25 Texting Games To Play With Your Crush And Grab His Attention

Do you want to create sexual tension between you and your crush? There are 25 text games you two can play and keep each other awake the entire night.

By Gerald Matiri
25 Texting Games To Play With Your Crush And Grab His Attention

Why you need a text game to play with your crush

Sometimes you just run out of words to tell a guy you have a crush on. What do you do in such a situation to maintain a hot conversation? Other times you want to introduce a flirty topic but you are afraid that your friend might take you wrongly. The situation you are facing is not new and there are many more girls in new relationships going through the same dilemma. You have seen this guy a couple of days ago and now you have a huge crush on him. Obviously, you want to step up your seduction game but you don’t know how to begin with the flirty journey. You keep hoping that your crush doesn’t realize that you are taking it too fast. Relax because there is one remedy for you: flirty text games. Start playing the flirty text games and see how you can transform your relationship into an exciting love game. Texting games are important if you are already bored or if you do not like the usual texting conversation. The goal of these games is for the two of you to play a game over text messages. When the two of you are not close to one another, a single message can bring the two of you together. If you realize you that your crush is a bit apprehensive concerning any text game, try to make the situation a kind of a joke so the two of you end up laughing. Let’s say you have a new boyfriend and want to talk about lovemaking. A text game like the ‘confession time’ can help you take off the pressure and you will get away with looking like a slutty girl. If you are confident, you will find it easy to initiate the games and drive your crush to a crazy sexual high. Trust your guts that the next time your crush meets you, he will want to make out. Isn’t this an easier and safer way to introduce intimacy to a new relationship? Pick any game from the following list and make sure you’ve got sex in your mind. Good luck with arousing your crush like never before.

1. Story Builder- find out if your crush can text naughty back

The game is simple to play. Start with a statement and leave it hanging for him to continue. Your crush will text you back and then you can add a naughty sentence to make it exciting. It is an ideal game if you are shy about personal and sexual discussions. Start off as an innocent girl and let him contribute. Then you can introduce more intimate matters as you move on. The good thing about stories is that they are endless and you can do it every day without getting bored. The rules of the story builder game vary but the key is to take turns in building a romantic story. Try not to exceed the words in the text beyond six so that each one of you contributes equally. The reason this game is fun to play with your crush is that it is corny and will have your imaginations running wild.

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2. Remember When- play after you have had an outdoor adventure

If you just came from a visit with your boyfriend, this is the ideal game to play at night. Go over the details over text messages and make it simple if he is the shy type. For instance, remind him when you tripped over a rock when hiking and he came to help you get up. Make him reminisce a particular day he was all alone and you sat by his side the whole of that afternoon. If your crush does not respond instantly keep on with the flashback story, “remember the first time you sat next to me in class?” Ask him to remind you what next happened. Do not worry even if the occurrences you want him to remember are very recent. He won’t mind and it would be more exciting when the events are still vivid.

3. Never Have I Ever- expose the secrets of your crush over text

The objective of this game is to reveal stories you have kept secret. It may seem a bit inappropriate to invade personal issues but if the two of you can open up, it can be funnier than you think. To play ‘never have I’ game, you should lay down rules of how you two will determine if one has encountered a situation or not. Take your turn and spell out things you have never done in your life. To make it flirty, look for hilarious circumstances and be careful on the choice of your words. In this game, it is hard to tell who is lying unless the statements start contradicting. Whoever states more contradictory statements becomes the loser. Example You: Never have I dated a guy younger than me Your friend: Never have I broken any girl’s heart

4. Guess What Game

Playing ‘Guess What’ can be annoying and if you are not careful, your friend might block you. But if you are close to him, you will have laughing moments and keep your conversation going. Be the first to text your crush, ‘guess what?’ and he will try to think what you are about to say. The play is characterized by ambiguity but as long as you have rules for maintaining a particular topic, things will get easier along the way. Example You: Guess what? Your friend: You are in bed. You: Would you join me if I asked you Your friend: Guess what? You: You are on your way coming. LOL. There are a lot of things you can ask him to guess, for instance, something about what you are wearing. Ask him to guess the exact color of your bra and if he is right, send him your photo right away. If you don’t want to expose your skin, just send a part of the fabric and he will start imagining things.

