20 Cute Ways To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him Without Words

It is not always important to say the three magical words as long as you make your boyfriend believe that you love him the most through your action.

By Sanchari
20 Cute Ways To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him Without Words

Expression of love is a must

Not all guys are expressive and romantic; there are some who loves to keep their emotions and feelings to themselves. Why they do that? Maybe they fear rejection. But, on the other hand, the girls are always expressing themselves and letting the world know how they feel about their boyfriend. Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating because you have been going out with this guy for a long time now. You feel the love that has blossomed between the two of you, but he is not proposing to you. Even some of the married couples also go through the situations where they feel that the love is there between them, but both of them has stopped conveying hat to each other. Love is one emotion that should be expressed more and more. It is one way of making your significant other feel important and wanted. It somehow keeps both of you connected to each other. No matter whether you have just started dating or you have been in a long relationship or you are a married couple. You need to show your boyfriend or husband how much you still love them.

Making your boyfriend feel imperative

It is not easy to understand your boyfriend or for that matter your husband completely. Your relationship is the journey where both of you are traveling towards your destination. As days are passing by, you fathom your partner a little bit better than before. Everything depends on you now, if you want to make your journey interesting and thrilling, then keep the romance alive by surprising him or by making him feel wanted. Mostly, the married couples have this habit of taking each other for granted and they assume that their partner knows how important they are. Even if your boyfriend or husband know that you love him, what’s wrong with expressing it in different ways! Sometimes, when all of a sudden your boyfriend receives a cute text in the middle of the day from you, he will cherish the moment and this simple act of yours will put a broad smile on his face. You don’t have to say “I Love you” to express your love. You can send a text saying you miss him terribly and you can’t wait to meet him again. All of a sudden when he will receive this cute text after a long time, he will definitely enjoy every bit of attention that you are showering on him. These were the things that we used to enjoy when we were dating, right? Then after marriage why did we stop sending these cute messages? It’s okay if your husband is not that romantic type. You can be the one who can rekindle your love by sprinkling a little bit of magic of yours. Here are 20 ways of expressing your love without saying a word.

1. Cook what your boyfriend loves to eat

It is the age-old trick to reach the man’s heart and if you are a good cook, then why you don’t use it to your benefit. Cook him something special that he simply cannot resist. It will show that you took out the time to prepare him his favorite dish. That means you were thinking about him all throughout the day and who wouldn’t like the fact that someone is taking so much of an effort just to please them. Your man will love this gesture and will appreciate your effort and the hidden love that you served him wrapped around in the food.

2. Pen down your thoughts for your love

If you are not good with words, then also it’s ok. What matters the most is your feelings towards your boyfriend, so it really doesn’t matter if you are not able to pen down the thoughts like a poet. As long as you can make sense out of words it is ok. Your feelings are important and writing love letters can never go out of fashion. Try it once and you will be surprised to see how your boyfriend reacts to it. He will be touched by your gesture and not just that he will know how much you love him. You can send him a text as well, but letters are the most romantic way of expressing your love for him. You can prove your love through this cute act. It is a time-consuming affair and if you are taking that much time out for your boyfriend, then you are pretty serious about him or else why would you waste even a single second on someone?

3. Arrange a playlist of songs he loves

You have an idea about the songs he prefers to listen when he is alone or when he is hitting the gym or maybe when he is traveling. Just prepare a playlist for him beforehand and hand it over to him. Don’t forget to include some of your favorites as well that you think he will also love. Music has the power to convey your love without you mincing out the words.

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4. DIY gift for your boyfriend

Are you a creative person? Then, why not use your creativity in preparing something for your boyfriend? You can bring him expensive gifts, but nothing can beat the pleasure of creating something with your own hands. You can keep an eye on what your boyfriend wants. Like if he is misplacing his important documents every now and then, then you can prepare a personalized organizer for him, or if he is looking for a place to keep his glasses, then carve out a wooden glass holder and gift it to him. He will understand that you have a complete knowledge of what is happening in his life and what he wants and when. You are taking a note of every minute detail of his life and are making his life easier. This proves how much you love your boyfriend.

5. Compliment your boyfriend on his looks

Who wouldn’t love to hear compliments on his looks? If someone says that they don’t like it when someone is complimenting on their looks, then they are lying. So, this universal truth applies to your boyfriend as well. Appreciate his dressing sense and his looks genuinely. If a particular color makes him look good and cute, then let him know that. You can also keep staring at him when he is dressing up. Remember, to look away when he catches you staring at him. This flirty eye contact will make him grin and he will understand that you still long for him. When he is all done, then let him know that he is really looking very handsome. You will see how your man blushes and throws a cute smile at you.

6. Put your arms across

Yes, he will ask you about what’s wrong with you and why are you doing this all of a sudden, if you are doing this for the first time. Don’t go by his question, his heart is jumping with joy, so just let it be.

7. Let your boyfriend indulge in something he loves

So, you know that he loves his junk food more than he loves you, but you are not allowing him to eat it. Let him enjoy his meal one day while you join him too. He will be surprised and excited, both at the same time.

