20 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Head Over Heels In Love With You

Does your girlfriend love you back? Do she feels the same for you? Get your answers from these twenty signs if she is in love with you or not.

By Tanaya Nath
20 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Head Over Heels In Love With You

20 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Head Over Heels In Love With You

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It’s exciting how much you love her. Your heart flutters every time you think of her. But does your girlfriend loves you back? Do she feels the same for you? Or is she having just a crush on you and she is dating someone else secretly while she is trying to figure it out. Sometimes, it is hard to figure out if your girlfriend feels the same way for you. It is often hard to let someone know how you feel about them. Men are usually scared of rejection and take Love seriously. Still They Try. So, to keep your actually pretty fragile heart from being crushed by a brutal rejection, make sure that the girl of your dreams, or your ongoing girlfriend reflects your feeling before taking a leap forward. Sometimes, you might notice that your just friend is giving out signals you can’t really understand. You feel something strange between you two but still you just can’t jump to a conclusion because she is not like any other girl friend. However, there are ways to know if she is head over heels in love with you.

1. Her Friends Already Know You

Have you ever had a feeling that her friends know you already, even when it’s the first time you are meeting them? Not literally, but they have heard a lot about you from her. It is one among many signs that she is head over heels in love with you. You will keep getting knowing glances from them and you will be surprised about how much they know about you even when you haven’t met before. It is because your girlfriend must have briefed them and almost all of them must have been to your social networking profiles already. They stalk you because they want to test if your are right for her. They care for her and she is totally in love with you and hence you matter to them as well. Sometimes her friends will look at you with despise and scrutiny even when it is for the first time you are meeting them. Still they react strangely. It might be because they resent you for taking away all the attention of your friend from them. They don’t think you are worth her efforts that she is putting in you.

2. You Get Steely Stares From Her Friends

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Now, the situation is you have met her friends a few times and you often or sometimes get to see them at social gatherings. You are buffaloed on the steely stares they keep giving you in between. That must be because she keeps blabbering about you to them all the time. She can’t seem to shut up about the common interests that you share or the funny joke you shared with her which is not really funny at all. Chances are she might still be talking to them about something you did or said. They give you steely eye glances because even with them, she is more of your girlfriend than their friend. It’s not just their annoyance but their envy as well that reflects in their steely gaze. This is another of the signs that she is head over heels in love with you.

3. Your Girlfriend Develops Sudden New Favorites

You have known your girlfriend for a long time and now you feel as if you haven’t really known her. You find her favorite sport is same as yours and she seems to be knowing every detail about it. Not just that, she seems to enjoy your favorite shows, your type of movies and knows almost every gossip and statistics of your favorite celebrity. She is head over heels in love with you if this happens. Moreover, now she remembers all the schedule of the shows and the sports you like watching and she even watches the repeat telecasts and highlights with you with the same vigor as you. She seems to remember every technical details and terms of the games and you are surprised at her knowledge. Well, it is a sure sign that she loves you a lot and she is trying to impress you and get your attention. She wants you to feel connected to you. She wants you to know that she is your soulmate. So, don’t wait or hesitate in letting her know how you feel about her, that is, if you love her as well.

4. She Squeals A little Too Loudly At Your Shared Interest

She walks into your room and finds a magazine or a CD of a movie that she likes and squeals loudly. You find it odd because you haven’t noticed her squealing so loudly before at anything. Well, it is a sign that she is totally into you. In your every interest that matches hers, she is seeing a sign, an omen that you two belong together. The fact that her favorite band is your favorite as well, you like the same movies as her, your idea of vacation is the kind she enjoys, it is all a signal to her that you are her soulmate. And she is finding is extremely exciting that nature has put you both together. It might not be so, still it feels like that to her. It is because she is head over heels in love with you and she sees these shared interest as a positive sign to her feelings.

5. It's Love If She Notices Every Single Detail About You

It will be easier to know her feelings if she compliments boldly about your lips looking very desirable today or about your beautiful looking eyes. But a smitten woman offers hints very subtly. She will take notice of every little things about you, even the tiniest hidden mole on your chin. For example you have just got a haircut that is hardly noticeable to anyone but your girlfriend has taken the notice and even complimented you. In fact she notices your new shirt or tie or even perfume, it is one among many signs that she is head over heels in love with you. She even adopts some of the words that you use often. It is because she listens to every word you say and most of it stays in her subconscious mind. Unknowingly, she even starts using the same words, the style and the kind of language you use. It is among the signs of her profound love for you.

