40 Compliments Girls Wish Guys Would Say To Them

Have you ever wanted to talk to a girl you like, but you weren’t quite sure how to break the ice? Try one of these 40 compliments to win her over!

By Katie Jenison
40 Compliments Girls Wish Guys Would Say To Them

Compliments can be a great way to start a conversation with a girl you like

Initiating a conversation with a girl you like can be a little nerve wracking, especially if you are naturally shy. One of the best ways to start the conversation is to offer up a sincere compliment that will make her smile and put both of you at ease. You don’t have to overthink it, either. There are a variety of different compliments you can rely on if you aren’t sure where to start and as long as you mean it, she will appreciate your effort.

Compliment something you like about her appearance

Complimenting a girl on her physical appearance is an easy place to start when trying to think of a compliment to give her. This is especially useful if you are just meeting her for the first time or don’t know her that well. Just don’t be sleazy about it! They best compliments on appearance are sweet, so don’t compliment the way her chest looks in her top or follow it up with a douchey pick up line.

1. “You have such a beautiful smile.”

This is one of the most common compliments that girls here. While it maybe lacks a little originality, it’s still a great compliment. It is also one of those compliments that will come off as sincere because you weren’t trying too hard, so if you see a cute girl that you want to talk to but aren’t sure how to approach, try something like, “Hi, I’m (insert name here). I’m sorry to bother you but I just wanted to tell you that I think you have a beautiful smile.”

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2. “That lipstick looks great on you!”

Lipstick can be intimidating for some girls, so if you notice she made an extra effort by wearing lipstick, let her know that you think it looks cute on her. It will help to build up her confidence with wearing lipstick in the future, too.

3. “Your eyes are gorgeous.”

Another compliment that get used a lot. Despite how often girls may here how much you like their eye color, it is still a very nice compliment. If you’re looking for a way to break the ice with a girl you just met and don’t want to give off a creepy vibe, this one works great.

4. “You have perfect teeth.”

Telling a girl they have perfect teeth might seem a bit strange, but men and women today make an effort to ensure that they have pretty, pearly white teeth. Taking good care of her teeth attributes to how hot she is and shows that she cares about her appearance. Noticing that is a great way to compliment her because she will feel as if her efforts (and the money she has spent) were worth it.

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5. “I like the way you wore your hair today.”

Did she try a new hairstyle that looks great with her facial features or looks like it took a long time to do? Take a second to talk to her about and compliment effort!

6. “That color looks great on you.”

If you notice that her shirt is cute and it complements her skin tone really well, give her a compliment. You could even follow it up with another compliment such as, “it really brings out the blue in your eyes” or “the color works great with your hair.” She will like that you noticed those little details about her.

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7. “You look great in that outfit.”

Girls work hard to find a cute outfit that fits them well. If you like the pieces she chose or think they go well together while making her body look great, tell her so! If you’re feeling extra confident that she won’t mind you complimenting her body, tell her that her outfit emphasizes her hot body.

8. “I like the way you wore your makeup today.”

Guys have no idea how much time and effort a girl puts into doing her makeup every day. When you compliment her on her makeup, it will definitely make her feel better about the time she spends in front of the mirror getting ready each day. She will also appreciate it if she has tried to spice things up with her daily makeup routine and try new things.

9. “I think you have great style.”

Ever hear a girl say she has nothing to wear while she is looking into a walk in closet full of clothes? The struggle is real! So if you think she has a good sense of style or has a good eye for what works together, compliment her on it!

Compliment something you like about a girl’s personality

Compliments on her appearance are great, but if you know each other fairly well, it’s always a good idea to compliment her on her personality instead of physical attributes. It shows that you care more about what kind of person she is, rather than how she looks.

10. “I love how confident you are.”

A girl that has confidence in herself is refreshing. If she isn’t shy about what she wants, let her know how hot you think it is that she is willing to put herself out there and go after what she desires.

11. “You have a great sense of humor.”

In a world where people seem to get offended over the littlest things, it is always nice when you meet someone that finds humor in things. Don’t be afraid to tell her how much you adore her sense of humor, especially if it meshes well with yours.

12. “You’re a kind person.”

Treating other people kindly is something that everyone can be proud of. If she goes out of her way to help others, says kind words to people, or volunteers her time at an animal shelter, let her know that you appreciate the positive vibes she puts out into the world.

