Reigniting The Old Flame: Get Your Girl To Like You Again

You used to have a beautiful relationship with your girl, but somewhere the flame went off. Do you want her to like you again? Follow these steps.

By Gerald Matiri
Reigniting The Old Flame: Get Your Girl To Like You Again

How To Make A Girl Who Once Loved You, Like You Again

You’ve worn your heart on your sleeves to ask her out, but you are not sure if she will accept your proposal. What if she walks all over you? You can choose to be straight-forward that you want her back, but that is not the right way. If you want to make the girl like you again, you must learn how to do it without making it obvious in the first place. Maybe she lost interest because you were not a dating potential according to her or perhaps someone else stole her heart. If you can warm up to her and make her want you again, she might give you a second chance even without you asking her out. Once she starts feeling comfortable around you again, her love for you will start to reignite. There is nothing wrong with trying to be nice to a girl, but if you want her to notice you as a dating potential again, you must know how to move from the friendship zone. Do not fail in this part like most guys do. When you get a chance to go out with her, make it clear what you want with her before another guy comes to sweep her away (and you start whining about how girls are unfair). Go through everything below to get her to like you again. Within weeks, you will stand a better chance of having your girlfriend back…or even days.


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Where Did You Mess Up?

What is it that you did so she started ignoring you? Take a moment and figure out what went wrong before you were disconnected. Maybe you never gave her a breathing space or you were too easy for her. You must be brutally honest with yourself as you try to see what happened. Did you believe the ill things your friends said about her that you gave up on the girl? If deep down in your heart you think your girl is good, it is not too late to attract her again. Think about dropping your ego to see clearly where you went wrong and things will be easier, as you try to make it right. Do not blame the girl, but rather put yourself in her shoes.Understanding the other person goes a long in forging long-term relations and you must learn this art in life as soon as possible. It will really help your future cause.

Possible Reasons Your Girl Lost Interest In You

There are several reasons why your girl may end up losing interest in you. Here are six possible ones.

1. You stopped exciting her

This means that you were too predictable and could tell what you were going to do the following day. This is boring especially when it comes to bedroom matters. Girls demonstrate interest to amazing guys and yours would still be sticking around if you weren’t boring (sorry for the beat down, but it is true).

2. You changed into another person

If you stopped being the man she fell in love the first time, you must have scared her. Her attraction was gone the moment you started acting differently. Maybe you were not authentic the first time you met her.

3. You became too comfortable

You didn’t care about your weight and were caught in your silly world. You forgot about keeping her happy - shame on you!

4. You were too easy to get

If you tried too hard to chase the girl, she must have taken you for a clingy or needy guy. She felt like you were out of her league because you were too easy trying to prove yourself as a potential date. That might have been the reason she lost interest dramatically.

5. Your girl felt like you were ignoring her

If she felt like you no longer wanted her, what was the point of her being with you? Did you sleep with her and then escaped, leaving her unappreciated? That is why she left because she realized you took her for just a fling and not her lover.

6. You insulted your girl

Insulting a girl is hurtful. It may not have been your intention to get too far, but you hurt her anyway. You thought your teases were cool, but they turned out abusive. Too bad you didn’t know that your girl is a fragile creature; or else you wouldn’t have slapped her in her face with bad words. No matter the reason she lost interest, you have a chance of becoming a better boyfriend in the following ways.

Sureshot Ways To Make A Girl Like You Again

If your girl is no longer showing interest in you, there are some sureshot ways that you can use to make her like you again.

1) Take the blame

Be a gentleman and apologize for your mistakes. Simply say sorry and mean it. You can apologize in many ways and try to be creative this time. For instance, start by telling her how much you love her and ask her to forgive you. She has to know that she is the best thing that ever happened to you so that she can forgive you. Acknowledge that you deserve her treatment, but you need her forgiveness. If you apologize many times, she will take your apology seriously and know that you are sincere. If you find it hard to tell her in-person, write her a letter, not a text message or email. A handwritten letter is more sincere and romantic (use your best penmanship and grammar to express your sincere apology). In your letter, do not go overboard. The letter is much better than a simple text because she can read it over, and put it in a safe place.

2) Pursue her sneakily

For her to love you again, you need to make her believe that you have changed and start treating her in a different way. If you start showing her love in a special way, she will be wondering whether you want to be more than friends with her. You can attract her by treating her differently from other girls. You will be on the right track if you make her start thinking about you again. Suppose you are still friends: showing her that you are more than friends would bring sexual excitement once again. Her curiosity is what will score you more points for winning her again.

