20 Clear Signs You've Fallen In Love With Your Best Friend

Not sure if you've fallen in love with your best friend? Check the signs you are exhibiting to see if you are in love with your best friend!

By Rebecca L
20 Clear Signs You've Fallen In Love With Your Best Friend

20 Clear signs that will help you realize you truly love your best friend

"Going into my senior year of nursing school at the University of Pennsylvania, I decided to switch it up and write a music blog. I made weekly playlists, reviewed shows around Philly, and interviewed members of music groups on campus. I told a friend that I wanted to interview local musicians and she instantly suggested contacting JD. Instead of doing the interview through email or over the phone, we decided to meet up at a coffee shop downtown. On a perfect September day, we sat outside on the corner of 21st and Chestnut. What started out as an interview turned into the most natural and organic conversation. That was the day I met my best friend and future husband. I currently write this from our kitchen table in Nashville as JD works on a new song. Music is powerful! Pursue what you love and the right person to love will also come along."

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There is this one friend that you've been going out and spending time with that you can't quit thinking about them, and you don’t still know the reason. You always treated him like your brother, and that starts to change. Well, the fact remains that you are falling in love with them. Even if it’s a guy or girl, it's so natural to fall in love with your best friend regardless of the possibility that you're not sexually attracted to them. Here are a few signs that show you might actually be falling in love with your best friend. See them below:

You value him/her

In most situations, you will find yourself doing things for the guy that you cannot do for your other friends. Small gifts, little kindness, little jokes, he can have whatever he needs from you. Your happiness connects with his own, anytime he is happy, you’re also happy. And so you wouldn't see any problems with going that extra mile, just to fill his heart with joy and make him smile.

Spend late nights together in his bed

I'm teaming up with the talented photographer @byerinp (erinpearlman.com) to bring you guys a new series called "Love on a Sunday." We're going into couples homes and documenting how they spend their Sundays together! Here's our first story: Natalie: "We met when my roommate, Skye, was having drinks with these two guys who work at a talent agency. Skye texted me saying, 'come meet us at Honor Bar.' So I went wearing a really weird outfit- I was in a buttoned up denim shirt and hair in a bun. I was kind of rude to them. I was like, "Oh what big ten schools did you two go to?" Then I had a full chicken sandwich and a martini, and when the check came I said, "I'm not paying, AND I want valet money." Zach "I was thinking who is this crazy person? What a ballsy decision! If it were a first date, it would be one thing." Natalie: "It was not a date, nor was I invited." Zach: "She likes to make statements. It was more on the surface of 'I know these kinds of people and don't like them.' It was her way of saying, "I don't care about you guys thinking your life is a certain way." Natalie: "Yeah, it was more I don't care about your existence and don't want to validate you." Zach: "Then a few weeks later, my friend Brian who's a mutual friend of ours, texted me at 6:30PM on a Friday and said, "Do you want to come to this dinner party with me tonight? Well the dinner party was at Natalie and Skye's house. I knew Skye but didn't really think about who her roommate was or that it was Natalie. It was kind of just random." Natalie: "What's disturbing to me is why you didn't have plans at 6:30PM on a Friday." (They Laugh.) Zach: "It's interesting because of how spontaneous that decision was. Because 9 times out of 10, most people would be like, "No, I can't. I'm hanging with my boy from Encino tonight." Natalie: "To come alone to a dinner party is bold." Zach: "It's always THOSE nights when you meet someone, because you're going into it completely open-minded." * Full story on www.thewaywemet.com/blog

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No matter how close you both are with your friend, there should be boundaries. A visible and noticeable sign to show that you are in love with your best friend is when you both cross the line of distance. For instance, if the both of you are always doing the “love thing”, such as lying in his bed, holding each other close when watching movie, preparing his breakfast, you have to ask yourself whether this acts is still with the normal friendship or whether this is on the grounds that you're hoping he will, in the end, make a move on you.

You send a text always

All best friends text each other, however, do you end up sending him/her messages all the time? You send a text message in the morning when you wake, and also in the evening before you go to sleep. Obviously you constantly have something to say to him/her, Or, on the other hand, you want to share everything about your life with them. Texting your best friend always makes you to share everything about your life to them, and they also return this gesture by sharing what’s going on with their life with you.

