Cute Newborn Photography Props To DIY For Your Photoshoot

Newborn photography props ideas to feast your creative hands

By Merri
Cute Newborn Photography Props To DIY For Your Photoshoot

The basic knowledge of photography, application of lighting and camera gears can complement your newborn photography props ideas. The arrival of a newborn is joyfully celebrated, and most times the memories are preserved by photographs. Parents can make very cute newborn photo props for photo shoots, and find the simplest task for their hands too. Certainly, couples don't want to miss out in marking the arrival of the babies with fanfare.

Weird costumes, music sets, superhero themes, vintage fabrics, and decorations can make unique photo props ideas for babies. There's no limit to what you can do when you decide to use newborn photography props ideas to showcase your creative hands. Even common styles used in creating DIY photography props can turn out to be the cutest. You can apply different designs, themes and concepts like cocoon, pumpkin, swaddle sacks, and hammocks.

What are Photography Props?

With photography props, you can turn a simple image into a compelling story. Photography props involve the use of any object or concept that adds humor and stories to pictures. You could use a prop to relax the body of a model, add ambiance, and contextualize the subject of the digital photograph.

During the photo shoot for a newborn, the infant is the model. So, props complement the model, gives them comfortable posing, and make more meaning with the imagery. Most times, people introduce rustic and simple styles in portrait photography to send a better view of their ideas. Cute prop-based photographs for newborns are composites. You can place babies in or on the prop. Props bring a fun; so, always prep your newborn photography props ahead of time!

DIY newborn photography props ideas

Newborn Photography Props

People use classy props ideas to make amazing photograph collections for newborns. Couples don’t have to be professional photographers to be creative with prop ideas. Instead, they can simply generate prop ideas that are more appealing than traditional settings of photo sessions. Apply affordable DIY prop concepts when you plan to cover multiple shots for newborn photography. Couples can save some money after the arrival of their babies by using creative thinking.

1. Have a theme

Every DIY newborn photography props ideas should revolve around a theme to get the message. Newborn props ideas can highlight the concept of music by using music sets. Guitars, headphones, violins, and saxophones can form imagery techniques for a unique photo shoot. However, the safety of your newborn is important because they could slide while posing on the platform of music sets that have poor ground balance. When the newborn isn’t positioned correctly on music sets, they'll appear awkward in the photo.

2. Headbands and headgears as key newborn photo props

Headbands and headgears can make amazing newborn photo props ideas. These head wears come in various colors; get bright themes that match with the background scene. The baby headband and diaper cover combination of matching colors will make appealing props for that photo shoot.

3. Use of hanging stork sacks

The use of hanging stork sacks play as DIY newborn photography props ideas have served photographers. The stork sack props can hold lightweight babies without engulfing them. Like hammocks, stork sacks are cute photo props that need to be executed with the safety of the newborn baby in mind.

4. Use your favorite movie or popular T.V show

The best newborn photography props idea will always remind people of favorite event or themes because they bring humor, and sentiments. Do you have a favorite movie or popular T.V show? It's time to turn your newborn into one of the characters! You can customize your newborn props to match with that movie character. Star Wars, Disney, and some cartoon characters are easy to copy. The use of superhero themes to create cute newborn photo prop is easy and convenient.

5. Use your existing baby outfits and gears

For DIY prop ideas, consider incorporating items like diaper covers, swaddles, and wraps as newborn photography props. Apart from creating an appeal with fabric outfits, they allow you to protect the baby from harsh weather conditions and skin irritations during shoots. Rompers, pajamas, and blankets are also suitable for do-it-yourself newborn photography props ideas.

6. Holiday outfits and decorations

Holiday outfits for newborns can make unique photo prop ideas. If your child is born at a time of the year when national holidays occur, make the best shot from the occasion. You can ask a designer to make a particular holiday prop to fit the scene for your newborn photography.

7. Freestyle with what is around

The advantage about newborn and baby photography is that as models they are never camera shy. Sometimes they are asleep while you organize the props, lighting, and shooting. It's never challenging to express your mood by setting little children in the positions that your desire. You'll be surprised to find props that are unrelated to the model making the ideal ambiance.

8. Get secondhand prop and sell them back

You can always reuse props differently. Secondhand props are concepts that have been used. In making DIY props, collect props from garage sales, photography studios, or thrift stores and reuse them. You can turn your garage into a storage location for your collection of props. Keep it modest while organizing the photo booth because 'too many cooks spoil the broth.' A collection of clean homemade DIY props can create long-lasting expressions. Avoid using worn, old and dirty photo props; they can ruin the fun!

DIY newborn photography props ideas can be sold as a source of additional revenue. More so, a mother's newborn can become a model at an infant age. Here are some DIY newborn photography props ideas that can produce adorable, hilarious, and high-quality images. Here are tips on how to use DIY newborn photography props ideas.

When it comes to displaying creative newborn photography ideas, props add diversity to the digital imagery. Mothers and couples can have flexible photo session plans without relying on big budgets. There are alternative ways to match every DIY idea with the right costumes and props. More so, you can make different styles of photo portraits with the same set of props. The intensity, control, and exposure of the light with the background color can tweak the texture of photo portraits.

More so, you can infuse a spring or summer backdrop of twigs and leaves with the software. So add more fashion accessories from the app's features, and polish the texture of digital images after each shot. Don't fail to store the digital images of creative props in the cloud storage file.

Cheap handmade baskets for props

Take advantage of the next garage sales to get cheap handmade baskets for props. Handmade baskets are cute photo props because they emphasize the tiny size of newborns. Usually, cheap handmade baskets are sold in craft stores, and using them for props give viewers the perception amazing photos can be made from inexpensive crafts.

Photographing a portrait session of an infant in a basket with other selected of props is an amazing experience. Cheap handmade baskets for props always make classic expressions of digital images. The prop (basket) doesn't need elaborate features, even the design of a shallow nest will do. Raffia and grapevine wreaths are common materials for handmade baskets that you can use as props. The goal is to save cost by arranging the photo session without the help of professionals.

More so, you can learn to make cheap handmade baskets. For props, simple objects are easy to produce professionally styled shots. However, understanding the nuances of prop styling is a task that requires a thorough approach. The use of organic materials as props is better than artificial or synthetic crafts. To produce handmade baskets, simply gather and sort natural wreaths into corresponding lengths. Form layers of round shapes with adequate space for infants.

Unlike regular shopping baskets, this prop should be as shallow as a bed's nest. Then, bind the layers with a string (natural rope) and cover the basket's bottom with the wreath. You may spread a soft blanket on the base of the basket to look more appealing.


Portrait shots of infants and newborns can be challenging when photography props are absent. With some elements of fiction, props spice up the session and enhance the subject. It pays to make a connection between the subject and a well-used prop; this concept supports the visual story. It's easy for photographs to hold a thousand memories for your newborn when you brainstorm and use good ideas to create DIY props.