13. “I like how thoughtful you are.”

If you told a girl that you used to collect snowglobes as a kid and later she surprises you with an antique snowglobe, compliment her thoughtfulness. She probably won’t expect it because thoughtful people often do things, not for the thank you, but rather just to make you feel good.

14. “You’re such a great friend.”

Friends can be pretty easy to come by but great friends are a little more difficult. A girl that makes herself available in your time of need or offers to take care of your pets while you’re out of town is a great friend. Let her know how much it means to you to know that you can call her at 3 a.m. and know she will pick up.

15. “You have great manners.”

Having good manners seems like something that everyone would make an effort to have but unfortunately, that isn’t really the case these days. If a girl makes an effort to be polite around important people such as your parents, boss, or grandparents, let her know how much you appreciate it. No one wants to introduce a girl to super religious Aunt Helen and have her dropping F-bombs left and right!

16. “I like that I can really count on you.”

It can be really frustrating when you make plans with someone and then they bail on you at the last minute, especially if they were the ones to initiate the plans in the first place. Being reliable is an attractive trait in anyone and if she consistently follows through on the plans she makes with you, feel free to shower her with a compliment.

17. “I really appreciate your optimism.”

Not every day is all sunshine and rainbows, so being able to smile and laugh your way through some tough times is always a wonderful personality feature to have. If you know a girl that can help you see the bright side of a less than ideal situation, thank her by complimenting her positive outlook.

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18. “I love how honest you are.”

No one wants to deal with a liar or the games they constantly play so being able to trust someone to tell you the truth, even if the truth hurts, is a definite must in any relationship. If honesty is something you value, tell her how happy it makes you to never have to question hers.

19. “You’re great at being patient with people.”

Does she work a job where she has to deal with rude people or customers that seem to go out of their way to make her job difficult? It’s not the easiest to deal with people that constantly test your nerves so if she handles each issue with the patience of a saint she deserves to have it acknowledged.

20. “You are so funny.”

Know a girl that can always make you laugh? Let her know how funny she is! Whether she makes you let out a belly-busting-laugh or just a chuckle, her creatively cute puns and her willingness to try to make you laugh is worth a compliment.

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Compliment her professionalism

Women work very hard to be successful in whatever industry they work in. That hard work is paying off and girl bosses are coming in hot all over the world. She will appreciate it if you take notice of how much effort she puts into making sure she is a successful businesswoman, so let her know how proud you are of her!

21. “I like how driven you are.”

Driven women sometimes get a bad rap because they often have to sacrifice other things that are considered more conventional. Respecting a woman that has the drive to accomplish her goals is meaningful, so tell her that you appreciate how determined she is.

22. “You’re such a great leader.”

Everyone wants to be know that they are able to be an effective leader that is respected by their employer, employees, and their peers. Knowing how to lead a variety of people with an array of different personalities is a big deal. If she’s doing it well, let her know! It will give her the push she needs to keep reaching for her goals.

23. “You’re good at what you do.”

Every once in awhile, a girl can get discouraged. Maybe she didn’t hit the target she was aiming for, or she didn’t quite meet that important deadline. Give her a pep talk and tell her that she is good at what she does. Everyone has an off day (or week) at some point, so give her the encouragement she needs to get back on her feet.

24. “Your work ethic is impressive.”

Notice that she has been staying late or coming in early to complete tasks? Maybe she goes the extra mile to secure clients or make sure that she is providing top notch customer service. Let her know that you’ve noticed how dedicated she is to her work and the overall happiness of her clients.

25. “You’re great at giving direction.”

Being able to communicate efficiently is crucial to any career whether you are a man or a woman. If she is particularly good at directing her team and delegating tasks in order for her team to be productive, show her some appreciation!

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26. “You’re very good at problem solving.”

Recently experience a crisis in the office? Perhaps that shipment you were expecting to come in didn’t arrive on time, and everyone is worried about completing a project on time. Did she handle it like a pro? Did she find a way to make it work or offered an alternative solution to work on a different part of the project until the shipment came in? Even if it was something as small as getting everyone to calm down and reprioritize their tasks, it's worth mentioning that you were impressed by her take charge attitude.

Complimenting a girl’s interests and intelligence is a good way to go

Know a girl that is really good at something? Take an interest in the things that she likes to do or is really good at and you can offer up compliments along the way.

27. “I like the way you dance!”

