Find Out What Makes a Man Fall and Remain in Love with You

The Main Reasons That Make a Man Fall in Love with a Woman

By Sarah Potter
Find Out What Makes a Man Fall and Remain in Love with You

Do men actually fall and stay in love? What makes a man fall in and stay in love? How can I get my man or the man I want to fall in love with me? A lot of women ask these questions daily without getting answers. Many ladies have made themselves believe that men do not fall in love but that skirt leading to sex. But just as women have emotions and feel love, men also do. Everyone including men desire to love and also to be loved in return.

Looks matter to men but is not always enough reason for men to fall in love. You might have thought that it was the only thing that did, but there is more to it. Men, who want to love, would love every bit of their woman and not just a part of her. 

Here are some reasons why a man would fall entirely for a woman:

1. She’s a lot more than the complete and total package

The whole package here isn’t just her looks; it's everything that makes that woman, who she is. Although what each man considers his own total package varies. Some of the significant components are her looks, her voice, her laughter, her personality, her take on life, her ambition or career. When falling in love with the whole package, every part of the woman is explored and included.

2. Her presence makes a difference

You definitely wouldn’t want to hang too often around someone who rids you of your vibes and makes you feel uncomfortable. Men fall in love with women who make them happy and vibe or relate on every level with them. When a woman’s presence brings a man happiness and positive energy, love grows.

3. She values and respects him

Each person likes to be treated with love and respect. Men love to be appreciated and valued just as women do. Genuine value and appreciation for your man, not only for what he does but for who he is, makes him love more and does more.

4. He believes he can make her genuinely happy

Staying a relationship where nothing seems to make your partner happy can really suck. When a man can make a woman happy, he is also happy and fulfilled. If he feels he can’t make you happy or satisfy a woman, he won't get into a relationship with her.

5. She is true to herself

Every person out there likes absolute genuineness, but a lot of us hate to be vulnerable. It would be a total disaster if a man fell in love with a farce or façade and later realized. A lot of people, mostly women, find it hard to be themselves for some reasons. But in other, for authentic connection and bonding to occur, a woman would have to be vulnerable and open herself to love.  When she has done this, and a man still falls in love, then a true relationship is borne.

The Science of Attraction

Everyone knows that attraction is one of the necessities that get a relationship started and going. But it turns out very few people know how it works. This isn’t love; it’s that instant allurement, nervous, sheepish and breathtaking reaction that happens when we see an attractive person. You might have wondered what gets a man tongue licking, moping and all sweaty or nervous when he sees a lady he finds attractive.

There’s a scientific explanation to attraction?  You didn’t think so? Well, there is. Surprising? Yes, But did you know scientist have and are still researching on how our brains and bodies react to attraction? Not to sound nerdy, but the few outcomes of this researches have been exciting and tally with everything we think. Although a lot of mysteries of attraction are still yet to be
unraveled, some of the few and significant features that contribute to the attraction are:


You probably get hungrier and more attracted to food when it smells nice right? Everyone does. This also applies here. You ever wonder how women can easily access or determine a man’s symmetry without even glancing at him. Or how men can smell a fertile woman? This is because of a chemical called the pheromone. This chemical is released alongside sweat and other body fluids, and it is made up of some compounds. This chemical contributes to attraction and is one of the reasons why you are either repulsed or attracted to a person on the first contact.


Ever spoken to someone on a call and instantly loved their voice?  It’s been discovered that when a woman is in her fertile period, her voice sounds more alluring. Although a woman at the peak of her fertile period can give a man goose pimples. A woman would also be easily attracted to a man with a more profound and masculine voice. Pheromone are said to play a part in this.


Looks are usually the first features that get us looking more, and it works both on men and women. A lot can be deducted from just looks, this goes beyond what we think. Just like with voice, women are more attractive when in their fertile period. Women also find masculine men attractive, although this is common to those in destitute environments while those in more productive environments prefer men with a feminine look.

Falling In Love at First sight: What Makes a Man Fall in Love at First Sight?

This might sound bonkers, probably because a lot of people believe this happens only in movies and not reality. You would definitely think your friend crazy if he told you he was in love with a girl, he had just met or seen once. But surprisingly a lot of relationships and marriages started this way.  Men have been found to “fall in love” at first sight more than women do, and this because of the physical attractiveness factor. A lot of people might classify it as lust because they feel love is more profound and stronger.

Physical attractiveness plays a significant role in attractiveness and then love. It is one of the primary reasons men get interested in women.

What Makes a Man Fall in Love and Commit Deeply With a Particular Woman?

Commitment has always been the major challenge of men globally. Many times a lot of men find it very difficult to commit deeply and do so with a particular woman. While this is a general belief, it is entirely possible for a man to not just fall in love, but also commit deeply. So the question is, what exactly makes a man fall in love and commit deeply with a particular woman?


He wants to be continuously reassured of love: Every man wants a woman who can continuously assure him of her love. A constant reminder of how much your man means to you can help increase the love he has for you and also deepens commitment. You can assure him of your love in good words, in gifts and all sorts of kinds. A late night conversation telling him how much impact he has made in your life can keep him deeply committed to you.


A committed woman would keep a man committed. No man will be committed to a woman who isn't committed to him. So to have him love you continuously and remain deeply committed to you, you have to also stay committed. Stay away from things that breed suspicion and cast doubt on the trust he has in you.

Not only women like attention

Men tend to move in the dominant direction they get attention from. The more attention you give to a man, the more he wants to be around you. Presence not only promotes fondling, but it also enhances commitment. A listening ear and a compassionate heart maybe all your man needs to show him you care about him. Once he is assured of your care by the time you give to him, his deep commitment is secured.

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Love is not guesswork as there are certain things to be done to make a man fall in love with you. When you know what to do, you not only have you man continuously love you, you will also be able to keep him with you forever. Staying attractive is key to sustaining love. Your man sure wants to see you looking stunning in appearance and charming in attitude. With a good look, right approach and extraordinary charisma, you are sure to win his love at first sight. However, to keep him committed, you have to keep him assured of your love and give him a lot of time and attention. Don't also forget that you have to stay committed to keep him committed.