3) A girl has to miss you in order to like you again

Chances are that you feel terribly sorry for yourself. If you surely want her back, you must change so she starts begging you to make her your girlfriend. You have to act like you are ditching her; stop spending a lot of time with her. Whenever you have a great conversation, pretend to be busy and excuse yourself. Don’t let a tinge of your past behavior show up again if you want your girl to like you again. Avoid her for a few weeks and she will realize that she’s missing something. Do you know what she will do when she starts missing you? She will look for ways to get you back, making your work easier. Whenever she sends you a text, answer it casually; and when you bump into each other, act cool and like you are in a hurry to do something. She needs to miss you in every perspective: in-person and on social media. You don’t need to Tweet her or send her a Facebook message or even call her. She will be thinking about you, which is your main goal.

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4) Initiate casual contact again with the girl you like

To start contacting her again, tell her that you would want to keep in touch as your friend now that things have cooled off. This will create a rush of excitement in her heart like how it happened the first time you went on a date. For several weeks, contact her casually and plan for a simple date such as coffee at 10.00 am. Your conversation with her should be light, but do not introduce anything from the past. Meeting as friends will ignite her interest in you. She might be annoyed that she lost you and this will make her want you more. Continue with the casual dates, go for movies, and revisit places you once enjoyed when there was a fire burning between you.

5) Become a dating potential for her to like you again

The difference between an attractive friend and a dating potential is like the day and night. You should stop letting the girl see you as a friend unless that’s what you want. But how can you not fall in love with a hot girl? It is quite next to impossible for anyone. A girl can stay friends for a long time with an attractive guy, but you bet you can’t. It is in your nature to woo a girl you like unless she is taken or if she is too much for you. But there is something you should know: even if she thinks you are way out of her league, you can still win her with confidence. If you are a real man who believes in himself, you will know that you are worthy of her love. Create a lasting impression and she will never forget you. That is the key to success.

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6) Get closer again

You cannot keep on laying the groundwork forever. Go on a night dance with her and have some drinks. Kiss her when she least expects and pretend like it was a mistake, but continue anyway. Taking the objection will make her oppose your views and tell you it is fine. That sure works guys! If things seem to be getting hot, you may take her to your place, have a make-up intimacy or you may leave it so she’s left craving for more. If you leave it, make sure that you arrange for another date as soon as possible (lest she loses interests and finds another guy). You will have won her back!

7) Be fit if you want her to like your body again

It sounds weird but you must work out if you have neglected your gym routine. She could have left you when you started piling up pounds and you could not dress up. If that is the case, it’s time for you to start lifting some weight in the gym and regain your fitness levels. Assume you were going on a first date with her; wouldn’t you care about your physique? You would also put some efforts on your dressing. This is the same effort you must make to attract her once again. It may not have occurred to you, but the truth is that you took her for granted the moment you stopped caring about what she thinks of you (including your weight). To win her appreciation, you must impress her with a ripped body. Build a massive chest, work on your biceps, dress well, wear perfume, and start flirting. You will attract her attention again within no time.

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8) Surprise her

Remember the romantic cues you used to send her? You have to bring them back. If you used to buy her gifts often, you can do it now: buy her flowers and treat her like the sweet girl she is. Your surprises need not be big; start small and she will reciprocate your love. Make your surprises a bit mysterious so they can rejuvenate your new state of romance. Do not forget that it is the little gestures that go a long way e.g. taking her for lunch or sending her a greeting card.

9) Improve upon your personal hygiene

This is the time you should focus on what you really are rather than what you aspire to be. For instance, your girl must have been pissed off by your body odor, droopy pants, and shaggy hair. Did you ignore what your girl told you - she prefers your beard and mustache? Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if that is how you want her to see you all the time. Maintaining good hygiene is simple: shave regularly, take a bath every day, wear fitting clothes, use a breath mint, and wear perfume. The good thing is that getting yourself right will not cost you much, only a little money. You will actually be treating yourself and look tasty for your girl. Whether she likes you again or rejects you, there is nothing to lose.