You give absolute attention

(1/2) "We met when we were 16 in a liquor store parking lot- a popular hangout for high schoolers. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my friend's car when Andrew peeked his head in. "Hi," he said. "Hi," I blushed. His long hair and chestnut eyes made my stomach drop. The next day we became friends on Facebook and started talking, but it was never anything more than a friendly conversation because I had a boyfriend. We remained friends all throughout high school. He would joke about us being meant to be, but always respected my relationship. After high school, he moved to Colorado and I went away to school. We would catch up on the phone every so often and update each other on life. He would tell me about the mountains and invite me to visit, but I would always kindly decline. My junior year, I ended the 5 year relationship with my high school sweetheart and began dating someone new. Andrew and I lost touch for years after that. My summer going into senior year, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It became so severe that I was unable to return back to school in the fall. While all my friends were going back to finish up senior year, I was fighting my way through a new diagnosis that I felt completely defenseless to. To top it off, my boyfriend who I had been dating for a year and a half at the time suddenly ended our relationship. I was devastated and heartbroken. Everything I knew in life had changed. People I knew suddenly felt like strangers. My own mind felt like it was turning on me. I was terrified. The only thing that made me feel safe was my ex and I no longer had him to lean on. I guess when your world is spinning, you fail to realize that others get dizzy from watching you. That even your life raft can sink beneath your weight. I spent a full year after that on a journey to self recovery. On the one year anniversary of my breakup, I decided to get a tattoo to represent managing my struggles with mental health. It says, "You are your best thing" in my mother's handwriting. Not even an hour after the appointment, I ran into an unexpected old friend on the street. I could spot those chestnut eyes from a mile away. Andrew."

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In the past, you never cared about their actions, but suddenly you are interested in every little thing they do—their characters, reactions, the way they act, you are interested in everything that concerns them. Incredibly, you're likewise finding things about him that you happen to like, that you never noticed before now.

You meet anytime without having a reason

You get to meet him always without having any reason because his thought runs through your mind. You are regularly run errands with him, fix flat tyres together, everything becomes much easier because he is like your brother; you feel comfortable with him and he will never judge you for being weird.

You spend most of your day with him/her

You spend most of your day with him and he knows everything about your day, every bad mood, mood swing, all your actions because he’s your best friend! Spending most of your day with him, in all actuality, means you want him to know, with the expectation that he could maybe figure out how to admire your little quirks as well.

You see his hugs as a different one

The usual hugs that used to be the casual now feel much warmer to you, and you wouldn't see any problems if it lasts a little longer. You've likewise become more conscious and can feel his touch. Tension begins to grow in you, and this is what you’ve been avoiding, but your body speaks a different language. These are called internal battles.

You get to stare at your best friend for long and you love it

Whenever you are with you best friend, it is a normal thing to talk to them eye to eye. But do you look them in the eyes for a long time? If you at the type that cannot stop staring at your best friend, then that person is no longer your best friend. You are in love with your best friend, and you need to reconsider your feelings for them.

You take alcohol so you may call or text them

"I've always been a romantic at heart but could never find the right feelings or the right woman. I was always told, “When its right you’ll know" or “You just haven’t found the one yet.” There were a lot of stepping stones to get to where I am now. It took a lot of positive and negative experiences to make me realize what type of woman I wanted to marry and also, what type of man I wanted to be for my wife. There is an old phrase Mormon people love that says, "Marry at the right time, in the right place, to the right person." In all of my years of dating, it never felt quite “right,” and some of that may have had to do with me. I would tell myself I wasn't ready for such a big commitment, yet I longed for a deep connection with someone. My sister kept pushing me to write to Alicia, a friend she had met on her church service mission. She only had a couple of months left so I didn’t think there was a point for me to bother writing. Plus it felt way out of my comfort zone. But it wasn't hard for my sister to convince me because based on appearances, Alicia was beautiful and I was smitten. When Alicia returned home, I took her out on our first date for sushi. We were engaged, planning our future together, and married 18 weeks later. Everything I had been told about finding the right person finally made sense. Alicia is everything I've ever wanted in a spouse, and I knew it immediately. She is smart, dedicated, funny, loving, inspiring, beautiful, and spiritual. She makes me want to work harder and be a better man at home."

