Shop these best baby and toddler sunglasses 2018

Look hip, cool and swag in these baby and toddler sunglasses

By Swathi
Shop these best baby and toddler sunglasses 2018

Toddler sunglasses for boys with UV protection


Have you noticed how cute baby boys look wearing sunglasses? There is something more to just the cute looks and that is UV protection. Sunglasses with UV protection are recommended by eye doctors for the babies to safeguard their eyes.

When you are buying sunglasses with a UV protection in mind, endeavor to check its percentage UV block. If it is not more than 95%, then you shouldn’t buy it. You can consult your doctor if you are in doubt of the percentage of UV protection on the glass.

Here are some of the best sunglasses with UV protection which you should buy for your boy.

1. Real Shades

Sunglasses for Babies, Toddlers, Children, Youth and Adults | Real Shades

Real kids shades are strong, reliable and to the crown, it all is 100% UV protected. They come in different styles and shapes to give your baby a cute and charming look.

Real kids shades have three models which are Explorers, Adventure and My First shades. The Explorer is more suitable for babies since it comes with a wrap frame and a big lens.

These sunglasses are designed to fit babies aged 0 to 2 to 4 and above. They come in different picky colors for a child. Some of the colors include orange, lime green, and cherry pink.

If you want your boy to have that cute look and is protected, then you should go get the real kid's explorer shade now.

2. Roshambo baby shades

Bendable, Chewable, Ultra Light Italian Baby Shades

The Roshambo baby shades offer 100% protection for both UVA and UVB rays. They are available for kids and adults which can make your family outing a cute one. They are unbreakable with bendable straps. They are very light which implies less fatigue on the ear and nose because of glass weight. The sunglasses are made in various colors to add humor and pride to your cute boy.

3. RayBan New Wayfarer Junior

RayBan New Wayfarer Junior

These UV protected sunglasses is what your style-conscious boy needs. Although it is on the high price, it lasts for a long time. The lens is unbreakable and can withstand the stress from the playing child. What more can we say; this is a perfect fit for your boy.

4. Julbo POP Julbo Looping III Toddler Sunglasses, Spectron 4 Baby Lens, Blue/Grey Frame with Cord, 2-4 Years: Clothing

This brand has been in existence for many years with the focus on glasses that protects adult’s athletes from UV rays. The good thing is that it is now available for kids with the same quality of UV protection.

5. JBanz BANZ: JBanZ Dual: Black / White Kids Sunglasses | Age: 4-10 Yrs.: Sports & Outdoors

JBanz sunglasses are made in different colors and styles with polarized lenses that are both fashionable UV protected. It is usually the best choice for kids when it comes to UV protection due to its full glare sun reduction. Is your boy under the age of 10? If yes, you should try the JBanz sunglasses on him.

Toddler sunglasses for girls with UV protection


Sunglasses for girls are often colorful and attractive with amazing designs that will make the outfit cute. You can complement your girl child’s beauty by introducing her to amazing collections of fashionable sunglasses that will redefine her confidence while in the crowd. However, the recommended sunglasses must be more than just a fashion, it must have 100% UV protection.

Here is a list of sunglasses for your girl which are both cute and with UV protection.

1. RIVBO Sunglasses RIVBOS Rubber Kids Polarized Sunglasses With Strap Glasses Shades for Boys Girls Baby and Children Age 3-10 RBK003 (14305-Pink Mirror Lens): Clothing

This sunglass comes with various designs including the amazing classic wayfarers. It features a flexible area which allows your baby to grow with the sunglass. They offer complete UVA and UVB protection and the frames are bendable. Your girl child ought to grow in a style which is the reason you need the RIVBO sunglasses.

2. Kushies Baby Sunglasses

Baby Sunglasses Pink | Kushies

This is but another unbreakable, yet economical eye protective wear for your kid. They are made of Dupont rubber with flexible shades and lenses which are resistant to scratch. In terms of protection, Kushies is one of the best with a 100% UVA and UVB rays’ protection. If your kid is a lively and happy type, then Kushies should be your line.