8. Point out your boyfriend’s qualities

Once in a while, it is important that you let your boyfriend know why you fell for him for the very first time. Guys like to know why you find them desirable. Just let them know that they have some hidden qualities that don’t come across when he is meeting someone for the first time. But, as you started knowing him up, close, and personal you knew that though he always maintains a tough exterior, he is an owner of a soft and kind heart. He is gullible, so it is important for him to put up a mask so that others don’t penetrate deep into his soul right away. These kinds of words about his personality will be appreciated by him because he will understand that you are able to figure him out correctly. It is not about complimenting him on how he looks. It is about how he is as a human being.

9. Be a fun version of yourself

If you are a nagging and whining type, then ditch your avatar for a day and become a fun loving, chilled out kind of a person. Your boyfriend will be shocked to see this transformation for the first time, but slowly he will start enjoying your cute acts. Sometimes, it is important that you know how to take things slowly and accept life as it comes, rather than being a control freak and ruining everything. You can’t even imagine how happy your boyfriend will be when he comes across your hidden personality. Once in a while, it is good to shock your boyfriend pleasantly. He will know that you are doing all these for him only. He already knows how much you love him, but changing completely for him, even if it is for a day, needs a strong gut and immense love for the person.

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10. You boyfriend enjoys while you brag about him

You can scold him and shout at him for being a nerd or a jerk, but when you are with others, just brag about him. Let the world know that you have the best man by your side. While bragging about him, make sure that your words are reaching his ears as well. The whole idea is to make him feel important, so if he doesn’t listen to all the good things you say about him in front of others, then no use of saying it at all.

11. Under the table love activities

Haven’t you played footsies yet? Then what are you waiting for? Give him a taste of something that he is been missing all these days. There is always a first time and no matter how long you have been married or been together, there is no shying away from the fact that footsies are always welcomed. This is highly effective and you will understand its power by the twinkle in his eyes when you do it for the first time or for the hundredth time. He will look at you with the same astonishment in his eyes.

12. Set your boyfriend free

If your boyfriend wants to spend some time on his own, then set him free and let him enjoy doing what he loves. Not just allow him to do so, but it will be better if you make all the arrangements for his outings. Call his friends over to your house and surprise him and then let him enjoy with his friend while you go out with your girlfriend or your work. He will not only appreciate your cute gesture but will also send a text acknowledging your love. It will prove that he has got your message loud and clear without saying a single word.

13. Share the screen with your love

When he is around, you can just put on his favorite movie and watch it together. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, what matters the most is his expression that will prove he understood your message.

14. Something to remember your love

When you are selecting a gift or something for your boyfriend then make sure that you do it with utter care. If you want him to remember you whenever he looks at this gift, then you will have to put in a good amount of thinking before buying the gift. You can either gift him a watch or a plant because they are long-lasting. Every time he will look at his watch, it will remind him of all the good times he had and if it is a plant, then its greenery will brighten up his room just like you. It should be something that symbolizes your love for him. It should bring in good memories in his mind whenever he looks at it.

15. Give him some confidence

If you see that your boyfriend is all tensed and stressed out, then the best thing to do is to cheer him up. Give him some pep talk and make him realize his potential and why he shouldn’t take the stress. This will prove your love for him because we only care for the person whom we love dearly. When you stand by him during his tough time, he will truly realize your importance and how helpless he will be if you are not here by his side supporting him through thick and thin.

16. Never try to change your love

Why do you need to change the way your boyfriend is? You fell in love with this person and now if you are changing him completely, then that means your preferences have changed and now you no longer love him as you used to do. If you have accepted him for so long, then what is the need to change him all of a sudden? It proves that you are not in love with him anymore. If you want to convey this message, then you can go ahead and ask him to change. But, if you want him to realize your love for him, then let him be. He was your choice sometimes back, so have faith in your choice. He won’t let you down.

17. Stay close to his heart

A heart will always be a heart, no matter whether it is in the body of a woman or a man. It will beat in the same manner and will react likewise as well. So, if your heart beats faster when you see him, then it will happen to him as well. Listen to what his heart has to say. If you can understand what he wants to say without him saying a word, then you are really close to him and it also proves how much you love him.

18. Send him a cute love text

If you are working and all of a sudden you feel the urge to talk to him or express your love for him, then you can send a quick text and let him know that you were thinking about him. There are times when we really miss our partners, but how many times have we expressed our feelings right away? If you are sending it for the first time, then you can be rest assured about one thing and that is he will jump out of joy when he receives your text. It is a proof of your love and how he is on your mind always.

19. Don’t change yourself drastically

If you have found your true love, then neither you will ask your boyfriend to change for you nor will your boyfriend ask you to make adjustments to fit the bill. Both of you will accept each other the way you both are. This proves that love conquers all.

20. Ask him right questions

If you have just started dating, then it is imperative that you ask each other question. If our boyfriend is not that communicative, then prod him with your questions. It proves your interest for the guy and he will also start reciprocating the same feelings. Questions help you know the other person better and if you are contemplating a serious relationship, then he should trust your love and acknowledge your love for him.

Final thoughts

You have tried every possible thing to let your boyfriend know how much you love him. But, if he still is ignorant, then it is better to blurt it out rather than dropping hints. Though it is advisable that you first try these steps and see how he reacts because sometimes boys play hard to get to see till which extent you will go to prove your love for him.


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