10) Flirt discreetly to ignite the romantic fire again

Flirt with your girl without sounding creepy. And if you happen to flirt with other girls, be careful not to overdo it. Save your wooing for your special girl and touch her when alone. You don’t have to let your friend or hers know that you are pursuing her. You will make a good impression on her and no one else needs to know. Secretive flirting is exciting even if you don’t ask her out. Do not let other people know that you are treating her in a special way and you will attract her even more. There is something about secretive relationships. If she likes flirting in secrecy, it means that she is enjoying the special connection that is growing between you two. And even if the rest were to know what’s going on between you and the girl, you will still be a winner.

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11) Engage in activities you never did before with your girl

The reason most relationships lose spark is too much distance and lack of change. Perhaps you didn’t have fun in your past relationship and now it’s time to introduce things you didn’t do. Go clubbing, dance, party, and drink. Even if you feel too old to kiss on the dance floor, just do it because you missed it the first time. Have fun in town and paint it red, go to new places, laugh, and enjoy life. A healthy relationship requires a dose of fun, including intimacy. When it comes to getting naughty with your girl, experiment things you didn’t try in the past. There are a lot of kinky intimacy ideas that can spice things up in bed. If you feel aroused when together, find some privacy and get busy. Look for fun activities to turn both of you on. Talk naughty to her, play flirty games on your cell phones when bored just to maintain the romantic ignition. As far as intercourse is concerned, let it come naturally without coercing her.

12) Try vigorous activities that keep your adrenaline high

Romantic relationships begin with an adrenalin rush. When hearts race, partners become more alert, giddy, and excited. Research reveals that rigorous physical activities enhance arousal because they involve adrenaline rush. Such activities include watching horror movies, riding a rollercoaster, exercising, and parachuting. These activities have some power on your brains that perks up the love between you two. There are a lot of marriages today which are saved by gym activities, whereby couples are advised to work out together and get intimate in the process.

13) Behave in the opposite way

She needs to believe that you are not the guy she lost interest in. so, if you used to be cold, start acting warmer. If you ever insulted her, be gentle and polite. By now, you already know what she likes or dislikes so you know how to treat her. However, she has to see these changes taking place gradually as opposed to drastically. If you suddenly switch to a different character, she might feel scared. And if you change, do it for good and not just trying to impress her. She needs to be convinced that you have changed for better. You must stick to this route to attract her again.

This is very important if the reason she lost interest was your unfaithfulness. She will only like you again if you quit being a serial flirter. She doesn’t want to be with a man who tunes any girl he sees. You may be a pro in flirts but for the sake of this special girl you need again, limit your seduction game to her. In the worst case scenario where you can’t control yourself, flirt with other girls when she is not around and delete your flirty text always. You must learn to treat your girl like no one else. She deserves your respect and you have to assure her of your loyalty, faithfulness, and unending love.

14) Be the mysterious guy

If you want to successfully attract her again, never say it to her that you miss her or are still in love - at least for the first few weeks. If you try so hard to impress her, she will pull away instead of showing interest. Maintain a distance while you try to impress her. Be the greatest guy you can be and make her miss you. The last thing you should do is try to look depressed or heartbroken - do you want her to feel sorry or fall for you again? Enjoy yourself and she will secretly love you again. Send her a gift out of the blue or a sexy text when she least expects it. Mystery can boost her feelings for you and she might start to pursue you with greater intensity.

15) Drop the chase game for the girl to like you again

The game of wooing a girl is not played by a book. Do not try to win her like she was some sort of a prize that will fulfill your egoistic desires. Chasing her reluctantly would look like a silly ploy that will not work this time. You must respect her, be nice, thank her, and compliment her once in a while. She will like you again - even more. The only thing she needs to know is that you are glad to spend time together.

16) Do not rush the game

The only thing you need to keep in mind is providing some hopes that you are headed somewhere. If you held hands on your first date, hug her on the second. If you kissed her last time, make out with passion this time. It doesn’t matter how you began, share more with her every moment you meet. This is a way to let her know that your love is growing slowly and she will like you more. If you feel that she is not ready for intimacy, take it slow. When you hug, hold her longer than expected and if you clasp hands, let your fingers linger for a while on her skin. When she’s expecting a kiss on her lips, kiss her forehead or cheeks but take it to the next level the next time you get close. This is a mild form of the chase game which she won’t realize you are doing it. Taking it slow assures her that you are not just after her body. On the other hand, you will be giving yourselves a chance to fall in love completely without a hurry. Do not let your sexual desires cloud your judgment as you will end up blowing things up. Intimacy can complicate things when you are just starting out.

