Everything you need to know about the toddler Tula

The comprehensive guide on the series of Toddler Tula carriers

By Kimmy
Everything you need to know about the toddler Tula

About the brand Tula

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Having a baby is a beautiful thing. It just enriches you and fills your soul with love and compassion for the world. With a baby here, you would want to have them close to you at all times so the baby feels safe and secure and besides, I’m sure we all want to just stare at that little baby face non-stop.

This is when the brand Tula comes in and offers you a comfortable and cute way to keep your baby close to you even when you have to leave home! But first, did you know that Tula came to exist because of a beautiful love story?

Founders Ula and Mike met in college in the US 20 years ago. Ula was from Poland while Mike was from Vietnam. The distance didn’t stop them. Instead, they found the most adventurous way to deal with the fact that they were from two worlds apart, they travelled the world together! A lot!

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When they were traveling through Peru, Ula was amazed by how women working in the field could just easily put their babies in color wraps around them and continued on with work. For Ula, that seemed to provide great comfort for the baby and the mom didn’t have to worry about leaving the baby at home while working.

Thanks to their beautiful love story, today Tula is providing the same level of comfort for babies and parents around the world! One more thing you should know is that all the toddler Tula carriers are handmade by workers in Poland. In a world where everything is standardized by mass production, isn’t it nice to have something that’s handmade and unique?

Here we will introduce you to all the styles and sizes on toddler Tula and be rest assured that you will find something for your baby!

The toddler Tula carrier sizing

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The toddler Tula carriers come in four different sizings mainly. The new explore for 7-45lb, the free-to-grow for 7-45lb, the standard 15-45lb and the toddler 25-60lb. If you don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry, that’s why we are here for you!

New babies are extra fragile and you have to be extra careful when carrying them around so they don’t get hurt or uncomfortable. That’s why the explore baby carriers are all adjustable with variable width settings and head support. Multiple carry positions are also supported such as forward-facing and back carry. Great options provide great freedom for your baby to stretch when being carried and for you to relax in different positions.

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The free-to-grow baby carriers are fully adjustable with the height and width settings. Newborns tend to grow a lot faster during their first 6 months. That’s when this type of carriers comes in handy. Now you don’t have to buy a new carrier to fit the baby just because they are growing slightly more out of size. This carrier is durable, flexible, and will be the best friend of your baby!

Simplicity is the key to everything. The standard ergonomic baby carriers have won a few awards for its user-friendly design. Snuggling with your baby on the street has never been easier. This type of carriers is designed for babies with at least 15 pounds. But Tula knows that a lot of people find it useful and would want to get one for their infant, so now there’s an infant insert that you can buy to place in the carrier for infants at 7 pounds. That’s truly user-friendly and it provides a lot of options and possibilities for parents to find their favorite carrier.

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It gets harder and harder to look for carriers for a baby these days on the market. People would just recommend you to get a stroller, but, toddlers are still our little babies that want to snuggle close to their parents! Tula for sure kept that in mind when they introduced the ergonomic toddler carriers. This type of carriers offers the tallest and widest panel of all Tula carriers.

Modern design combined with physics to spread your baby’s weight evenly around your back so makes you feel a lot lighter than just carrying the baby with your arms. This category is your go to if your toddler is getting too heavy for you to carry around. It’s simple, easy and it can be even more convenient than pushing around a toddler trolley in some busy districts.

All toddler Tula carriers are designed with love and understanding. Having seen the world to learn the best skills to make carriers and knowing exactly what parents need as the founders are parents themselves, Tula provides you the carriers that combine art, beauty and technology altogether! All the options on their website will surely make you want to buy one for your baby!

The toddler Tula hip carrier

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Tula offers two types of hip carriers. The first one being the woven wraps and the second one is the half buckle baby carrier.

The woven wraps are beautifully designed with different patterns and colors so it’s visually pleasing to just look at. It takes you back in time for its vintage style to simply wrap your baby around you with a piece of fabric. Even the use of fabric is carefully chosen and produced at the Tula factory. They take your baby’s and your comfort first.

The fabric is smooth and comfortably wraps around your baby and will not cause any discomfort. For the mom, the fabric is highly breathable so that you won’t be sweating and panting while carrying the baby!

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Due to the high demand for canvas style half buckle carriers, Tula is introducing its versatile, durable and colorful half buckle carriers in four different styles. Carrying your baby out is no longer a monotone mom job. You can be fashionable and stylish too! The patterns come in various styles. Some look more vintage and will make you feel like a 16-century mom working in the field, just that whole medieval vibe even. Some look more modern and homey with floral patterns.

Tula’s hip carriers are designed to offer great flexibility and last for a great deal of time. Materials are carefully chosen so it doesn’t wrinkle up and get worn out easily. Its flexibility also allows you to change the positions however you want to make sure you are comfortable.

Tula offers you the most practical and yet fashionable carriers. Picking out your favorite carrier will be just as fun as shopping!

Back carry on the toddler Tula

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High flexibility is one of the reasons why Tula is loved by all users. All the carriers you can find there are highly adjustable. You can use it as a front carry or a back carry. The materials chosen are also very durable so you can adjust it every day and it will still last you a long time.

Seats are meticulously calculated with science for the perfect comfortability for the baby and for safety. Sometimes it’s hard to see whether your kid is doing at the back or not as you are not holding them with your arms. The kid might slide off or even fall over when you bend forward. The Tula carriers are a perfect fit for babies with different sizes as everything is adjustable and will make sure your baby is safe at the back even if you can’t turn at look back all the time!

If you prefer a back carry, look no further. All carriers on Tula can be used as a back carry. There’re over 800 different styles to choose from. You will for sure find one you like.

Weight limit on the Toddler Tula

Different carriers have different weight limits. For example, the new explore carriers can take up to 45lbs. Some options come with extensions that you can use to adjust the weight limit a bit. All the weight limits are written clearly on their website under each product description so you wouldn’t be lost and confused. Go on their website today and look for the best carrier for you and your baby!

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I hope you are now well equipped with the necessary information to make a wise decision for your child - be it a toddler Tula or choosing the option of a stroller, I am sure you will always make the best choice for your little one. If you opt for a Tula, enjoy the numerous design options during shopping and the quality that you are getting!