6. She Is Always Eager To Do Something For You

Although girls always like to do things for their loved ones, she still puts her priorities on the top. But if your girlfriend drops everything important the moment she hears you are unwell, her feelings run deeper than you know. She jumps at every chance of doing something for you, even as little as bringing you tea when you are not feeling well. She helps you study for the exam next day you forgot about, even if she needs to do the revision. She brings you coffee and sandwiches when you are engrossed in some work and ignore your hunger. These are just a few signs that your girlfriend is deeply in love with you and cares a lot about you. You might not get anyone so loving and caring beyond her. So, if you are planning on proposing her, you can test her feelings for you like this before you do.

7. She Loves You If What You Think Of Her Matters To Her

Have you noticed that lately that your girlfriend has been asking your opinion before making a decision about everything? Well, then it’s time to pay attention to her. Know that she is in love with you if what you think, especially about her, matters to her a lot. Has she been going to lengths to prove herself to you while she doesn’t give a dime to other’s opinion of her? Has she never changed the way she dress when other voiced their opinion to her but she did when you made a suggestion? Has she been trying to behave differently just because you think she should? Does she keep asking you how she looks? If your answer is yes to all of the above questions, then it is a sign that she is head over heels in love with you. So, always give her your very honest opinion because it matters to her and she will adopt your opinion in her life.

8. Your Girlfriend Acts Awkward Around You

How she behaves when you are around her is a dead giveaway about how she feels about you. You see her being normal and carefree around others but when you join her, she becomes a little uncomfortable. This is because she gets cautious around you. She is in love with you if she gets a little awkward in your presence. She gets fidgety, is often lost or gets quiet when you are around her. She sometimes also gets clumsy or keeps staring at you absentmindedly. These are the signs of her love for you. You might find it odd and funny but for her it is her love for you that makes her mind go haywire and conscious of herself. She might not say it but in things she do, her love reflects.

9. She Loves You If She Behaves Possessive Of You

Has she been fishing for your attention lately? Does she try to be the reason for your smile? Does she goes out of the way to make you happy or fulfill your wish? Does she love spending time alone with you and hates the company of any others? Have you seen her getting upset because you paid attention to other girl? Her possessive behaviour can get you confused. It can irritate or annoy you as well. But before you react just know that these are the signs that your girlfriend is secretly but head over heels in love with you. You can also test her feelings this way.

10. Its Love If She Stares At You Often


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Have you noticed that your girlfriend have been staring you a lot? This signs her attraction towards you. If she has been staring at you and reverts her gaze the moment you look at her, she is in love with you for sure. Its her attraction, her love for you that makes her keep looking in your direction. She will keep looking at you when you are around, no matter the place or the crowd. Her eyes will always find you. But she wouldn’t let you know that she is enchanted by you.

11. Your Girlfriend Remembers A Lot About You

She remembers your favorites, what you like and what doesn’t go well with you. She might forget what she wants but she remembers what you want. She remembers every every single thing you have ever said in front of her. It is her love for you that makes everything about you important to her. She will always be interested in what you say or do. You can also test her feelings on this ground before confessing your love to her. Mention to her lightly about something you like or something you want. If she remembers that, she is head over heels in love with you for sure.

12. She Loves You If You Are The One She Depends On

She always calls you when she is feeling low. She is happier when with you and laughs out loud on your jokes even when they are not so good. You are the one she turns to for help. She relies on your judgement and always takes your opinions and suggestions seriously. All of the above mentioned attitude are the signs that she trusts you and there are chances that she is even in love with you. So, notice these things, you can take it as a test of her feelings for you. If you're not sure about how she feels about you, you can know that before letting your girlfriend know about your feeling.

13. She Likes You The Way You Are

If she loves you she will appreciate you the way you are. She will never ask you to behave in a certain way or change yourself. So, if she takes the way you are and is always there by your side, no matter what, don’t let her go. It is one among many signs that she is head over heels in love with you. But if she is constantly nagging at you for something you did or you didn’t. If she is constantly putting you down for the things she doesn’t want or like. If she is always asking you to change yourself. Your girlfriend doesn’t love you and its time to move on.

14. Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Judge You

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If she has made you feel so comfortable that you can share anything with her, it is a sign that she loves you. You can also test her love by sharing things with her. If she judges you, you must refrain from opening your heart to her. But if she doesn’t judge you for whatever you are thinking, be it your hopes, your dreams, your fears or even sexual fantasies. If she is cool with everything you say and happily indulges in your conversations, making comments and suggestions in between. It means your girlfriend in deeply in love with you.

