Everything you need to learn about acne facial

All about acne facial benefits and its various treatments

By eronsalexander
Everything you need to learn about acne facial

Acne outbreaks is a common skin problem experienced by many people. Although the problem is common with teenagers and young adults, some adults above thirty also suffer from acne too. Trapped facial dirt and excess oil often lead to breakouts and when there is an over-accumulation of fatty oils on the face, skin breakouts can lead to serious problems with acne being one of many.

Some ladies attempt to cover up acne with cosmetic makeup but while this may have short-term benefits, it doesn’t solve the problem. Rather, makeup may worsen the condition especially for those with very oily skin. The best way to deal with acne is to use proven and tested treatment solutions that may not prevent your skin from breaking out but will take care of the breakages should they occur.

One of the ways to deal with your facial skin condition is to consult a professional aesthetician for a cleansing procedure. An Aesthetician performs these procedures to rid your face of dirt and discharges in a bid to leave it younger looking and smooth again.

Stage 1: Skin Cleansing and Analysis

This is the first stage of an acne facial procedure. It involves the wiping away of excess oil and dirt with the aid of a soft sponge or cotton pad. After wiping away dirt from the surface, the Aesthetician examines the skin condition with a magnifying glass to analyze the level of possible dehydration and damage as well as other facial conditions plaguing the skin.

Stage 2: Exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin involves the removal of the top layer of the skin using a mechanical or a chemical process.

Stage 3: Mechanical Process

This is done with the use of scrubs and other cosmetic products for the removal of dead skin.

Stage 4: Chemical Process

Unlike the mechanical process, this process is the use of acids and enzymes to remove dead cells. The chemical solutions used in this process are specially formulated to melt away tough dead cells from the skin surface. Due to potential misapplication of chemical agents, it is advisable that you only subject yourself to chemical exfoliation at the hands of a qualified professional.

Stage 5: Extraction

After the cleansing and exfoliation procedure is done, the final stage is to physically open the clogged skin pores by pushing an extractor (tool) around the acne lesions forcing the pus and bacteria out through follicle openings. After this is done, the face is washed with warm water to close up the pores.

Visiting a skin care professional is smart move to make if you wish to maintain a very healthy face but you can also resort to self-help DIY treatments that also work just as well.  Regularly having Acne facial treatments have so many benefits and if done properly, it minimizes the risks of

  • Skin Breakouts
  • Excess oil Accumulation
  • Poor skin quality

What are Acne Facials?

Acne facials are generally alternative treatments specially designed to combat the growth and spread of acne from the root with minimal potential side effects. Acne facial treatments like the procedure highlighted above focus on the extraction of excess facial oil and dirt clogging the skin pores. Although they are quite effective in treating acne outbreaks, they are not suited for those who suffer from moderate and severe acne conditions. Facial treatments are effective in removing whiteheads and blackheads but not good for those with pimples and inflammatory acne because exfoliants irritate pimples and cause them to break out even more.

The Benefit and Treatments of Acne Facials

There are quite a number of benefits to gain by regularly having acne facial treatments:

Rid your face of Acne

Regular exfoliating procedures rid your face of comedonal and non- inflammatory breakouts.

Aids Oil flow

A facial procedure helps oils to flow naturally through the facial skin follicles. Even distribution of oil across the face will prevent it from accumulating in a particular spot which could eventually lead to skin breakouts.

Limits the development of pimples

If you are constantly having to deal with new pimple breakouts week in week out, having a facial procedure as often as possible will be good for you.

Deep pore Cleansing

Acne facial treatments don’t focus solely on the skin surface but also on acne outbreaks at the root. It soothes the skin and rehydrates it leaving it with a long-lasting effect.

Masks and Facial Wash for Acne Facials

Your desire for a smooth and healthy face is even more assured these days as you don’t always have to take trips to see a beauty or skin therapist to have a facial procedure. There are actually facial masks and wash solutions that you can use in the comfort of your home at any time of the day. These self-made masks and washes are made from organic materials so you don’t have to worry about negative skin reactions if your skin reacts to chemical solution treatments. Here are 5 facial washes and masks you can use daily for a bright and healthy face.

Grape Facial Cleanser

To make a grape solution, get about 2 or 3 grapes and cut them into half. Rub the wet grape flesh all over your face and neck. After doing so thoroughly, wash off with cold water.

Cucumber Cleanser

Cucumbers are also healthy organic materials and they are known for their skin rejuvenation properties. To make a cucumber facial wash for acne facials, crush a cucumber into liquid. You can do this by cutting them into small bits and crushing the tiny bits with a blender until it is liquid in form. Mix the already crushed cucumber with one teaspoon of oatmeal to make a paste. Add a teaspoon of yogurt into the paste and apply on your face after mixing. Leave to dry for thirty minutes and then wash off with cold water afterward.

Honey Mask

Before applying honey to your face, rinse with warm water to open up the skin pores. Apply honey and make sure it covers your entire face area. Wait for thirty minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Yogurt and Yeast Mask

This Facial mask is highly recommended for those with very oily skin who constantly suffer from acne and pimples. To reduce excess facial oil, create a thin mixture of yeast (1 teaspoon) and plain yogurt. Mix properly and apply on the oily areas of your face and leave to dry for about 20 minutes.  Rinse first with warm water to open up the skin pores and after that, rinse with cold water to close up the pores.

Oatmeal Mask

2 teaspoons of Oatmeal and 1 teaspoons of baking soda is what you need to make an oatmeal facial mask. After mixing both properties into a paste, rub all over your face gently and then rinse afterward. This will to absorb the excess oil from your skin and calm an acne-aggravated skin.

Lemon and Egg White Mask

Get an egg and take out the egg yolk for other use. Keep the egg white and beat it till frothy. Cut the lemon into half and squeeze into the frothy egg white. Apply to your face and wash it away after 15- 20 minutes. Not only it helps to prevent acne, it will also brighten up your skin tone.


If you suffer from severe pimple outbreaks and inflamed acne, it is advisable that you visit a skin care expert for a medical solution but for non-inflamed acne and comedones, an acne facial treatment is the smartest and cheapest way to maintain a healthy and youthful face. You may lack the resources or time to visit a skin therapist every now and then but with DIY facial masks and wash solutions, you can deal with all that acne and avoid suffering from skin allergies and reactions brought on by the use of harmful chemical treatments.

Try out natural cleansers and masks above and hope they will help in solving your acne problem!


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