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Our true emotion and intention appear whenever we are drunk, and we will always want to share this with the person concerned. So many people have once woke to check their phone, only to see the mistakes they made the previous night while they were drunk. Whenever you are drunk, and you always wanted to text or call someone, at that point, it actually shows how you feel about the person.

You tell them any bad news first

There are several situations in life when things are not going right and we get bad news. There is someone we need to talk to or seek their advice. If this best friend is always there to support you and give you a shoulder to cry on, at that point you both love each other. Your best friend makes sure you are always happy, and this is what they do best – always there for you when you need them.

You are always jealous when they're in love with someone else

Today's #loveonasunday post features the very in love and adorable couple Michael & Sofia. Shot and composed by the amazingly talented @byerinp Sofia: The first time I met Michael was in 2013, but I don't remember meeting him. I met him again at school in 2014 not knowing that we had previously met, but there was something about him that reminded me of Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec. So I automatically started calling him Chris Pratt. He thought that was kind of curious and 2 weeks into school he said, "You do know my name is Michael, right?" And then he started calling me Aubrey Plaza (who is also a character on parks and rec.) * Michael: So the very first time we met, we were at an artist summer camp at CSU Monterey Bay. We met very briefly, but I remembered her. Then 2 years later, we ended up at the same acting conservatory. I remembered meeting her but for the first 6 months she had no recollection of meeting me, which was pretty funny. And it’s a year later, a year and half, really, and I think it’s been golden so far. Sofia: I’m trying to get him to cry. Michael: She’s trying to get me to cry. Sofia: He’s been trying to cry but hasn’t cried yet. Michael: I’m due for a really good cry in life. You know what I mean? Where I’m just like sobbing. Sofia: You were really affectionate with me last night when we were sleeping. Michael: Was I? Sofia: Yeah, you kissed me while we were sleeping! And then we cuddled a lot. Sofia: Our biggest struggle is Michael doesn’t like to talk about his feelings, and I do, so we have to figure out the balance. Eventually he does. Michael: I can’t do it on the spot. I need time to cool down. I have to ponder things. Sofia: It’s so hard for both of us. Do you know how hard it is to wait and not talk about it and not solve the problem right away? And go a whole day trying to not think about it? Michael: But she knows how much I appreciate it. Sofia: Well I just know it’s not going to work if I pressure him. You can’t pressure someone into explaining how they feel when they’re not ready. The rest of the story is up on www.thewaywemet.com/blog (link also in bio)

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Whenever you are discussing with your best friend, and they mention their crush, do you get jealous? Do you need them to avoid that cute girl/guy? Have you at any point attempted to tell stories to ruin the impression of the girl/guy your best friend talks about? If all of these questions is a 'yes,' then you have certainly fallen in love with your best friend. Because it is only when you love someone, that you wouldn’t want to share that person with anyone else.

You cannot imagine them not in your life

Have you ever had the thought of how life would be without your ‘best friend’? Would you be able to accept the fact that they are married to another person? Would you also be able to get married to another person? If you think all of these things cannot be possible, then it’s obvious you are in love with your best friend

You value your friend’s happiness

"Our story starts before we were born. Our grandparents went to high school together and were best friends. They grew up and had kids- our parents- who also became best friends. So I technically met my fiancée when she was four and I was only a couple months old. As kids, our families would get together and our parents would force us to take pictures together. I remember I would push my brother out of the way just so I could stand next to her for the photo. Then as teenagers we dated for two years and when I was 17, I went and bought the engagement ring. When I arrived at her house with the ring in my pocket and the speech prepared in my head, she broke the news to me that she wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. So we split up and went our separate ways. I tried selling the ring but no one would buy it. We were both involved in other relationships over the years, but somehow would always find ourselves drifting back to one another. A little over a year ago she surprised me in Nashville and we spent the weekend together falling in love in a whole new way. Then a couple months later she asked me to move to Florida and I did. Now I'm 22 and she's 27 and we're engaged. I finally get to live out the same dream I've had since I was a little kid- to wake up next to her every morning."

