a walk with your date and keep your jewelry and make up minimum for the perfect, simple, clean look.

6. Jumpsuits

Sometimes though, you could find some really classic printed jumpsuits as well. They go in the same vein as a floral summer dress but are much trendier and give an overall well put together look. This drop-dead gorgeous jumpsuit is one of our favorite picks and can be utilized on a variety of dates! Whether it’s outdoors or at a cafe, this outfit works for most summertimes dates and keeps you feeling light and breezy as well. Style this outfit as you will because there’s nothing that would clash with it or make it look any less beautiful.

7. Show Off Your Legs

Tis the season of gorgeous legs! And you can take every liberty to show them off! Wear high waisted shorts to give yourself legs for days look and impress your date with your well-toned bronzy legs! Pair these high waisted boyfriend shorts with an oversized cute printed T-shirt slightly tucked in from one side - the perfect outfit for an outdoor summer date!

Winter Outfits

Winter is all about extravagance and layers! Time to take out that faux fur from the closet you’ve been waiting so long for!

8. Faux Fur

Pair your faux fur oversized teddy coat with a ribbed turtleneck and black skinny jeans for the ultimate, chic winter date look. A burgundy lip will bring the whole outfit alive, but make sure to not overdo jewelry to keep the look simple. High ankle boots will be your staple shoes during this season and go brilliantly with every outfit.

9. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are all the rage this season, they keep you warm and make you look and feel badass! Pair them with skinny black jeans, high ankle boots, and a T-shirt for a killer look sure to make everyone stop in their tracks! You could also add sunglasses to your look for extra flair!

10. Sweaters!

Just because it’s winter season doesn’t mean you can’t look cute! One of the best, most effortless date outfits you can pull off is with a simple chunky sweater and a pair of fun ankle boots or over the knee boots. Just add a pair of statement earrings and you’re ready to impress!

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Dresses have become quite overrated nowadays, and it’s high time you ditch them for something cooler and fun! Let your creative juices flow as you plan your great outfit and match it according to your style, and remember confidence is the key to pulling off any outfit!