30 Jaw-dropping Ways To Spice Up Your Outfit For A Movie Date

Move over the bland, boring movie date outfits! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of spicy outfits that will make jaws drop. Of the boyfriend that is!

By Monalisa Murmu
30 Jaw-dropping Ways To Spice Up Your Outfit For A Movie Date

Your movie date outfit should be balanced

So you just scored a movie date with that cute guy you’ve been eyeing for a long time now. What’s even better, he asked you out on a date! Heck, he actually thinks you’re pretty! And understandably, you’re in no mood to change his perception on that front. And that’s where the problem begins. You have no idea what to wear, completely clueless about outfit options. Granted, it’s just a movie date and not a fancy 7 course dinner date, but when you’re out with that hottie, what’s “just” a movie date even? A date is a date is a date! And you’re determined to look your best for him. But wait, herein is the other problem. In your bid to look flawlessly beautiful, you don’t want to seem like you’ve been trying too hard either. No matter how many hours you spend picking out your outfit, you still gotta look effortless. Of course that doesn’t translate to showing up in a hoodie at the date either. The truth is the perfect movie date outfit is the right balance of casual and dressy. And in order to really make him take notice of you, it is important to find a way to spice up your date outfit as well. You’re not blah, so why should your outfit be? There is no need to wear Herve Leger with a plunging neckline, but you can sure as hell put together an interesting outfit that will make him forget there’s a movie in the picture too!

Outfit ideas with dresses

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Skater dress with strappy heels

Skater dresses are the holy grail of date outfits. All the more when it is a movie date. Skater dresses make for cutesy and feminine outfits that get your girly girl out when on a date with the boyfriend or potential boyfriend. Wear them with dainty strappy heels for the ultimate “young adult” feminine outfit.

Sundress with sneakers

Sundresses are the next best movie date outfit option after skater dresses for the same reason. They make you feel feminine in a very young, vibrant way. Sundresses usually come in bright colors and patterns and the addition of casual sneakers makes this outfit comfy and movie date-ready.

Crochet off shoulder dress with Roman sandals

Speaking of feminine outfits, crochet dresses chart the top of the list. They lend the outfit this ethereal feel that makes you look not just pretty but luminous. Wear them with some Roman sandals on the date for a complete “angel descended on the face of earth” look.

Little white dress with dewy sun-kissed makeup

Little white dresses are to daytime looks what little black dresses are to the night time ones. They make for perfect movie date outfits because of how hassle-free it is to slip one on. They are also the best for showing off that fresh tan. Or if you have none, just act like you do by slapping on some sun-kissed makeup.

Denim shirt dress with bright pink lips

Bright pink lips are the contrasting element to the casual, almost androgynous denim shirt dress, and this is what makes the outfit interesting. Offset the laid back feel of the shirt dress with some bright color on the lips and lashings of mascara on the eyes.

Lace dress with biker jacket

You can already see why this would be a winning combination right? The contrasting mood of delicate lace and rugged biker jacket makes the outfit spicy. Instead of clashing, both elements come together seamlessly. Wear with combat boots for best results.

Outfit ideas with jeans and trousers

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Skinny jeans, slouchy denim shirt, high heels

Did you think jeans made for a basic outfit? Think again! With the right styling, denim can look just as cool as anything else. This outfit, for example. A pair of skinny jeans with a denim shirt tucked messily in finished with statement heels make one hell of a sexy act.

Boyfriend jeans with strappy camisole and heels

If you wish to keep it more comfortable because duh, it’s the movies, boyfriend jeans should be your outfit choice. To make it dressier though, wear it with a strappy camisole and some fur heels. It is both glam and effortless.

Flared jeans with tank top and platform heels

Do the 70s in style when you’re out on that movie date. A pair of high rise flared jeans when coupled with a tank top or a crop and high platform heels or sliders, make for the most easy breezy outfit ever.

Plaid leggings with oversize sweater and ankle boots

There is something quite girlish about plaid that men seem to like. Probably because of its geeky quotient men tend to feel women closer and friendlier to their species. Plaid leggings with an oversize sweater and ankle boots are for those who like to stay warm and cozy even at a movie date.

Blue skinny jeans, oversize white shirt, big dial watch...

Nope, I refuse to call this basic. I call it a classic outfit. When in doubt, always, ALWAYS wear a pair of blue jeans with an oversize white shirt. Accessorize with a big dial watch, sneakers or heels (based on your comfort) and some bright red lipstick.

Jeans with crop top and kimono cape

A movie date outfit should be admittedly comfortable just as much as it is chic. This bohemian inspired outfit serves both conditions to perfection.

Outfit ideas with skirts and shorts

Fitted midi skirt with tee shirt and sneakers

This is a fantastic way to use your pencil skirts outside of work. Wear them with tee shirts and sneakers to a movie date and no one will bat an eyelid.

See-through midi skirt with tiny boy-shorts underneath

However, if you’re looking to turn the heat on him, opt for a more sensual skirt-based outfit. A see-through maxi skirt layered underneath with nothing but a pair of boy shorts will get his heart racing yet keep the outfit classy and elegant overall.