Has she taken dance for most of her life? Perhaps she only dances when she’s had a few drinks. Either way, a girl will appreciate the compliment. The first because she’s dedicated her life to something she takes seriously and the second because she could have been worried about looking like a giraffe on rollerskates as she navigates the dance floor.

28. “You are so smart!”

Being knowledgeable is an attractive quality in a person, as long as they aren’t condescending about it. If you know a girl that is working towards her Ph.D. and is clearly very smart and dedicated to learning, compliment her brains!

29. “You’re so strong.”

Being fit is something that a lot of girls care about, not just because they want to have a hot body, but also because they want to live a healthier lifestyle. Rather than delivering a compliment about her body with the purpose of pleasing you, tell her how strong she has gotten.

30. “You’re a great cook!”

Does she make the best homemade pizza you’ve ever had? Tell her! Who knows, maybe your compliment will be the thing that inspires to pursue a career as a chef.

31. “I like how good you are at this!”

Did she surprise you with how good she is at something? Perhaps you took her to a dive bar to play some pool and it turns out she’s actually really good at. Instead of feeling like she hustled you, let her know how much she surprised you and how cool you think it is.

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32. “You always know what to say.”

Knowing how to approach almost every situation or knowing exactly how to calm someone down when they are upset is an incredible trait for someone to have. If she is an expert at helping you talk through your issues, give her a compliment that lets you know how much that means to you.

Complimenting a girl’s personal space is a great way to give her a compliment

Women like to take the time to decorate their personal spaces to represent their personality and represent styles they enjoy. If your girl has spent an absurd about of time watching HGTV and has a weird obsession with shiplap (thanks Joanna Gaines!), offer up a compliment on her decorating style.

33. “I like the way you painted this room.”

Did she pick the perfect paint colors to make a small room feel bigger, or did she design a cool herringbone accent wall? Let her know you how her extra touches had a big impact on the overall feel of the room.

34. “Where did you get this rug? It’s amazing!”

Having an eye for design and being able to visualize many different items together without them being in the same room can be difficult so if she is a master at finding items that work together perfectly, compliment her.

35. “The layout of this gallery wall is awesome.”

Putting together a gallery wall of photos can be daunting when it comes to determining what should go where and what kind of cute wall decor to mix in. Creating the perfect layout can be time consuming, so let her know that her time was well spent because it looks great.

Use compliments to tell her why you love her

If you’ve surpassed the awkward stage of trying to let a girl know that you like her, and have successfully asked her to be in a relationship with you, compliments can be a sweet way to tell her what you love about her.

36. “I love you because you’re devoted to your family.”

People get busy and spending time with our family can sometimes fall by the wayside. If she makes an effort to spend as much time with her family (and yours) as she can, let her know how much you love that about her.

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37. “I love you because you are different from other girls”

This one is pretty generic, so expect a follow up question as to how she is different. Don’t be discouraged though, girls appreciate knowing that your relationship is better than your last - plus, she just wants to hear more reasons why you love her!

38. “I love the way you laugh”

At one time or another throughout her life, she has probably questioned the quality of her laugh and compared it to the laugh of other girls she has thought to be prettier. Knowing that you like the way she laughs will make her feel good, even if it isn’t the sweet, angelic laugh she wishes she has.

39. “I love that I can tell you anything.”

Trust is a big part of what makes a relationship work. Knowing that you are comfortable telling her things that you wouldn’t tell anyone else will let her know that you trust her to not talk about the things that you tell her in private.

40. “You are the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Every girl wants to know that her significant other thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Use this compliment and she will be love you for it because she will feel like she is the only girl that will ever catch you eye.

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The dos and don’ts of giving a girl a compliment

Compliments are really easy to give but there are some dos and don’ts to successful delivery of a compliment. Rule #1 - Do make sure that your compliments are sincere. No girl wants to get a compliment that doesn’t seem genuine! Rule #2 - Don’t be creepy about giving compliments to a girl. Giving her a compliment can be ruined by making sleazy comments about her physical appearance, so keep it PG. Rule #3 - Don’t expect anything in return. The purpose of a compliment is to let someone know you appreciate something specific about them, and they should be given with no strings attached. Give your compliment and move on from there.

Brighten her day

Now that you know what kind of compliments girls like, go out there and spread some positivity! You never know if your compliment will be the thing that makes a girl’s day that much better.

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