Ladies, Learn How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You Like Crazy

Do you feel that the initial spark has fizzled out in your relationship? Want to make your boyfriend fall in love with you all over again like crazy?

By Sanchari
Ladies, Learn How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You Like Crazy

Know what your boyfriend wants

Men can be pretty unpredictable, one moment he is completely into you and the very next moment he will be all aloof and lost in his own world. But, if you want him to love you like crazy, then here are some tips and tricks that you can follow. We girls know how to seduce our men or flirt with them, but not always you can apply these tricks on your boyfriend. There are times when you need to take out some other tricks from your sleeves. It isn’t about seeking attention; it is about feeling loved by your boyfriend. When he is not able to take you off from his mind even when you are not by his side, then you can be rest assured that he is totally into you.

Remind your boyfriend the fun times

When you are in a relationship for a long time, things start getting boring and predictable by the day. He knows what to expect when he is at home and you also know how he will react to your words. Every predictable thing is boring, so why not spice it up! Remind him of the times when both of you just started off. There were certain qualities of yours that he simply adored and always praised you for that. Now that both of you are together for so long, he has started taking those things for granted. He is not appreciative of your efforts anymore. If you are feeling that way, then we have the perfect solution for you. Every relationship goes through ups and downs, but the onus is on both the partners to make it work. Remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place. What were those traits in your character that he found amazing? Make him remember all those moments by doing something special for him. He will love you for that. Here are some tricks and tips that you can make use of to get your boyfriend back on the track of loving you like crazy.

1. Less is more

When your boyfriend asks you about your day, don’t give out all the details right away. Give out only a minimum of information in the most uninterested manner. He will be probing you for more details. This way you will have his undivided attention. The less he knows about your daily life, the more inquisitive he becomes. Sometimes, your boyfriend will feel jealous thinking that you might be sharing your details with other guy friends of yours. It is important that you play along.

2. Love your independence

Be a strong, independent and go-getter kind of a girl. Your boyfriend will love it and he will come after you because he wants to know more about you. Guys love girls who can make decisions on their own and be comfortable in their own skin without caring much about others think about them. Moreover, when he knows that you don’t need him to complete your life, instead you are allowing him to be in your life and being part of all the fun, it is enough to make him go crazy.

3. Don’t take yourself for granted

If you are not making any effort to realize your dreams or passion, then why do you think your boyfriend will? Ladies, first learn to love yourself and then only you will be able to spread love and also make your boyfriend love you back. If you have any desire or want, then don’t accommodate it with your boyfriend’s. Compromising is required to maintain a relationship, but why would you do that just to make your boyfriend happy? Moreover, it is a completely wrong notion that your guy will love you more if you leave everything behind and think about his well being all the time. You need to start doing things that give you immense happiness and you will see that your boyfriend is adjusting with you genuinely and falling for you all over again.

4. Want to be the eye candy?

Sometimes, it is good to be an eye candy. Looking good or dressing up for the occasion are some of the things that you should start doing all over again if you have stopped doing it. If you are looking gorgeous and sexy, then you will notice that your guy is checking you out every now and then. He will feel jealous if some other guy goes up to you and compliments you. He will start feeling neglected and wouldn’t leave you alone for a moment. Try this simple trick to make him fall for you all over again.

5. Love your own time

Make some plan for yourself. Leave your boyfriend behind and show him that you have an active life beside him. You can attract the attention of other guys when your boyfriend is not around. Have fun with your girlfriends and feel good about all the appreciation that comes your way. Once you start feeling that you are still hot and can have fun the way you want, you are most likely to grab your boyfriend’s attention even more.

6. Love to be a wildcat in bed

How exciting is your bedtime stories? When was the last time you experimented on the bed? If it is taking time to answer these questions, then it means you have been rather boring in the bed and it is almost like a routine that you follow. You can send him texts expressing your desires and ask him what he wants. Texting is a god way to tease your boyfriend and get him ready for the night. Guys love the idea of exchanging texts on hidden desires. You will also find it easy to share your feelings over the text, rather than saying it on his face. Text him something sexy and give him a sneak peek into what is awaiting him back home. Surprise him in bed by showing off your wild side. Take charge right from the beginning and give him a taste of your passion and desire in the bed. Explore the hidden desires with your boyfriend and make him a happy soul as well.

7. Want to change something that you love?

You have been thinking of changing your hair color or the haircut for a long time now, but due to something or the other you weren’t able to fulfill it, then this is the time to do so. This sudden change will make him notice you and he would want to be with you always. Change is fun and if it is in your appearance, then it is like discovering a new self and unmasking a new aspect of your personality altogether. You can also try changing your wardrobe and incorporate some body-hugging dress to give yourself a sexy look. Believe me, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you and would definitely start loving you like crazy.

8. Want to make your boyfriend fall in love with your smell?

A study has proved that scent acts like a time machine of the senses. If you feel like you want your boyfriend to reminisce all the good memories with you then wear the smell that he identifies with you. The familiar smell will make him think about all the exciting moments together without much effort on your behalf. Use this trick when you want to check whether he remembers the good old days. If he reacts to your smell and tells you exactly where and when you wore this perfume, then it means that you are in his mind, but nowadays he thinks that you already know how much he loves you and there is no need to express it. But, tell your boyfriend, he is wrong. If he loves you like crazy till date, then he needs to express it aloud.