5. Confess It Baby- play to unveil the darkest side of you and your crush

Start with this phrase: I want to confess that……. If your friend has nothing to confess, ask him questions such as if he has ever lied to his parents or cheated on a girl he had a relationship with. Try to ask him naughty and suggestive questions as opposed to point-blank questions. Begin with light confessions and progress to flirty and lustful ones. Tell him your wildest fantasy and he will show you his. A flirty text game like, ‘are you aroused?’ can bring about the naughty side of him. If he says no, insist that he is lying to you and eventually, the texting game will turn into a fun and sexy conversation. Still, you will get a chance to know him better. If he asks you questions, be honest and confess your deepest secrets. Only then will he be comfortable sharing his secrets with you.

6. Question For Question- the perfect game to play with your new crush

You will learn about your friend in a fun way through questions. The rule is simple: you ask your friend a question and he answers with another question. If you are on a long road trip, this game will make it seem shorter. Use your deductive skills and creativity to know him better with questions. Your goal is to figure out what’s on his mind and neither of you should give a yes/no answer.

7. Talk Dirty To Me- drive your crush into a sexy mood

Nowadays, the technology of chat apps has replaced voicemail services. But you can still use voice messages to relay dirty thoughts to your boyfriend or lover. Make some moaning sounds to make your talk more interesting. To add a thrill, describe to your friend what you would like to do to him. You can even do this in a public place and the thought of talking naughty to him in a crowd is a huge turn on. If you have an intriguing and sensual clip such as French kissing idea, send him a link and tell him how you imagine the two of you trying the kissing tip. Ask if he would like to try it with you.

8. Text Sex Game- make your crush crave for you

Text him things that will turn him on and you will be having intimacy through the phone. He will love this game that enables you to be sensual. It involves a heated exchange of passion and romance. Fill your text with passion and romance while playing with words like how his lips make you lose control. Let him know that you can’t resist his subtle touches and makes you want to get closer. It is easy to strip over flirty texts, literally. Ask him intimate questions like what he is wearing and send you photos if he’s okay with that. Enquire what clothes you should wear the next time you go out on a date. You can text him anything sensual as long as he goes with the flow. It is similar to phone sex except that you won’t be sending voices. You don’t have to discuss the game; just start the flirty conversation and it will become more arousing eventually. Take the text sex slow and note his responses. Let every new text strike a sexual zone and he will respond to you in a similar manner.

9. Emoji translation- play with flirty symbols

Who doesn’t love emojis? Texting without these elements would be boring and lengthy. They help people express their feelings in sweet ways. If you want to play the emoji translation game with your new friend, compose several symbols in the text with a deeper meaning. Ask him what the message means and be sure that you understand the emojis yourself. Isn’t it interesting to get a funny answer from him? It will make you send him back even a funnier emoji. The game can keep you engaged for long even without having a formal conversation. This is all you want in a relationship- to remain engaged even when you run out of words. You can include naughty symbols that he knows well and you will be taking your flirty game to a higher notch if he replies with naughtier symbols.

10. Would You Rather?- text two options to expose the character of your crush

The fun part of the game is that you will be comparing two crazy options and have your boyfriend or crush choose one. It is both a funny and weird game and if you want, you can turn it into a serious conversation. If you feel like digging into more intimate subjects, do not hold back. Try to ask more creative questions and you will have a lot to learn about your guy’s mentality. You also have a chance to debate without arguing. It is the safest game you can play when you want to create sexual tension. It begins with light questions and moves on to dirty ones. Something as easy as “would you rather go mountain climbing or ride across the city on your free day” can help you get started. If you get a chance, get intimate to rev up the game. You are allowed to divert a conversation just to find ways to turn on your crush. Be as ruthless as you can as you reveal your character to him. The crazier you make the questions, the more your friend’s personality will be revealed. Don’t be afraid to chip in something bizarre.

11. Kiss, Marry, Kill- only play if you are not dating

This is not an easy game to play with your crush. It entails three components and your opponent is supposed to set straight their priorities. This is how to play: Pick three people, preferably celebs and let your crush choose whom to kiss, marry, or kill. The two of you will take turns as you make a decision on three people every time. It is one of the best games you can play with someone you are yet to date since the three options can drive the two of you into jealousy. Make sure you text your crush in a lighthearted tone to make it fun. Example You: Margery Tyrell, Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark Your friend: Kiss Arya Stark, marry Margery Tyrell, kill Cersei Lannister. Note how he responds and pushes the game into a sexual escapade. He will be responding each text in a new way.

