How To Flirt With A Girl Through Online Platforms The Right Way

Ever wondered how to flirt with a girl through different online platforms? Keep reading to get examples on how to tactfully flirt with a girl online.

By Megan Kellstadt
How To Flirt With A Girl Through Online Platforms The Right Way

The art of flirting

Have you ever found yourself liking a girl that you just met and she asks to add you on Facebook? You may have had a great first meeting, had a few short conversations in person, but it's going nowhere online. What do you do? How do you get her attention? Luckily, social networking sites like Facebook have made flirting with a girl very easy. Keep reading to find some tips on how to flirt with a girl through online platforms. There's no official class on flirting, but these few tips will help you become a pro, or at least look like one.

In case you didn't know, flirting is an art form. You want to be considered a smooth, debonair gentleman. You also want to be sure that she knows you are flirting with her, rather than just being nice and giving a polite compliment. Back when our parents were our age they would have to flirt with a girl in person, which can be a bit intimidating at first because you don't know how she will receive your advances. Will she will flirt back? Maybe you'll forget what you want to say, leaving you stuttering and stammering rather than actually speaking. Don't worry too much though, you're in luck! Nowadays, we have this awesome thing called the internet, which has created a safe zone so you can flirt with a girl online without all the anxiety that comes along with it. However, online flirting is also an art form all of its own. There are a few different rules you should follow so that you do not come off as incompetent, as well as some guidelines you should take note of if you want a girl to keep talking to you after you start flirting. But the most important thing to remember is to be yourself! This is the only way to have a successful, happy, and most importantly genuine relationship with someone.

Where to flirt with a girl online

Flirting through online platforms creates a safe zone, a space where you can be yourself without worrying about looking funny or awkward pauses in conversation. You might find that you have less anxiety and that it's easier to approach a girl online. There are many different platforms online to connect with a girl. The internet has allowed people from opposite sides of the world to talk to each other, sometimes even face to face through video call. So it's no surprise that it has become a way for us to get into the flirting game when someone we fancy crosses our path. There are many different places to find people to converse with online, but there are a few platforms that are more popular and easier for flirting.

Popular online platforms

Some of the more popular platforms are dating apps like OkCupid or Plenty of Fish. The flirting tips in this article will also apply when you message a girl on these platforms. More than likely, the girl of your dreams is not on these apps. But you might be able to find her on things like Reddit or Instagram. Both of these platforms are good choices for connecting with a girl. Instagram is all about pictures. This allows you to write witty comments and send flirty messages. Most times, your comments will be public for everyone to see but you can also send special flirty messages directly so only she will see them. But be sure to not overdo it; you don't want to be seen as a creeper! Reddit would allow you to interact in a more conversational way. Message boards are a good way of getting to know a girl on a somewhat more personal level. Or you can keep it light and friendly. It all depends on the topic of discussion.

Facebook: main platform for online flirting

Facebook is the easiest and probably most popular platform to flirt with a girl online. It's a great social network that combines many features such as videos, images, and comment sections. But it has this great messaging app which makes it easy to send private flirty texts. As with everything, there is a right way and a wrong way to flirt on Facebook with a girl. Below are a few tips on what to do and what not to do.

Example: the right way to flirt with a girl on Facebook

I'm not saying a poke war would work, but it is kind of a fun and flirty way to get a girl's attention on Facebook. However, if she doesn't reciprocate don't keep poking her. You don't want to annoy her and ruin your chances. An example of the right way to flirt on Facebook would be to comment on a girl's pictures. If you give a small, polite compliment and maybe even use an emoji or two, you'll start to catch her attention. But be careful, you don't want to comment on every picture or post she has online. You just want to be visible throughout the week. This lets a girl know that you are noticing her and she's in your thoughts. This is something she'd like to know. If she posts article links or a status you could like them and even write a little comment on them. This is a good way to get a discussion going between you two. If you are really daring, you can post something to her page. Or even tag her in a meme you found that was funny or cute. There are many avenues for flirting on Facebook! It is all about the way you approach it.

More ways to get a girls attention

Another way to get a girl's attention is to send her messages with things that remind you of her. For example, send her a meme you find funny or pertains to a conversation you both had not too long ago. If you find an interesting article and would like her opinion on it, this opens a doorway for more in-depth conversation. But use this tactic sparingly. You don't want to give the impression that you want just a textual relationship. If you start to talk more often through messages, think about asking her to meet in person so you can discuss things further. This will let her know that you are interested in more than just being her friend.

Example: The wrong way to flirt with a girl on Facebook

An example of the wrong way to flirt with a girl on Facebook would be sending a girl message after message even when she doesn't respond. When doing this, you just come off as desperate. No girl likes a desperate date. Another big no-no is to continue messaging a girl even after she has refused your advances once before. If you continue to message her, it shows that you do not listen very well to what she is saying. You might have a chance if you take your time and maybe approach her differently at a later date. She might be more receptive later on due to many different factors, but if you do not take this advice and just keep sending her messages, you will ruin any chance you might have had with her.

The most annoying way to flirt online with a girl

One of the most annoying online forms of flirting is to befriend a random girl from one of your mutual friends lists and start messaging her. Do not do this! You will come off as a total creep. You want to be someone this girl will meet in person after connecting online. If you just add her with no formal introduction, she is going to be a little wary of you right from the start. All of these methods discussed above will scare a girl away, so take it slow and be sure to flirt the right way.

Basic rules to online flirting

Be polite. This is crucial if you want a girl to talk to you, make small talk at first but build on that and eventually ask more in-depth questions. You have her entire Facebook profile to look at, it's where a girl posts things that she finds interesting. Use what you find on it to start a conversation. You can make conversation with a girl by commenting on an article she posted. Typically, you would want to agree with her if it's something that deals with debate but sometimes disagreeing can work in your favor. A girl will see that you are your own person, you have your own ideas and aren't afraid of voicing them to her. People don't always like to be in constant agreement, so having differences is a good thing too. Another big part of flirting online with a girl is to use proper grammar and spelling. I cannot emphasize this point enough! We are blessed to live in an age where we have autocorrect and easy access to spellcheck. You will be ten times more attractive to a girl when you use proper grammar and spelling. It will make you look like a more well-rounded individual and it shows that you actually care about communicating with her.

Flirting online is just the beginning

Once you break the ice with some light flirting online and develop a bond with a girl, you are ready to bring your connection from the online world to the real world. No one wants to have just a textual relationship; in-person interactions are important too. It may be a bit nerve-wracking at first, but there are ways to ease the tension in the beginning. You can start by meeting up with groups of friends and doing activities together. This allows you both to be somewhat relaxed because you are around those you are familiar with and other people can help break the anxiety by adding to conversations. Just be sure not to ignore her all night, you want to talk with her and include her in your conversations as much as possible. Once you're comfortable with each other, you can then move on to solo dates with just you and her. You've flirted online with this girl so taking that into the real world shouldn't be too difficult. It's just the next natural step. Flirting online can be a lot of fun, but relationships only really grow when they are cultivated by in-person interactions.