The best 10 toddler kitchen set for gifting your kids

Play pretend with these awesome toddler kitchen sets for kids

By Sylvia Epie
The best 10 toddler kitchen set for gifting your kids

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Role play and make believe is a great way for children to build motor skills and act out real-life scenarios. Toys that help explore a child's creativity are essential to their development. They mimic what their parents do and want their own space to do the same. Which of us did not mimic our parents when growing up? We all certainly did with or without a toy kitchen. A play kitchen is a great way to get your kids started on a journey of self-discovery. Play kitchens encourage children to control their play and take initiative in an open-minded sort of way that will boost their cognitive skills. Let’s explore some of the best toddler kitchen sets with awesome features you can gift your kids.

Wooden toddler kitchen set

1. Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen

Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen

Made from durable wood and non-toxic paints, the Kidkraft Vintage Play Kitchen is highly appreciated by kids and parents. The decor is classic with a stove, oven, sink, microwave and a fridge/freezer. It has shelves for storage and a cordless telephone. Kids love the fact that the knobs turn making it so real, it comes in white or pink colors that will fit in greatly around most rooms. This play kitchen set is about 3ft tall and 3ft wide and can hold two kids at the same time comfortably. It does not have too many moving parts that could be hazardous to toddlers so it’s perfect for kids between 2-6 years old. You can’t go wrong with this classic set.

2. Hape Wood Kids Play Kitchen

Hape Wood Kids Play Kitchen

Designed for kids 3 years and above, the Hape Wood Kids Play Kitchen, is made from 100% non-toxic and safe materials including hardwood. It has a stovetop, a sink, an oven and also includes several kitchen accessories like pots and pans, plates, knives and forks, salt and pepper shakers and a lot more items that will make your child’s kitchen experience very realistic.

Available in different colors to suit both boys and girls, this play set is sturdy and high-quality enough to last for a long time and even passed down to several kids without losing any of its charm and appeal.

3. Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Kitchen

Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Kitchen

The Melissa and Doug’s playset is a corner style kitchen that has an oven, a refrigerator, an upper storage shelf, and a removable sink. Made from natural wood and non-toxic paints, it has bright and pleasing colors and is large enough for more than one child to play side by side. All the knobs turn and the bowl is removable providing your child with the flexibility to fill it with water and empty it and it also comes with a 3-minute timer for more effect. The setup process is relatively easy as all the pieces are marked out on the instructions manual. Perfect for children above 3 years as there are a few small parts.

4. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

KidKraft’s corner kitchen is a country style kitchen with pink and white accents. It has appliances like a dishwasher, fridge/freezer, oven, microwave, and make believe windows above the sink. There’s storage space below the sink and hooks for hanging utensils overhead. It comes with four metal accessories, a pot, pan, and two spatulas. A cute set that will be a perfect fit if you have a corner space to put it. The downside is that it’s smaller and shorter than it actually looks, so the height might not suit an older or taller kid.

Plastic toddler kitchen set

5. Step2 Cozy Kitchen

Step2 Cozy Kitchen

If you want a set that will help your child’s imagination blossom without having to break the bank, the Step2 Cozy Kitchen has you covered. Much more affordable than most, this kitchen set has lots of realistic features and a compact design that does not take up too much space. Made from plastic it includes a refrigerator, an oven, cabinets with doors that open and 21 accessories including silverware. The kitchen set is lightweight so it’s easily movable and an added advantage is that the set is gender- neutral. Parents can’t stop raving about how great this toy actually is and its unbeatable price.

6.Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset

The Little Bakers Kitchen is the perfect set for your little chef, it is colorful and does not require too much space. This kitchen has an electronic burner, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and storage space. Featured accessories include lots of play food, a frying pan and boiling pot that make realistic frying and boiling sounds when placed on the burner. It also has a built-in high chair and a granite-looking countertop that seem quite realistic. This little kitchen set is an awesome option.

7. Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset: Toys & Games

This kitchen set is best for ages 2 to 6, at this stage children love toys that allow them to express their creativity and encourage their adventures. The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Playset has some of the coolest features out there. Appliances like the stove, microwave and oven have sound effects. A frying pan on the stove or a boiling pot makes amazing cooking sounds that will fascinate young minds. It has a pull-out drawer for storage, a recycle bin, and 20 accessories including pots, pans, plates, cups, and utensils just to name a few. Parents can’t stop praising this toy, they say it’s in a league of its own and kids are captivated by all its cool features.

Small and portable toddler kitchen set

8. Fondear Portable Kitchen Toy Set 

Fondear Portable Kitchen Toy Set

Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic plastic this mini kitchen set is a gem, it is portable, practical and comes with a suitcase that has wheels for easy storage and carry. The stove has light and sound effects that enhance your kid's imagination and overall experience a great deal. Accessories of various colors are also included, you have plates, cups, pots, knives, forks, spoons, fruits, vegetables, eggs and more all in different colors. The Fondear Portable Kitchen Toy Set is ideal to carry along on a trip or vacation without any hassle.

9. Kindes Kitchen Pretend Cooking set

Kindes Kitchen Pretend Cooking set

This tabletop cooking set is made from environmental-friendly plastic and comes in two colors, pink and blue. A variety of accessories like kitchen utensils, food stuff and extra storage are available with the set. Forming 12 pieces all together. The Kindes kitchen pretend-cooking set is a great toy help train kids hand and eye coordination as well as flexibility.

Kitchen set for older age kids

10. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

KidKraft’s kitchen is a modern set, ideal from 36 months to 7 years. The appliances that accompany this play kitchen are top notch, a perfect replica of a high-end modern day kitchen. With opening doors and turning knobs, the appliances are quite realistic. There’s an oven, a tall fridge/freezer with a faux ice dispenser, a dishwasher, removable sink, storage shelves, towel rack, hooks, and a cordless telephone.
The materials used are a combination of plastic, wood, and metal, with a modern tile print design to top it all. It’s big enough for several children to play at the same time, parents consider the price reasonable and it won the 2016 Parents' Choice Toy of the Year Award. Does it get better than that? 


source: Amazon

When picking the right play kitchen for your child it’s recommended to find the right balance between the features you need in a kitchen and the space you have to fit it in. Also, bear in mind that your child does not necessarily need all the fancy accessories to be happy, all they require is for you to play with them, be ready to eat the ‘’dinner’’ they cook for you and leave the rest to their fertile imagination.