12. Photo tease- makes your crush ask for more pictures of you

This involves sending suggestive pictures of you. The fun part is that you have the freedom to choose any photo showing your best version. Make sure that the photos are not recognizable. Photo tease is a misleading and flirty game as it involves indiscernible random pictures that will give your friend naughty thoughts. As such he will be begging you to send him more clear photos. You can, for instance, choose an image of your shoulder that seems like a teaser for your bottom or cleavage. Make him guess what body part you have just sent. If he doesn’t get it right, he should send you his picture.

13. Truth or Dare- text him uncomfortable options

This is one flirty game that can help you break the ice with a guy you just met. You have probably played it before but in a different setting. In this case, you will text your new boyfriend a query or a dare and he has to answer with a statement or an action. The daring part involves acting out and this is executed by sending pictures. But when you are finished with the game, erase all the pictures if they are sneaky! You can dare him to drop an egg from his balcony or kiss a stranger. It will surely make him uncomfortable but it is more fun since you are not doing in person. But you must set boundaries such that you remain on a similar page.

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14. In Character- Lets your crush know your role model or favorite person

In this game, you pretend to be a character that you admire the most. You can play as your favorite celeb but let it be your secret. Text your crush phrases and words that your celeb would say. Use catchy sentences and stay in character as long as you can. Whoever manages to stay on course emerges the winner. Your opponent will have to guess which character you are playing.

15. Role-playing over text- turn on your date with your own flirty story

If you can play this game right, it is one of the surest ways to arouse your crush. Supposing you don’t have anything to text him; tell him that you have a story to share with him. But he has to contribute so that the story doesn’t end halfway. Give your own story first in one or two texts so that he gets a clue of what you are up to. However, do not include your name but rather pick a random character such as “A lady met this handsome guy at a local swimming pool…….” Then your boyfriend can continue from there. The idea is to build a romantic narrative about the two of you. In the process, you get a chance to reveal your feelings for him and you will also know his intentions. Let your conversation be as flirty as possible and within o time, your friend will start reciprocating with naughty text.

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16. I Spy game- lets him know that he’s on your mind

‘I Spy’ is a classic game that can transform a conversation into an adorable dialogue between you and your boyfriend. It starts with one of you stating a location like a bedroom or a garage. Give out the first letter of the location so that your opponent can make an easy guess. After several rounds of guesswork, provide a clue so he can guess it correctly. Then he can take his turn. The game is easy and it works perfectly for when you don’t have a definite reason to text him. This game is a flirty way to show your crush that you think about him. Your creativity will make it more interesting. A good example is as follows: You: I spy a circular thing Your friend: is it a wheel You: No, it is light and inflated Your Friend: A ball You: You’re right

17. Song Lyrics- play the game only if the two of you are music lovers

Do you and your boyfriend have a common interest in a particular music genre or artist? Then you can own this game as a couple. Your entire conversation should be pure lyrics. You don’t have to worry if you are not talented as all you need is loads of fun. If you want to it to be more brainstorming, pick a specific artist or a particular album. If you are real musicians, the game would be much better because you will be creating spontaneous and original lyrics.

18. Name Game- kills time with your crush

This game is time-consuming and is most suitable when the two of you are idle. But, it is both repetitive and tedious. Pick a random subject such as school, football, cars, love, etc. Mention a word and your friend should say another word starting with the last letter you pronounced. Continue with the rhythm until you are exhausted. You can set some rules or a time limit to avoid boredom

19. The Treasure Hunt- makes your boyfriend find a special item

This game is for couples who have been together for sometimes and already know each other’s houses. Most people know how to play this game but there is a way to turn it into a flirty experience. This is how you play Treasure Hunt: go to your boyfriend’s house and leave behind something sexy like your lingerie. Make sure it’s a new one so he’s not familiar with it. You can as well hide a sex toy you have never used. After leaving, text your boyfriend and ask him to check something special that you wanted him to have. If you are nice, give him clues to the place he can find it. You can as well let him figure out on his own but let him know it’s urgent.

20. Text strip poker- a text game you must play with your intimate partner

It is similar to strip poker only that here you will be doing it over text. To begin, the two of you should state the amount of clothing you have including the underwear pieces. Take your first turn and ask your friend about your current relationship e.g. something concerning your first date or how you met. Go ahead and ask for personal information you share between the two of you and let it be flirty. If he gets the wrong answer, the rule of the game is that he takes off one cloth. Ask him to send you his picture as a proof that he has removed one of his clothing. The same applies in your turn. For every wrong answer, the two of you strips off their clothing. Eventually, someone will be left with only an undergarment to remove and you can text each other something like: ‘I wish I could see you live’. This is one game that can turn on the two of you throughout.