Fitted mini skirt with sky high heels

But. But. When it comes to the sensual, most men will hands down vote for long legs in highest heels. So get your mini out and your high heels on for the most sensual outfit on this list. Best if the mini skirt is leather or denim.

Denim shorts and combat boots

Let’s admit it; combat boots worn with denim shorts lend a cool girl vibe to a movie date outfit like nothing else can. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also have a whole ‘emo’ makeup look going on with it.

Lace skirt with denim shirt

If overtly sexy or grunge is not your cup of tea, opt for the more feminine lace skirt and just to tone down on the girliness, add a denim shirt for a more casual approach.

Leather mini skirt, white tee shirt, biker jacket

We’re coming back to the leather mini skirt because there really is nothing sexier than an outfit involving a leather mini. And movie date or not, this is a date after all. Bring out the tough cookie look with an outfit comprising a leather skirt, white tee (preferably featuring your favorite music band) and a biker jacket. Boots and a beanie hat round up the outfit well.

Out-of-the-box outfit ideas

Maxi dress with long slits and thigh high boots

Sometimes you gotta turn up the style quite a few notches. This outfit of a maxi dress with long slits along the sides paired with thigh high boots is not for super conscious. You need to channel your inner Kendall Jenner to work this outfit on a movie date.

Slip dress with denim jacket and sneakers

Another day, another Kendall Jenner outfit inspiration. Wear a sexy lace and satin slip dress but turn it into a casual outfit by adding a denim jacket and sneakers. Sits perfectly well within the scope of a movie date outfit, yet is incredibly eye-catching.

Overalls with a tiny bustier undershirt

Did you really think there’s no way a pair of overalls can be made sexy enough to take on a movie date? We’ll prove you wrong just by adding a tiny bandeau or bustier top underneath it instead of a regular shirt or tee shirt. Ruffle up your hair into big voluminous curls and your outfit is as hot as it is cool.

White Grecian maxi dress with sneakers

You have worn a Grecian maxi dress with Roman gladiator sandals and even heels, but try it with sneakers this time for a totally eccentric movie date outfit. The idea is to take a dressy outfit and add a casual twist so it becomes ready to be worn as a movie date outfit too.

One shoulder structured top with denim shorts

If you’re the ever-so-eager fashionista, you want an outfit dressier than the jeans and the skirt. This outfit of a structured one shoulder top with either ruffles or a statement sleeve, worn with shorts is a perfect movie date outfit for you.

Boyfriend jeans with velvet tuxedo jacket and sneakers

This is the most daring outfit on the list. Only the most confident can wear an outfit of a tuxedo with jeans. That too, at a movie date! But you can totally rock an outfit of a pair of boyfriend jeans with a velvet tuxedo jacket and sneakers if you’re not afraid of experimenting.

Accessories to the rescue

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Quirky details like pom poms and spikes

No outfit is ever complete without proper accessories. More so in the case of movie date outfits, where the rest of the outfit is casual, quirky details on accessories help elevate the look of the outfit. For example, look for colorful pom pom strappy sandals, fur sliders or heels with spikes and studs. Tassel earrings, multi-link necklaces, etc, too, are great whimsical additions to your movie date outfit.

Alternate between heels and flats

On a casual movie date, it makes sense to wear flat sneakers or sandals with your outfit. But don’t rule out heels either. Unless it poses too much of discomfort, heels can dress up any casual outfit instantly. So make your shoe choice according to the need of rest of the outfit.

Bags, watches, sunglasses

Accessories extend well into the domain of bags, watches and sunglasses too, so don’t leave them out while deciding on your movie date outfit. Every element counts for the perfect head to toe outfit.

Keep the makeup natural and fresh

Your boyfriend will likely tell you that he likes you more without makeup. However, he doesn’t know that it takes a little makeup to achieve that look too. Keeping that in mind, don’t overdose on the makeup. Keep the finished look as dewy and natural as possible, especially on a movie date. Your outfit and makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not suppress it.

Fresh blow dry or curls

Hair might not be, strictly speaking, a part of the outfit, but it helps elevate the outfit. Your hair should have some healthy bounce and shine to make your outfit stand out, so opt for a fresh blow dry. Or get some loose curls. But avoid overuse of too many products.

Change up the mood, often

When choosing your movie date outfit, don’t get stuck in a rut. Change up between different outfit styles from the above list to keep things interesting. Take risks and try outfits you’ve never tried before. A movie date should be a fun affair, so feel free to have fun with your outfits too.

Never run out of movie date outfit ideas again

If you follow the above outfit list, and detect the underlying mood and style of each outfit type, you’ll never run out of movie date outfit ideas again. Just know to have fun like you’re supposed to at a date. Don’t just dress to impress or act like someone else; pick outfits that best compliment your personality. But once in a while, also try different outfit styles. And enjoy the movie date while you’re at it!


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