Exposed: 15 Proven Warning Signs He's Actually A Player

Players know how to make you feel special, tell you what you want to hear, and have an excuse for everything. What are the warning signs?

By Nicolle L.
Exposed: 15 Proven Warning Signs He's Actually A Player

The player

He’s usually good looking, hot, sexy, and smooth. A bad boy! And a whole lot of other adjectives rolled into one. The player knows all the right things to say to sound genuine and make you fall in love. He knows how to make you feel special. He tells you: “You’re gorgeous.” “I think about you all the time.” “I would never do anything to hurt you.” Has an excuse or rationalization for everything. “Don’t worry about her. She’s a crazy ex.” “I didn’t call because my grandmother was in the hospital. You know how important she is to me.” “I can’t. I must help with at-risk youth that night. Maybe, I can text you when it’s over.”

How can you tell if he's Prince Charming?

The player looks like Prince Charming. Sounds like Prince Charming. So why isn’t he your knight in shining armor? Because he does the same thing with all the other girls! You aren’t his princess. You’re just another girl in a line of girls to boost his ego.Does he cheat? Is he genuine? Does he like the idea of falling in love? Does he like the idea of falling in love? No matter how good the player looks, you are not going to change him. He must decide he wants to change himself.

Stay away from the players

They’re going to be 45 one day, drinking alone at some Podunk bar, hooking up with 40-year-old women, who look like their 50 years old. Or their scrolling through Facebook profiles, trying to find someone they haven’t already used and tossed. When they find that lucky woman, they send her an instant message that has her looking over her shoulder at night. What looks hot now, looks pathetic later.The question again is does he cheat? Is he genuine? Does he like the idea of falling in love?

How can you tell which ones are the players?

Which ones aren't the genuine ones? What are the warning signs? You know it in your gut already. But you’re trying to convince yourself he's worth falling in love with. The one he is going to commit to. The one who he's not going to cheat on.

15 warning signs that tells he's a player

1. Takes you home early: When you go out on a date and the player drops you off early. Or you’re at a club together and suddenly, he decides he wants to leave and drops you off at home. Put your radar up! He’s meeting someone else or saw a hot chick at the club that he wants to hook up with. Can’t be true? He would never cheat? Do some digging. Did he look sick? Was he looking at his phone before he told you it was time to go? Did he take a call right before he told you he wasn’t feeling well? Did he start pushing you away, ignoring you, or disappear for a while? Ask him where he went. 2. He’s never alone: Whenever you see him out, whether at a club, a party, or at a local ballgame, he’s got at least one girl with him; usually more than one. He’s always talking, chatting, touching, or flirting with someone or someone’s pawing all over him. He’s never alone! On the rare chance that he’s not with a girl, he’s the center of a group of guys talking about a girl, joking about a girl, leering at a girl, or telling a story about sex. Girls are objects to the player. 3. The wholesome girl: You don’t ever see him with a “good” girl. The ones that are looking to settle down and won’t have sex without a committed relationship; the ones who are confident and self-assured. He sees trouble within their eyes. He thinks this kind of girl will trick him into a commitment by getting pregnant and forcing him into a relationship that he wants no part of. 4. Closing time: Do you hear from him during the day? Early evening? No? He only texts or calls after midnight? You’ve got a problem. You’re not good enough to take out on a date or to hang out with at the club. You’re the girl he calls when its closing time. He likes the sex, but he doesn’t care about you as a person.

Still think he isn't a player?

