20 Best Scenic Places for the Best Couple Vacations

Introducing best scenic places to go for couple vacations

By Michele
20 Best Scenic Places for the Best Couple Vacations

There are numerous destinations around the globe that serve as a perfect vacation resort for couples.

Taking a trip to a scenic destination, with your loved one, can be a lifetime memory. For that, you need to make sure that the vacation is well planned and all the necessary arrangements have been made. Planning a trip carefully will save you from uninvited trouble and as a result make your trip stress free and enjoyable.

I am going to put forward 20 best scenic places for you to choose from. I am hopeful that it will get easier for you to choose the best resort. You can go have fun on the beach and unwind or you can go for an adventure for some adrenaline rush or you can enjoy staying at a hotel and relaxing with nice views. It’s all about your preference.

Best 20 Couple Vacations Ideas

Being in a relationship and travelling with your partner, who is also fond of travelling, can help you: explore new places, meet new people, try different cuisines and have fun! Domestic or international, there are numerous destinations that you can explore.

While traveling, you will come across a different side of your partner that you were totally unaware of before. As every experience is new and refreshing it will help in strengthening your bond. Couples who travel together have a romantic and adventurous kind of chemistry, which never ever fades away.

Let’s have a look at the list of some scenic and interesting couple vacation spots that, I have fished for you.

Cheap Couple Vacation Ideas

Low on budget, but want to have a wonderful vacation? Worry not; I have shared the best cheap couple's vacation ideas here for you. There is a lot that you can do without disturbing your finances.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii! Is it a cheap vacation place for couples? Yes, actually it is not an expensive destination at all. It all depends on how you plan your trip.  Ranked as one of the best scenic places for couples, you can book a cheap hotel and have an amazing trip. There are hundreds of different vacation activities to choose from in Hawaii. You can visit the islands for snorkeling, whale watching, hiking, camping, massage therapy, stage shows, beach parties and much more. Each island has its own distinct culture.

2. Tulum

Looking for a tropical, yet a cheap, vacation then Tulu is another hot spot in Mexico. There is a lot to do, without losing a fortune, like: visiting scenic beaches, ancient ruins of Mayan, going for snorkeling in a sinkhole made of limestone, exploring the jungles, living in a wooden hut and much more. It is certainly heaven for those who love sun, sand, and sea.

3. Ecuador

All set for an amazing adventure on a very low budget? If yes, then Ecuador is the right option for you. Though it’s a small location, but it’s bustling with life. You can visit the Galapagos Islands and see the amazing volcanic chain and even swim with the friendly sea lions. If you love biking, you can go for mountain biking on the Cotopaxi volcano – one of the active volcanoes. There is also an amazing Amazon rain forest to explore. For souvenirs, you can head to Otavalo Market – the largest market of South America.

4. Jamaica

It’s another amazing Caribbean destination. It is totally a budget-friendly spot where you can spend quality time with your loved one. Make sure that you skip any high-end resorts while planning a cheap vacation. For couples, there are special private day trips through which they can enjoy: scenic waterfalls, bobsledding, zip lining, bamboo rafting, hiking and much more.

Romantic Couple Vacation Ideas

Nature is amazing! Mother earth never tends to disappoint us. I have chosen the best romantic couple vacation ideas that will help you make passionate memories for a lifetime.  

5. Finland

Plan your trip to Finland during the autumn and experience the romantic side of this location. For a unique experience, book an igloo and see the dancing northern lights and you will be left mesmerized. You can even go for a ski tour, a safari journey or local destination tours. During summers the sun is up during the night and it leaves the travelers much amazed. For an ultimate spa experience, you can go to Helsinki and feel relaxed.

6. Seychelles

It is a group of several islands located in the Indian Ocean. A total romantic getaway for couples from the hectic city life! You can rent: a yacht, a private island or a complete tour. Couples need privacy and such packages are great deals for them.  Don’t forget to visit the amazing Anse Source D’ Argent Beach to spend some romantic time together and become a part of interesting beach activities.

