Beauty Tips to Promote and Enhance Eyelash Growth

Protect and promote eyelash growth with these tips that work

By Michele
Beauty Tips to Promote and Enhance Eyelash Growth

Beauty of Lashes

It’s the desire of many women to have eyelashes that stand out from others and look attractive. But realistically speaking, not every woman is fortunate enough to have thick, long and healthy eyelashes. To counter this, you can use falsies or apply loads of mascara for a quick fix. There are other temporary fixes out there too, but the results are not satisfactory or accurate each time. 

The main concern is that such solutions will make you happy for a short time only.

Understand this – fake eyelashes and expensive mascaras will not help you in the long run! If you have skimpy eyelashes, all you need to do is have some patience and give this article a good read. 

Eyelashes are a frame for your eyes and without any second opinion, they need to be perfect. But what’s the reason behind thinning eyelashes? Some women genetically have strong hair and hence, their eyelashes are thick and strong. So no issue for them! What about those, who lose the charm of their eyelashes with the passage of time? Well, some obvious reasons can be linked with: medical issues, genetic ailments, intake of certain drugs, aging, trauma and environmental factors.  

Tips for Eyelash Growth

Lesson that you need to learn – protect your eyelashes at every cost!

There are no shortcuts or instant solutions. Let me make it clearer. You take care of your hair and facial skin too. You apply cleansers, toners, masks, moisturizers and a couple of other things on your skin but why? Obviously, to get a flawless and healthy looking skin! In the same manner, you apply natural oils, hair masks, conditioners and shampoos on your hair as well. So why not take proper care of your eyelashes too?

What Is The Cycle Of Eyelash Growth?

Hair, all over our body, grows according to a particular pattern. Under this natural pattern, the length, density, texture and strength of hair varies from one part of the body to another. Talking about our eyelashes, they grow in accordance with their own cycle and go through three different phases before falling. 

According to different statistics, we have nearly 200 hairs on both eyelashes per eye. Lower eyelashes have a little bit less hair than the upper ones. Shedding is a natural process that you cannot gain control over. So it means no matter what you do, you will always keep on losing a few hairs now and then. It becomes alarming once the growth of hair on lashes gets imperfect and the process of shedding is accelerated.    

The complete cycle of eyelash growth is based on a period of two months and over three different stages. During the first stage, known as Anagen phase, eyelashes grow actively for more than a month. Growth stops right after the eyelashes have attained their natural length.  During the second stage, known as Catagen phase, hair follicles start shrinking. Eyelashes start getting weak and it lasts for nearly two weeks. The third and last stage, known as Telogen phase, can last for several weeks – in order to allow fresh hair to grow on the lashes. It is amazing to say here that each hair on our lashes is going through a different growth cycle.

You are growing, keeping and shedding eyelashes at the same time. Nature is amazing! Getting back to the issue of thinning and lifeless eyelashes, we are going to put forward for you authentic tips that will help with your lash growth.

Top 3 Best Serum for Eyelash Growth

Yes, there are serums available for your eyelashes too! Serum helps in repairing collagen and supporting strong eyelashes. Say goodbye to extensions and false eyelashes. Let’s have a look at the best of best.

1. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner


RevitaLash Cosmetics RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, 1.0 ml Trial Size: Luxury Beauty

Our pick for you is, the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner makes your eyelashes healthier, luxurious and even longer than before comes in first here. This award-winning serum is boastful on its ability to enhance eyelash growth and the formula in the serum was developed by an experienced ophthalmologist. 
Applying this serum helps in improving the overall condition of your eyelashes and it also helps in slowing down the Catagen phase, which
 means less breakage due to strong follicles. It’s a unique mixture of green tea extract, biotin, lipids and peptides. These ingredients help in combating cosmetic and environmental damage for healthy and soft lashes.

2. Hydropeptide Lash

                                   HydroPeptide Lash Longer Fuller Lusher Eye Lash, 1 fl. oz.: Luxury Beauty

My second pick for you is – Hydropeptide Lash, which is fragrance-free and totally vegan. It includes a special moisturizing hyaluronic acid which delivers a handsome amount of moisture to your eyelashes. It is also loaded with peptides and biotin. 

This formula fortifies the hair follicles that eventually lead to healthy, long and thick eyelashes. It also contains soybean oil, which helps nourish eyelashes in a natural manner. For best results apply it daily on your eyelashes. 

It’s also somewhat expensive but the results will leave you pleased!

3. Rodan & Fields Enhancements Lash Boost Rodan & Fields Enhancements Lash Boost (5ml/ 0.17 fl oz U.S.): Beauty

My third pick for you is – Rodan & Fields Enhancements Lash Boost, which truly is a promising serum. This serum has also received considerable appreciation from Lisa DeSantis, who is a beauty editor at Health magazine. 

Use this serum for three months at least, before you switch to any other serum. It will help in making the overall condition of your eyelashes better. Just apply it over the upper lashes before sleeping and make sure that you have no makeup on. The enhancers, natural extracts and special ingredients will make your eyelashes naturally healthy.

This expensive serum, before any other, will make a base for strong and healthy eyelashes!

Best Prescription for Eyelash Growth


Latisse is probably the best one. It is approved by FDA for treating weak eyelashes. Basic drug name of this prescription is bimatoprost. Latisse, after regular applications, helps in growing darker, thicker and longer eyelashes. This medication, according to its instructions, is only meant for the upper eyelashes. But the notable part is that you need to use this prescription on regular basis or you will lose the progress.

Be very careful while applying this prescription. Find a calm place and fix your posture, while using Litesse, to avoid itchy or dry eyes. This product is also great for people who have gone through chemotherapy sessions and want their eyelashes back. That said, we will always recommend seeking help from your doctor before using this product.

Best Natural Recipes for Eyelash Growth

Apart from the serum and prescription, you also need to try these amazing natural recipes, without any side effects, to promote healthy eyelashes.

1. Castor Oil Recipe

Castor oil contains fatty acids that help maintain natural health of hair and follicles. Mix two drops of castor oil with one drop of any essential oil, we recommend using Neem oil, and apply this mixture on your eyelashes before sleeping.

2. Shea Butter Recipe

Shea Butter is loaded with vitamin E and A hence, it will support repair and growth of hair while also keeping the follicles healthy. Mix a little amount of Shea butter with few drops of brewed green tea to make a thick paste.

You can try both recipes on alternate days for several weeks and you will get those dense, strong, healthy and long eyelashes. For an easy application use a Q-tip or clean mascara and use only a small amount. You need to take care that the product does not get in your eye.


Now you know how to take care of your eyelashes and prevent any sort of further damage. Apart from these measures, you need to make sure that you take a healthy diet and have an active lifestyle. When you eat clean and healthy, it shows on the outside and in the same manner, when you stay active, your skin, hair and nails start glowing. 

Don’t ever expose eyelashes to heat rays, sweat and excessive eye makeup for a long time and never ever rub your eyes vigorously. Important thing that you need to follow is to remain consistent and show patience, as the obvious results will start appearing after six to eight weeks. Hang in there tight and Happy healing!