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It is actually a good thing that after such a long time of care and concern, it is gradually transforming into love. If you value your friend’s happiness more than your own, it shows how much you love him or her! If you can do anything to gain your friend’s happiness, it means you are already falling in love that friend. What else would make you go extra mile for a friend if not love!

You tell them first the good news

There has always been a time in our lives where we all have once received good news. There is always somebody that you need to share it with, and the first person you tell is presumably somebody extremely important to you. In this way, if you get good news and the first person you call is your best friend, it means they are special to you!

You begin to think about marrying them

"I met Patrick in a not so typical way- I was actually taking my cat to the vet. While I was waiting to go in for our appointment, in walks my future husband. I know it sounds cliché, but time stood still. We both looked at each other, smiled, and then I looked away but I could still feel him staring at me. He then walked over and introduced himself. I never believed in love at first sight until that moment. We talked until my name was called but before I entered the vet's office, he asked me to have dinner with him. We had our first date that night and have been together ever since. That was in November of 2011. In June of 2015, as we were driving back to Chicago from our vacation in Florida, we stopped in Nashville. Our dream has always been to pursue music together in Nashville so it's a tradition of ours to stop there whenever we're passing through. Patrick surprised me and made reservations at the most amazing restaurant. Then after dinner he had another surprise - he rented out the Grand Ole Opry to have just to ourselves to walk around. There he got down on one knee and proposed. It was totally unexpected as I didn't think he was going to propose for a few more years. I later found out that he designed the ring after only 2 weeks of us dating. He even showed me the date on the receipt to prove it. It just confirms what I knew from the beginning- It was love at first sight."

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Those silent thought of yours, things you will never speak out - are bound to happen. Whenever you are with your best friend, and you think of marrying someone like him/her, this means you are absolutely in love with them.

You start caring about how you look when you are with them

The moment you start caring about how you look when you are with your best friend means something has changed. A new feeling is born, and you begin to check yourself and think about what they feel when they are with you. You begin to show off in nice clothes, just for him/her to notice you. When you do things like this, then you’re definitely in love with your friend.

You search for them in the crowd

If you are out with your friends and get mixed up in a crowd and you start searching for that particular best friend, it shows you have a special feeling for that person, the kind of feeling you don’t have for the rest of your friends.

You know what’s running through each other's mind.

Even before your friend says any word, you know what they want to say by just looking at their face. Most times you can talk to each other simultaneously, at the same time responding and listening to the questions exchanged between you. To some other people, it looks like you’re interrupting each other. But you both understand how you talk to each other. You guys are like brothers and sisters. When these things happen, you need to check your feelings

You see your best friend in your dream

"It was during the thick of the recession and I had hit rock bottom. I had no job, I lost my apartment, and was living somewhere between my car and grandma's couch, while trying to salvage what was left of my life. My mom, who always said she'd find my husband for me, set me up on a job interview for an opening at a wine bar. I met the manager of the wine bar on a street corner (his idea.) The second we met, my whole world was altered. We became great friends and realized our paths had crossed countless times over the years. Our chemistry was so inherent but over my dead body would I ever date my boss. So, instead, I took a bold risk and wrote probably the worst notice ever: "Thanks for the opportunity, but I'd rather date my boss than work for him." He took me out that night and three years later we're still going strong."

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Nobody truly knows what most dreams means. However it's difficult to argue the fact that if one person keeps appearing in your dream, it means you’re probably thinking about them. And when you think about someone, it is a sign that you love them

Your friend remain your best motivator

He can tolerate you, advice, and still be there to motivate you every time. You can always reach him on phone even if you can’t see him physically. If you get motivation from this person and also trust him to assist you in all rough situations, then he is the right person for you. He’s truly got you!

It's all emotion. It is okay to love your best friend.

What if all of these points are true and you are actually in love with your best friend. What would you do in this situation? Is it a brotherly/sisterly love, or are you looking for something more? You need to be very careful and act wisely, one thing that is worse than breaking up with your lover, is losing your best friend.