10 toddler girl haircuts for hairstyle inspirations

We got you covered for the cutest toddler haircuts for girls

By Linda F.
10 toddler girl haircuts for hairstyle inspirations

Our hair is our crowning glory and that fact holds true even for the little princesses in our lives; our daughters.

Choosing to keep their hair long or short is a personal decision. Some prefer to keep it short till such time as they can independently take care of their hair while others just prefer to let it grow. 

Both options make sense. For those of you looking for the perfect cut for your little one, read on for the top ten hairstyles for every age group and hair type.          

Toddler girl haircuts with bangs

1. Fringe haircut

Source: Pexels

Fringe haircut works best for hair that tends to fall straight down and forward.  The bangs are cut straight across the forehead, at around the same length as the baby’s eyebrows. Bangs can either be cut to cover the entire forehead or just a fringe that covers just the center. They can vary in length as per one's preferences.  

This cut is ideal for active children or who have parents with busy schedules and time constraints. This type of haircut allows the hair to dry out naturally, be brushed into place without worrying about ribbons and hair ties and still look amazing.

The hair at the back can be left either in a long style or cut short to just below the ears. This haircut works best for children with a long face as it tends to balance the length out and draws attention to the sides, toward the cheeks.

If your daughter has a round face then the side-swept bangs coming up next is one you could go for.


2. Sideswept bangs

Source: Unsplash

Side swept bangs work with any type of hair. They can either be kept long so as to keep it out of the way, secured with pins or let it naturally fall over the forehead.

If your baby has a broad forehead than most, this haircut will work wonders for her. The side swept bang directs the attention from the forehead and lays emphasis on the rest of the face. 

Toddler girl haircuts for fine hair

3. Pixie Haircut

Source: Pixabay

The great thing about the pixie cut is that it can make even the thinnest of hair look voluminous. If your daughter has fine hair and you want her to have a cut that is easy to maintain, then this is the perfect one for her.

This cut also brings your child's beautiful face into focus on account of the short length. Watch her amazing eyes pop out when she wears this style. This cut works great on wavy or reasonably straight hair.  

4. Short blunt cut

Source: Pixabay

This is the go-to haircut if your little one loves fancy hairstyles and adores her hairclips, hair grips and bandanas. The hair length is perfect for braiding, tying a stylish pony, creating an upswept hairstyle for special occasions or securing in a trendy bun.

Perfect for all hair types, the 
versatility of this haircut, is what makes it so popular. The openness of the face on account of the unobstructed view of the forehead will make your little princess's face stand out. Not too long and easy to manage, this cut is great for toddlers with delicate features. 

Toddler girl haircuts for curly hair

Source: Unsplash

Nothing can beat the beauty of glorious curls tumbling down around a cherubic face. Curls can be hated or loved, but can never be ignored. The plethora of perming salons around us today show how far people will go to achieve that look. 

That being said, it is also a fact that curls get tangled up very easily, making combing it out very challenging. However, if your daughter is blessed enough to fall under this very much desirable category, use special shampoos and conditioners dedicated for curly hair, to keep it soft and tangle free. 

Read on to find which haircut will most suit her face and personality type and best tame those gorgeous curls. 

5. Layered blunt cut for curly hair

Source: Unsplash

The below tutorial shows one of the ways of achieving this haircut.

Curly hair needs to be cut carefully, as it tends to poof up around the face in an unbecoming way, if it is cut too short.  In some instances, the extra hair needs to be trimmed away  to achieve a certain degree of control. This kind of hair, if not styled or cut well, looks unruly very easily. However, the right hairstyle or hair cut will make everyone wish to have it. 

Also, a poorly done curly haircut takes a long time to grow out. Remember to ask your stylist not too cut it too short as curly hair seems to take longer to grow out than others on account of its tendency to curl. 

6. Short blunt with bangs

Source: Pixabay

The short blunt cut with bangs works great for young toddlers, as it practically takes care of itself. 

The bangs keep the hair from falling over the baby's eyes, as well as provide a perfect halo of curls that'll show off her cute little face. This easy to take care of hairstyle is very popular. It is very convenient to comb out the curls in a young child with this type of hair, as curly hair tends to get tangled easily.   

Toddler girl haircuts for thick hair

7. The Classic A Bob

The Bob is perfect if your child has thick hair but is either too young to care for it or you want it to stay at a manageable length.

This classic bob is a favorite among both the young and old, and never fails to impress. Although mostly misconstrued to be suitable only for straight hair, the bob looks amazing on a head of curly hair too, albeit differently. 

Check out the tutorial below if you are feeling adventurous and want to cut your daughter's hair yourself. 

8. Long layered cut

Source: Pexels

The long layered cut is perfect for your princess if she's blessed with a head of truly beautiful hair. This cut works best for thick wavy hair or hair with the tendency to curl just at the ends. This cut will not work on straight hair as it doesn't have the required tendency to wave up and away.

Extremely versatile, this haircut too can be styled in numerous ways. The downside to this is that it will not work for the younger toddlers unless you love her hair so much that you can't bear to cut it short and are willing to go that extra mile to care for it for her.  

9. One length with bangs

Source: Unsplash

The one length cut with bangs is perfect for children with long and thick poker straight hair. The bangs help to take off some of the weight away, making it easy for a young child to care for it as well as prevents all that straight hair from falling over the eyes. 

This cut is the perfect backdrop to showcase the beauty of such fine looking hair. Although long,  it is easy to maintain this style as straight hair doesn't get tangled too easily. The straightness also allows for hair this length to be left open without the appearance of looking unkempt.

Source: Unsplash

Short and cool toddler girl haircuts

10. The Short Wedge Cut

Source: Unsplash

So, its the dog days of the summer and the last thing your baby needs is a haircut that will make her feel hot and uncomfortable.

The short wedge works wonders when you want your baby to have a haircut that keeps her cool, both literally and figuratively.

Suitable for all types of hair, this cut works differently for different types of hair and faces, but it never fails to look amazing anytime.  


Source: Unsplash

When all is said and done, it is a fact that every child is beautiful in their own special way. 

It is also true that the right haircut will work wonders for your baby’s self-confidence. You can score that decided advantage for her. At this point in her life when she can't decide for herself, as a parent or caregiver, you play the pivotal role of doing that for her.  

Pick the best haircut that works both for her hair and her lovely personality; one which amalgamates with your routine and you will have a little princess who will have heads turning around, gathering compliments, wherever she goes. 

She will feel right there, on top of the world; believing she can be anything she wants to be.