17) Make her like you again through intense make out

Making out is one of the easiest ways to build sexual chemistry. You can wrap her up in your arms within days through kisses. All you need is some alone time to make out with her just the way she likes. If you want her to kiss you back with passion, you need to build the anticipation. Find a private place and avoid any distraction and see how kissing can do wonders. The distractions include your cell phone, strangers, or your roommate. Dim the lights to create a romantic atmosphere and do not ask her to kiss you because it will not work (unless you are sure she has interest). What she needs is sexual tension to get aroused and make out with you. You, therefore, need to sit close to her and start flirting even if you have to make an excuse. You can start with something like reading a book together or watching a romantic movie. Be very discreet without making it obvious what you want. No way should you get straight to it. Sweet-talk your girl, remind her the very first time you met and reminisce the sweet moments you used to have before you lost contact. After the warm-up, get more personal with the conversation and start touching her. Start with delicate touches: on her fingers, play with her hair, and nails. If she doesn’t mind your touches, go ahead and compliment her skin or dress. Touch her softly and she will be turned on in no time. The make-out session is not a time to get funny or laugh. Speak to her softly to boost the mood. Notice her body language as she warms up to you. Once she is in the mood, she will reciprocate your romantic gestures. Go on and kiss her cheeks and check if she is blushing (a sign that she likes it). If she comes closer, kiss her lips and she will definitely her mouth with yours. Do not break the intensity but keep on touching till she gets weak.

18) Wait for her to like you; don't engage with anyone else

As you wait patiently for the love to rekindle, do not get into another relationship as you might confuse her. If she sees you hooking up with other girls, she will know that your approach is not sincere and she will pull away. In case things don’t work out after several months, just move on and find another girl to love. Do not beat yourself up or dwell on what is impossible. Just because she rejected you doesn’t mean it’s the end of your love life. Sometimes, breaking up is the start of a more wonderful and stronger relationship. You must not give up on love and there is so much you can learn from a love that failed. Use what you learn to improve your future relationships.

19) Make her a little jealous

You can flirt with other girls, but do not be too obvious. She should be the one getting more attention than the rest, so do not confuse her. She might not show it but she will be annoyed by your actions. And that is when you know she likes you again. Ignore her and she will try to attract your attention again. Do not be bothered if she gives you bad attitude; she is trying to hurt you. It means that she now looks at you in a different perspective - that you can attract other girls.

Ways To Make A Girl Jealous For Her To Like You Again

There is only one exception you must not make her jealous- if she lost interest because you hurt her with another girl. If you do it in this case, she will see you as unavailable, which is not what you want. She will hate you for this and make you jealous to get even. There many are ways to make her jealous: 1. Laugh at what other girls say Girl love to be funny and they like to see guys laugh. If you, therefore, laugh out loud when talking to other girls, your special one will go crazy. In turn, she will try harder to be the one making you laugh and if she does so, try to ignore her jokes. Only smile a little to acknowledge her, but burst out laughing when another girl makes a joke- even if it’s lame. 2. Compliment the girl seated next to her This will make your girl feel as if she is left out. But your compliments for other girls must not be too crazy. Simply comment on outfits, hair or shoes of another girl in front of your special one. 3. Touch lightly another woman while your girl watches Innocently, get physical with a lady. Be careful though not to go extreme e.g. touching her lower back. The small touches will drive your girl insane with jealousy. 4. Post photos of other girls in your social walls She will go crazy seeing other girls on your Facebook and not herself.

Things to avoid when trying to make your girl jealous

Your aim is to make her show interest in you again as opposed to anger. Here’s what you must not do: Never kiss another woman in front of your girl: she will simply move on and leave you Do not shut her out: if you disregard her completely, she will know you have no interest in her at all. Do not despise her: hurting her feelings through insults will make her angry, not jealous.

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Final word

Do you know the greatest secret behind making a girl like you once again? Do not make your intentions obvious in the beginning. You have to keep that intention a secret until the day you are sure she interested once again. If you ask her out directly, you will not be able to influence her subsequent decisions. Do not leave your aspirations to chance because this might be your last chance to attract the girl. Since girls like dramaand a little confusion, play your cards well in the process of trying to be more than a friend to her. Watch closely the beautiful picture that unfolds, knowing that the ball is in your court. Without expressing your feelings directly, she will start falling in love with you again. Now start on your calculated moves to attract her. Good luck!