9. Don’t say sorry when it isn’t your fault

There are several of us who likes to mend things every single time. If you are thinking that it is good for the relationship, then it is not. Your boyfriend will think that it is ok to hurt you or being at fault because you will anyway take care of the situation. Let him say sorry if he is wrong. Why should you take the onus on you? If he loves you, then he should swallow his pride and mend ways with you.

10. Love the damsel in distress, but not always

Your boyfriend would love to be your knight in shining armor only if you want him to be at times. But, if you are calling out for help every single time, then your knight will prefer to run away.

11. Love to make him jealous

If your guy ditches you at the last moment to hang out with his guy friends or goes out with his friends for a match, then don’t take it lightly. Let him enjoy his time with his friends, you call over your friends or find yourself a cute date and enjoy your time. Make him feel jealous and let him know that you won’t take such thing lying down. Your boyfriend will learn his lesson this way only.

12. Don’t serve him on platter

If he is asking you for something, then let him wait for that thing to arrive. Don’t be ready to serve him right away. When he gets everything without fail every time, then he takes it for granted. Moreover, it becomes quite predictable and boring. Delay the process by engaging yourself in some kind of work when he is asking to get you something. This way he will be on his toes and would never take things for granted.

13. Make him want you more

Plan a short trip with your girlfriends and be super excited about it. During your packing and planning, try to ignore him and his words. This way he will start feeling unwanted and crave for your attention. While you are away, make quick calls just to let him know that you are safe and sound. At night either text him or call him to let him know that you are missing his cuddles or kisses or something that you want to do with him in the bed. This will build up a huge expectation and when you will be back from your trip, he will be more than happy to take you in his arms and love you like crazy.

14. Chasing is fun for your boyfriend

If your boyfriend gets something very easily, then he won’t like it much. Guys like to chase things down, so make him chase you for your love and attention. Avoid him sometimes even when you don’t feel like doing so. It will keep his interest in you alive.

15. Be out of the box kind of a girl

If you are predictable in your behavior, then your boyfriend will find it boring. So, spice up your life and bring each shade of your personality one at a time in front of him. If you are coy and shy one day, then be this frank and upright next day. Let him guess your actual personality while you surprise him each day with a new color of yours.

16. Be confident in whatever you do

People will see what you want to show them. If you come across as a confident person, then the world will take that at face value. Most people who come across as a confident person are faking it, but their aura is so strong that you won’t even dare to mess with them. Every guy loves a confident girl who knows what she is doing and what appeals to them more is that a confident girl knows her worth. So, she won’t settle for any less.

17. Look into his eyes

Lock eyes with your boyfriend and let the sparks fly. Some may find it childish, but the truth is that when you share a long gaze with your man at the right moment you will see how it works its magic and strikes the right chord with your boyfriend.

18. Your boyfriend would want to hold on to you

If you start attracting attention from other guys around you, then he will realize how lucky he is to have you in his life. It is not about making your boyfriend jealous instead, it is more about making your boyfriend realize your worth. When you start getting attention from other men without making your guy jealous or insecure, it means that you are telling him that you will always be his even when there are others waiting for you. When he witnesses that he is with a girl with whom the other guy wants to be with, then it will be a proud moment for him as well.

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19. Be well informed

Guys love to have a serious conversation about current affairs. You should be well informed about the top stories that are doing the round in the world. Top stories don’t include some celebrity break up or hook up, rather it is much more serious stuff than that. You should be well versed with the modern technology and if there is something new that will be launched anytime soon, then you should be aware of that too. Your boyfriend thinks that he knows everything and you are not aware of what is going on in the world outside. Prove him wrong by giving him updates about the latest technology or the top news. If you do that successfully, then not only he is shocked by the latest development, but will also engage in serious discussion with you and will feel attracted towards you all over again.

20. Reward him for his compliments

Sometimes he will surprise you by praising you for your dinner or your looks or the way you handle certain situations. If he surprises you with his compliments, then surprise him back by gifting him something. You can either gift him something that he always wanted or his favorite cookie or a chilled beer. Anything that you know will make him grin from ear to ear. Your gifts should be such that your man feels like complimenting you again and again.

Final thoughts

In any relationship, communication is very important. If your boyfriend is not communicating enough, then try some of these tricks to get him going. He must have been stressed out due to some work, if that is the case, then share his stress and come up with a solution to help him. If you can’t solve the problem, then be a good listener and let him talk and he will soon get all these stress out of his system. He will appreciate your understanding nature and he will realize your worth too. Our daily life is filled with stress and tension, be a good partner and understand when and how to mold yourself without making your presence obvious. If you feel that he needs some alone time, then slowly walk away from him and unless he calls out for you, don’t go anywhere near him. Don’t worry; he will soon call out your name because you are not nagging him with your words. Your silence is the best way to attract him towards you. It is not always about how you take care of him when you are around; it is also important how he feels about you in your absence. Just be yourself and don’t try to step into someone else’s shoes to impress your boyfriend. He will come to know about your own self when he will hang out with you for a long time. So, be yourself and try these tricks to make him fall in love with you like crazy.