3. Minishade Polarized: Flexible Toddler Sunglasses Minishades Polarized Classic Kids Sunglasses, Baby Blue: Unsinkable Polarized: Sports & Outdoors

This is a top-notch sunglass for kids with special tech in the polarization of the lens. It is of a high price but comes with a guarantee for protection against loss and breakage. The polarized lenses are impact and scratch resistant with a 100% UV protection. You will love the indestructible frame which is made of flexible rubber.

4. Babiators Original Sunglasses

Original Aviators – Babiators Sunglasses

It should interest you to know why we would love this sunglass on your kid. It is pretty and very adorable. In addition to its 100% UV protection is the stylish design that will keep your child radiating throughout the duration of the outing. It features a flexible rubber frame that makes your kid feel comfortable. It comes with a one-year guarantee against loss and breakage. This implies that if you lose or break the sunglass within its first year of use, then you’ll get a free replacement.

5. Savannah kids designer sunglasses

Savannah KIDS DHR8019 sunglasses | SelectSpecs

Your kid loves those pink, blue and orange colors. Savannah kids designer sunglasses come with superb and sparkling colors to put smiles and joy on the kid’s face. The lenses are specially designed to block sunlight from getting to your child through the sides. It offers high UV protection even when she is on water.

Toddler sunglasses with strap

Straps are often included in toddler sunglasses to keep them firmly in place. However, most sunglasses don’t have this feature which is one the things you should consider when you are buying one for your kid.

Check out the following toddler sunglasses with strap:

1. Real Kids shades explorers Real Shades Polarized Explorer Sunglasses for Babies, Toddlers, Kids: Sports & Outdoors

They come with different colors to give your child that finishing touch. It features an adjustable strap to keep the glasses in place. It falls in the moderate price range for sunglasses.

2. Roshambo baby shades

Kids Glasses Strap | Head Strap for Toddler Glasses

This shade is designed to build a perfect and intimate family. The sunglasses are not only designed for kids but come with different sizes for all the members of the family. It features adjustable straps that are made of food-grade silicone. If your child mistakenly chews it, there can be no harm.

3. Tuga baby / Toddler sunglasses

Tuga baby sunglasses come with a single style. It does not have an earpiece but features a neoprene strap to hold the glass to the head. It comes with two straps, one for children under 2 and another for those up to 5.

4. Baby Banz Retro Sunglasses Baby Banz Retro Banz Oval Baby Sunglasses, Arctic White, One size: Infant And Toddler Sunglasses: Clothing

Baby Banz has three lines of sunglasses for kids, which are Adventure, Retro, and Bubzee each featuring a unique lens for a better vision. It comes with a neoprene strap for ease of cleaning and for comfort.

5. Julbo Looping Sunglasses


The Julbo looping sunglasses are specifically designed to be handled by a toddler irrespective of size and age. It is so flexible such that no matter how you flip it, it will still fit.  Come in 6 color combinations and has no hinges which imply that they cannot break. The straps are designed to hold the glass firmly on the kid’s face. The sunglasses come with an earpiece which allows you to remove the strap if your kid is uncomfortable with it. Unlike other sunglasses that cannot be used without a strap, Julbo can still be used with or without the strap on.

Bendable toddler sunglasses


One of the major features that you should consider when buying toddler sunglasses is whether the frame is bendable. Imagine how painful it will be to you if your child is in the habit of breaking the sunglasses. This can be avoided if you buy bendable toddler sunglasses which is made with rubber materials in the frame to allow it to flex and bend without breaking.

Here is a list of bendable toddler sunglasses that you should buy.

1. Real kids shades

The frames are made with TPEE – a rubber-like material to prevent breaking.

2. Kushies toddler sunglasses

This sunglass for toddlers features a flexible rubber frame which cannot be broken by your kid.

3. Roshambo

Bueller Junior Sunglasses | Matte Black Wayfarer Sunglasses

The frames in Roshambo are made of polypropylene to withstand breaking. It comes with a one-year warranty which the company can replace the product if it breaks.

4. Babiotors Aviators

Babiators Polarized – Babiators Sunglasses

Babiotors Aviators frames are made of high-flexible rubber which cannot break.



There are numerous baby sunglasses in the market with amazing specs to enhance your kid’s cute looks. You may wish to buy all of them, but it is more than the appearance. You should consider toddler sunglass properties such as the percentage of UV protection, bendable frames, and wearable strap.

Your kid deserves the best during your next outing.