Never Miss out these Top 12 Dating Tips for Women

Enjoy a good date with these Dating Tips catered for Women only

By Madiha
Never Miss out these Top 12 Dating Tips for Women

12 Dating Tips for Women as a Guide

Finding a perfect man is nearly impossible. To check all the boxes on the list of “qualities of a perfect man” will take a lifetime. Where for some women, dating is fun for some others it is daunting. Meeting a total stranger and getting into a relationship is not easy for every woman. Whether you have met online (which is common these days) or through a friend or family, these dating tips will help you get into a successful long-term relationship.

Basic Dating Tips

Dating can be fun and tricky. Having fun is easier if you don’t panic about things that you can’t control. Don’t exert, just go with the flow. Here are some basic dating tips you must keep in mind.

1.    Be Genuine and have Realistic Expectations

Express your actual emotions. Don’t pretend to like something if you actually despise it. Don’t say words you don’t mean. Be yourself and try not to pose what you are not. Stay as close to whom you actually are as possible. Be confident in your own skin. Whether you are tall, short, chubby or skinny; carry yourself with confidence.

Expect “Real” life, not “Reel” life. Love life out of a romantic movie or knight in the shining armor doesn’t promise happily ever after.       

2.    Get Over the Fears & Break Stereotypes

Don’t let the bitterness of past experience ruin your new relationship. Relax and enjoy. Thinking too much only makes situations worse. Having a light-hearted conversation over a cup of coffee, sharing likes and dislikes will make the first date look less scary.

Don’t let mismatches dishearten you. Keep your spirits high. There is definitely someone out there who is made just for you. When it comes to long-term and serious relationships don’t consider “what will people say”. Too tall, too short, too young and too old are nothing but social stigmas.  

3.    Trust Your Instincts

Know the difference between serious men and players. A few things will help you understand the difference. Comparing their words and actions is a pretty good test. Trust your instincts; if it looks and feels right it is right. Keep it slow and take all your time to understand and analyze.

Dating Tips for First Date

Whether it is your first time dating or you are going on the first date with a new guy, once you have mustered up the courage to ask him out, there is no looking back. No matter how nervous you feel, you have to look the best version of yourself to impress that special someone. 

Planning for the first date can be nerve-wracking. Being apprehensive is natural but don’t let it take control. If you have no idea about what to do and what to say on your first date; have a look at these tips.

4.    Select the Right Spot to Meet and be on Time

Since it is your first meeting and you are not aware of each other’s likes and dislikes, selecting a neutral venue is the right option. Instead of meeting for dinner or movie, try making reservations at a nice coffee place. 

Getting out of your comfort zone can also be a good idea. Hanging out at only certain places and considering certain rituals your no-go zones won’t let you experiment. If he suggests a place, even if you are not sure about it, say yes. But make sure it is a comfortable and non-secluded place if it is your first date.

Punctuality makes the first impression. If you are there on time, hardly anything else will matter. Some people might think that being on time might mean that you are desperate; No, being punctual is a positive attribute and always makes a good impression. It will make your date realize that time is important for you so should be it for them. Certain things can make or break the impression. Punctuality, dressing and confidence are the start of a good evening.   

5.    Dress Appropriately

Consider the place you are heading to and wear something appropriate. Over or under dressing will make a bad impression. Wear a nice dress that is neither very revealing nor overly concealing, something comfortable and airy (you don’t want to show anxiety sweat). Nice comfy shoes (you will thank me, in case the date goes good and he decides to walk you home), natural makeup and subtle jewelry are good choices for a first date.

6.    Have a Conversation

The talk should be two-way. Listen carefully, answer appropriately and respond in a natural way. Do ask questions and make it look like a real conversation. Talk about interests, family, work and hobbies. First date should be all about getting to know each other. Put your phones away and talk. Checking your phone every other minute seems rude and shows a lack of real interest in the meet up. Go with the flow. Stay natural while being yourself. See how the night unfolds. Don’t argue and especially don’t fret about bill payment. Carry enough cash to pay for two people if the need arises.  

Tips for an Awesome Conversation

Everything is according to the plan; the way you two came in contact, how things progressed, your decision to meet, your preparations for the first date, everything is on spot. You are quite happy with the overall idea of the first date but somehow it became first and the last date. Why? You will surely ask yourself this question several times. Was it the way you dressed or was it something you said? There are more chances of saying something inappropriate or unnecessary. So here are a few tips for what to say and what not to say on your first date

7.    Talk, Talk & Talk – Key to Understanding each other

For starters, if you feel nervous, just say it. He might also be feeling the same way, so at least you can start off with something. Being honest is the first impression you can make without going an extra length. Ask questions to start a conversation. While talking, neither give an impression that you are overly interested or not interested at all nor self-obsessed. Comment on how he looks. “This color suits you” or “your tie is great” will make him feel special and at ease. Do tell your stories but also listen to him. Listening can lead to a better understanding of the other person.

8.    Get to know him but don’t dig deep

Talk about family and friends but don’t ask about exes and previous relationships. Talk about likes and dislikes. Favorite food, sports, TV shows and hobbies will help you get engaged in meaningful conversation. Don’t bring in politics at first date but stay updated with current trends, situations and world happenings. 

9.    Be Humorous

Light-hearted chit-chat helps you to open up. Showing attitude may look classy but it keeps you contained and refrains from talking your heart out. Crack subtle jokes and laugh. When you laugh, you relax and when you relax you open up. Laugh, talk, listen and enjoy the best night out.

Tips for New Relationships

This fast-paced era has revolutionized a lot of things including relationships. The idea of romance and dating has drastically changed over time. Things have materialized and so have relationships. Dating has become prerequisite for marriage. Life isn’t perfect. You have to make adjustments and compromises to make it look perfect.   

The new relationship is fragile. It requires more than usual input. Here are a few working tips for making a new relationship work:

10.    Stay close but give each other space

Text messages and phone calls may sound romantic but they can often become overwhelming. Walk parallel but maintain a distance. 

11.    Be careful when sharing information

Don’t post every detail of your relationship on social media. Evil eye, no matter how superstitious it may sound, has its ways to ruin a perfect relationship. Don’t share all your life’s secrets in the initial phase of the relationship. 

12.    Be appreciative and show gratitude

Don’t let small acts of love and kindness go by unnoticed. Remember the magic words? They do work. Don’t make comparisons. Neither compare your partner with an ex nor compare your relationship with someone else’s.

These are just tips; they may or may not work for every relationship. Be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest because you only get to live once. Don’t forget to take care of yourself while taking care of him. Keep check of your own health and feelings. Keep your ambitions alive. Have fun and enjoy. Once you have taken into account all the above mentioned tips, you won’t feel nervous or shy whether it is your first first date or last first date.


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