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5. Public: What happens when you run into the player in public? You’ve been seeing the guy for a couple of months and every time you run into him on the street or in a store, he turns the other way. He tells you he didn’t see you. Or, hear you yelling at him across the road. He heard you. He doesn’t want the new girl he’s just met to think he’s seeing someone. He thinks he’s got a chance with her. If he does happen to stop, he won’t look you in the eyes or greet you the same way he does when you’re in private. He basically brushes you off. 6. Friends and family: Have you met any of his friends or family? Does he tell you he’s waiting until it’s a good time? “Now’s not right. Maybe someday.” Or does he tell you that he has a strained relationship with his family. Be leery of the “strained” relationship excuse. Especially if it is true. He might have a boatload of baggage he’s carrying around from that strained relationship. Not that every guy who isn’t close to his family is going to commitment issues, but we learn our ideas of what relationships and commitments mean from the interactions we see growing up. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends because he’s thinking of you. He tells you, “You won’t have anything in common with them. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” He’s afraid one of them is going to accidently call you by the wrong name or somehow out him for his stream of conquests. 7. Only interested in sex: If the only thing he talks about with his friends and you somehow are privy to their conversations, then he’s a player. Players don’t value women as people. If all he talks about is what a girl looks like, what she would be like in bed, or what a girl was like in bed the night before, run far away. If he doesn’t have conversations with you, or take you out, or met you for a meal, you are a booty call. 8. Won’t wait for sex: If the first night you meet him or on the first date, he pushes for sex, he’s a player or desperate. He once again doesn’t value you as a person. Lust and physical attraction are one thing, but liking and having a relationship is based upon knowledge and mutual respect. Why would he want to be your friend when he already knows all he wants to know about you? What you’re like in bed. That’s all the information he needs.

A player doesn't change

9. Hides his phone: He’s always on his phone, checking his messages, taking calls, looking at Facebook posts. However, if you try to look over his shoulder or ask what’s so funny, he tells you it’s nothing and puts his phone down or closes the screen. He’s doing something he thinks you won’t approve of. Do you know his account lock password? Is his Facebook account private? Does he delete his text and phone messages as soon as he receives them? 10. He’s got a reputation: If you’ve heard he has a “thing” for the ladies, he is a serial dater, he tries to get as many girls in bed as possible, listen to the talk. He’s a player. Yep, you can try to be the one, but you’re in for an uphill battle. If you’re friends warn you, listen. If his friends warn you, they would know. If his family tells you to steer clear, drive away. 11. Won’t commit: What does he say about the future? “We’ll see.” “I don’t know. Maybe.” “Don’t press me.” “I might be busy.” “I don’t know what I want in the future.” “Oh my God, are you trying to tell me you’re pregnant?” “No, I was trying to tell you I wanted to eat Chinese next week.” “Oh, are you sure you aren’t pregnant?” As you can tell, I’m not only walking about an unwillingness to commit to a long-term relationship, I’m also talking about a guy who won’t commit to calling you the next day or going out on Saturday night.

If it's too good to be true, it is too good to be true

12. Comes on strong: A player will come on strong with all the smooth talkin’ lines, complements, chocolate, gifts, flowers, serenades you, name a star after you. Whatever it takes to get you into bed as soon as possible! He’s had lots of practice and has no remorse for the drivel spewing out of his mouth. He will tell you whatever he thinks you need to hear to make him seem like a good guy. You have a dog. He tells you he loves dogs. You have a cat. He tells you he loves cats. You love boy bands. He loves boy bands. You don’t see a red flag there? 13. Too good to be true: To piggyback off #12, he’s just too good to be true. He’s perfect. He tells you he volunteers at charities; all of them. He tells you he carries “old lady’s” groceries across the street. Heck, he carries the ladies as well as their groceries. He’s a volunteer fireman. He saved a family from a burning home. He quotes poetry. He loves romantic movies. He is too good to be true. No one is perfect. We all have fun quirks about us that make us unique and interesting. If he doesn’t have any quirks, there’s something wrong with him. He’s pretending to be someone he isn’t. 14. Goes missing: One day he’s texting or calling all day. He wants to be with you or talking to you the whole day. Then, he disappears for a day. A couple of days. A week. Total phone silence. “What did I say?” “Is he mad?” “Is he sick?” “Why won’t he call?” “Why is he ignoring my calls?” You’ve even checked the hospitals and no one has a record of him as a patient. You didn’t do anything or say anything wrong. He’s hitting up someone else’s phone or out with another girl. He’s a player. 15. Calling at the last minute: When he asks you out, when did he call? Did you make the plans a week before or did he text 15 minutes before he wanted to go out? He was waiting to hear back from someone else and she didn’t call back or stood him up.

Do you still think you can change the player?

You know what a player looks like. You know what a player says and does. You deserve better than a few nights with a player. Yep, he looks good, but he isn’t good for you. Are you going to stay away? Or do you think you can make him change?g to stay away? Or do you think you can make him change?