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21. Personal Trivia- play this game to reveal some obscure knowledge to your crush

Do you think there is something you know but your crush doesn’t? The personal trivia game is the best way to let him know. It could be anything about you or some general information. Start by asking him things about you such as “what do you know about my strength?”This is a shining opportunity to let him know something about you he didn’t. The other way to play Trivia is by picking a topic and take turns asking questions about specific subjects. The one who gets the first 10 answer correct is the winner. One of the rules includes not checking up answers from anywhere. In order to avoid the game looking like an interview, ask open-ended questions like what your crush would do if he won a grand prize of a million dollars. Try some flirty topics once in a while. If you have just begun dating, lean on to fun personal questions to know him better.

22. Word Scrambler- A great text game to play with brainpower

Play the game by choosing a word and your friend should generate more words to scramble the words around. To make the game more challenging, set time limits and provide bonus points for special words with more letters. In each round, the two of you have to participate in making up the words and pick as many as possible. The winner is the one who attains more points than the other. The game will not only help you pass time when bored but also improve the bond between the two of you. You will also be showcasing your brainpower.

23. SMS flirting- keeps your romantic flames burning

Without a question, flirty text messages are some of the best bases for a romantic relationship. Today’s smartphones make flirting over texts easier than ever before. You can do it anywhere and anytime you feel like. SMS flirting is basically an exchange of romantic messages with your friend which helps you to disclose your naughty side. It is a great way to tease your partner and make him crave more of you. Make your texts more sensual by telling him how much he drives you crazy by his moves. You can even text when you are together to see who can hold out for the longest period without talking.

24. Twenty Questions Game – Look for flirty questions to know your crush better

Come up with twenty burning questions to ask your crush. He also needs to come up with his own. Then you can take turns one after the other. It is a classic game to help you learn more about each other in a direct and fun way. You might be tempted to ask about his entire life and secrets but ensure that you text light-hearted questions he will be comfortable answering. You may include yes/no questions but make them flirty. Examples of questions are: 1) What do you expect from a romantic relationship? 2) Do you think men and women are equal? 3) What is your favorite dish? 4) Was it love at first sight the first time you saw me? 5) What place would you pick for our next date? 6) How do you like a girl to kiss you? 7) Are you a freak in bed? 8) What music genre do you love the most? 9) What is the one physical thing you like most about me? 10) Name one favor you would want from me 11) If you could choose one place to stay on the planet, where would it be? 12) What is your favorite animal? 13) If you were to give me a massage, where would you begin? 14) Do you like me in mini-skirt or tight pants? 15) What would you do if you found a guy kissing me? 16) What is your craziest fantasy? 17) How do you like sex toys in bed? 18) My boobs and lower back- which is your favorite? 19) Have you watched 50 shades of gray and did you get turned on? 20) Do you go to bed in sleepwear or nothing at all?

25. Social media chat application game- convey your desire for intimacy through the internet

Today, there are a lot of social media messaging apps that can keep you busy with your boyfriend all night long. The requirements are simple: Wi-Fi connection/data and a smartphone or PC. It seems trivial but the content of your messages is what keeps the fire burning in a relationship. How to play: Write a lengthy message explaining how you long to get intimate with your new friend. Include as many details as you can and divide it into subsections. Post the first few sentences on his Facebook inbox. The idea is to send the message in batches. Next, post on his Twitter and continue with other applications like WhatsApp, Viber, or LinkedIn. Keep teasing and exiting him and he will be reciprocating your flirty messages just the way you want. You can include flirty images and symbols which he will understand and take the flirty game to a higher level. On the other hand, you can send him links to sex-related photos and videos.


When it comes to romantic relationships, actual fun in texting is introduced by flirty games. Finding a game to play with your crush will help you to master the art of seduction without making you seem desperate. Some of the named games are what you used to play when you were kids but by then, you never realized their significance in flirtation. Even though most of them are meant for knowing each other better, you can also play the games with your long-distance boyfriend. A long-distance relationship is not easy as days and nights seem longer than usual. But thanks to flirty text games you and your boyfriend can make the night interesting and bring you closer than ever. As you play a flirty game, there are many ways it helps your relationship. It not only gives you an opportunity to revive love in your comfort zones but also to explore your sexual world. Do not allow your relationship to dwindle with time; play flirty games any time boredom starts to creep. You have a duty to keep your crush or boyfriend interested in you by introducing things he finds interesting. Believe it or not, there’s no other better way to rejuvenate intimacy than to play a sexy game over text messages. In the end, the bond between you and your partner strengthens with passion and energy.