7. Kauai

Another romantic heaven for the tropic lovers! This place is loaded with mesmerizing waterfalls and rainforests where you can spend quality time together. You can also become a part of fun-filled and adventurous activities like: kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and zip-lining. The perfect place for couples is the South Shore area.

8. Italy

Italy will never leave you disappointed. The glorious Tuscan sun will follow you everywhere and make your trip a passionate memory to cherish for life. Do opt for a romantic gondola journey in Venice, see the amazing Italian culture and architecture, visit the Amalfi coast for quaint scenes and fine dining and explore Lake Como for a dreamy retreat.

9. Australia

The only country in the world that is also a continent – needs to be explored by couples. The prime location is the Great Barrier Reef where couples can spend a lot of romantic time together. Apart from the coastal cities, you need to visit Bedarra Island – famous for its rainforest.

10. Bora Bora

It is a part of the islands located in French Polynesia. A perfect romantic location for the couples who want to see white sand beaches, greenish blue sea water, swaying coconut palms and colorful hibiscus flowers. There are different types of villas to choose from, all of them are luxurious in their own manner. Like other tropical locations, Bora Bora also offers water-related exciting and fun-filled activities.

11. London

For a romantic trip, there are several choices to pick from while visiting London. Do visit the Hyde Park and the champagne bar located in St. Pancras Renaissance London hotel. It is known as the most romantic structure in London. You can also visit the Notting Hill, Grand Canal and may be the Buckingham palace too.

12. Ireland

This emerald isle is blooming with romance in the air. You can visit art galleries, fine restaurants or opt for a bus tour to see what Ireland is all about. Your romantic journey won’t be complete without visiting the ancient East Side known for its castles, heroes, kinds and kings.

Couple Vacations Travel Ideas in USA

Why U.S.A? Because it’s fascinating! There are thousands of locations in US that you need to visit once. You know of all the famous and happening places right? So, I will share a few distinct, couple vacations travel ideas in USA.

13. Napa – California

Who doesn’t love to see cozy wine hollows, modish restaurants, rolling vineyards and much more? It’s a perfect place for couples, who enjoy wine tasting.

14. Sedona – Arizona

Lush pine forests and striking red rocks make Sedona an amazing dessert town. Go have a fine picnic with your loved one in the Red Rock State Park and enjoy the striking sunset.

15. Maggie Valley – North Carolina

It’s an amazing place for couples, who want to spend some time in a tranquil town. You can visit the magical waterfalls, experience local nightlife and have the time of your life.

16. Chincoteague Island – Virginia

Clean, quiet and scenic beaches! You will love sitting on the beach and seeing the sun set with your partner.  It’s a perfect location for nature lovers.

17. Sag Harbor – New York

It is a lively small town famous for its traditional food and refined wine. Go with your loved one to see the pretty beach and enjoy decadent hot chocolate.

18. Aspen – Colorado

It’s a pure romantic place for couples who love snow related adventures. The mountain views are stunning around the mount Aspen. During summers, you can go for water rafting and similar activities.

19. Jackson – Wyoming

Fan of the old Wild West? For sure it’s an amazing place for couples who love tough cocktails, fine dining, horse rides, waterfall hikes and wildlife.

20. Mendocino – California

Mendocino will leave you pleased with its amazing: friendly restaurants, art galleries, towering redwoods and coastal cliffs. Do explore the area on the Skunk Train followed by a dinner for two with local wines.

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I have tried my best to come up with some interesting and different places to visit with your loved one. But again take my reminder on; planning your trip ahead, saving money, doing some research about the destination and doing everything on time. Trust me, you will save yourself time and money both and be able to make the most out of your romantic getaway. In the end, you need to make some good memories and leave all the stress, of daily life, behind.

I hope you have an incredible, romantic and fun-filled vacation. Bon Voyage!