15. She Loves Cooking For You

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Everyone knows that. There are some women who just love to cook and there is this one woman who loves to cook just for you. So, if your girlfriend keeps getting your favorite food for you cooked by herself, she is a keeper. Her love reflects in the food she cooks for you. Her love is her knowing what you love eating and what food can lift your mood. Her love is in knowing what food are you craving right now. Her love is in keeping you satiated and happy.

16. Your Girlfriend Fights With You A Lot

This one not an obvious sign. But if she fights you a lot and yet stays with you in every step, it means she loves you. She keeps making nasty jokes on you on your face. You feel like there is always a battle of wits going on between you. It is her denial of her feelings for you that makes her get aggressive towards you. Behind your back, she will be defending you She wouldn’t let anyone else make nasty jokes on you and she will always help you from behind the curtains. Because, no matter how much her mind denies, her heart will always find a way of expressing her love to you.

17. She Sends You Messages By Mistake A Lot

Have you ever received a message from her randomly in the middle of the night? Has she claimed that it was sent by mistake? Well, if this happens often, it is not by mistake. All these time she had been trying to strike a conversation with you. She must often be stalking your social profile and waiting for that green dot to show up at your name. She wants to talk to you but doesn’t want to look eager. Hence she sends so many messages by mistake. In this case, you don’t even need to test her love. If you are looking to propose her, you can. It is a sign that she reflects your feeling.

18. She Is A Completely Different Person On Chat

When you are together, she behaves like any other friend with you. She acts very casual when around you. However when you talk to her over chat or through text messages, she behaves differently. She flirts with you a lot and behaves like she is your girlfriend or hints that she wants to be one. This could be because she couldn’t muster the courage to flirt with you or behave like that with you on your face. Hence, she takes her chances on chat where you couldn’t see her and she doesn’t have to watch your reaction. The fact that you are not able to see her gives her courage to take a little liberties like flirting with you.

19. She Wants You To Insist

Sometimes she acts pricey and says she can’t come to an event for one reason or the other. She denies being able to join you on a gang outing or picnic. But it only takes a little insistence from your side to get her agreeing. It is a sign that she wants to know if her being there matters to you or not. She likes you insisting her for something. It makes her feel that you care and what she does matters to you. It satisfies her need of your attention. It is a test of your feelings for her. So, if you are wondering whether she loves you or not, this proves she does. It is among the signs that she is head over heels in love with you. So if you love her, just don’t take her no as it is. Talk to her, ask her why she is unwilling to come. Sometimes she might have a genuine problem. So, if she denies your insistence, try to know the reason before pushing her. If her reasons feel vague to you, insist a little more.

20. She Forgives You

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Have you hurt her a lot and have been very inconsiderate of her. You have let her down as a friend, ignored her and taken her for granted. And still, whenever you needed her, she was there for you. She is always interested in your life. Even when she is angry and not talking to you, she will still keep herself updated about what’s going on in your life. No matter what you have said or done, she has always forgiven you. It is her unconditional love for you that makes her forget every pain you have given her and take you back in. She is the first one to wish you on your birthday or any special day and the first one to reply to your group messages as well. You are the one she texts when she is drunk because she can’t get you out of her mind. Her love for you makes her too concerned for you, more than all your other female friends. She always helps you even when you haven’t asked. There have been times when she has secretly helped you. If she has been like this, you must not let her go. Not everyone can love as unconditionally as she does.

And in the end, to get it all together, if your girlfriend is in love with you, you will be all that matters to her. Your every silly jokes, you every little need will be important to her. She will be more concerned about you than all your other friends put together. When you are not well, she will nurse you to health and will call you ten times a day to know if you are fine. Doesn’t matter if it is just a common cold. If she is in love with you, she will not stand the jokes you put on her by pairing her with other guys. No matter how sportingly she takes all the other jokes and pranks you play on her. The way she looks at you will be different from the way other girls looks at you. She accidentally brushes your arm, misses no chance of touching you lightly, dances close to you in clubs and parties. She stays in the line of your sight and keeps throwing glances at you. She trusts and supports you blindly. She even takes your side in a stupid argument with friends. These are all the signs that your girlfriend is in love with you. If she does a few of these things, be sure that she harbours some sweet feelings for you. So, if you have any doubts about proposing her, you can make your decisions through these signs. But don’t take them alone. Read the signs together or you might misunderstand her feelings for you. And you might get heartbroken.