Husband 40th Birthday Party Ideas That No One Thought Of

Up the level of husband 40th birthday party with these ideas

By Diana N.
Husband 40th Birthday Party Ideas That No One Thought Of

Creative Party Ideas And Themes For A Husband’s 40th Birthday

Husbands play very essential roles in our families and most of the time they put the needs of the family before their own. They provide emotional, spiritual, and financial support to their spouses and children and this is why it’s important for them to be remembered when their birthday arrives as a show of love and appreciation. The following are some amazing and creative ideas and themes that you can use for your husband’s 40th birthday party:

1. Retro theme

Retro fashion or style involves accessories, shoes, and even clothes that were created, or designed at least 13 or more years ago. This is why having a retro fun theme for your 40-year-old husband can be the perfect idea as it will surely take him down the memory lane. If you go for this them, you have to ensure that everything from the invitation cards, the clothes, the music, and even venue decoration materials are all retro. This is one of the themes that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your birthday boy and the guests as well.

2. Magical show

One of the best ways of celebrating a birthday party is by having a good time while being in the company of those who love you and care for you. This theme ensures that happens as it involves hosting a magical show for the birthday party. This means that you have to look for good magicians to come and entertain everyone and bring back the memories of the good old days. The good thing about this theme is that it’s good for people of all ages meaning that even the children will have a good time.

3. Nature gala

This is another good and unique idea for your husband’s 40th birthday party. It involves finding a birthday party location where you will only be surrounded by nature. For you to make this a reality you will be required to plan for a road trip for your whole family and friends where you can go and find a quiet place on a mountain or even on the riverside, have a bonfire and spend your night there. This will also help to bring your family and friends closer together while making your husband feel young again.

4. Foodies party

This is a very interesting theme! Birthdays are supposed to be fun and unique and this theme will ensure your 40-year-old birthday boy celebrates his birthday in an exceptional way. A foodie’s party is all about food as the name suggests and to bring this kind of party to reality, you will need to ensure that there are a few mini kitchen tables at the party venue. The friends and family can then use the mini kitchen tables to prepare their unique dishes for the birthday boy and for each other. For those who love to eat - this one is for you!

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5. Movie marathon

If your husband is a big fan of the movies then this can be the perfect birthday party idea for him. This idea is economical and easy to set up as all you need is to prepare snacks such as chips & popcorns and then look for some of your husband’s favorite movies especially the classic ones and invite close family and friends.

6. Beer tasting

This is an adult only kind of theme and it’s usually ideal for those who love drinking beer. For this theme, you will need to get different types of beer, beer glasses, pencils, tasting notes, and lots of snacks. The beer is then placed on the table and everyone tastes it while noting down both the observations and the taste. For those who do not know that art of beer tasting this kind of party will provide them with the perfect opportunity to learn from their close friends and family and this ensures that everybody is having a good time.

7. Casino theme

You can also honor your husband’s 40th birthday by celebrating what he loves most and this means that this amazing theme is for those who really love casinos. Decorating the birthday party tables with centerpieces that reflect things that are found in a casino is a perfect way of bringing this theme to life. Some of the things you can use to decorate the tables include playing cards and dice centerpieces.

8. Karaoke night

Planning a karaoke night birthday party is easy as you can either create the whole event at your home or you can decide to host it in a restaurant. Either way, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. If you decide to host it at home, you will need things such as alcohol, microphones – it’s better when you have two as some people might prefer to perform as couples, sound system, alcohol, a karaoke song software, and you are good to go! If you do not have all those equipment and you still want to host the birthday party at home, you should not worry as you can simply rent them. Just remember to sound-proof your home to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

9. Games for fun

Even if your husband is now in his 40s, he can have a really good time playing games with his friends and family. When selecting the kind of games that will be played, you should, however, ensure that they are interesting and easy to play. This theme has a lot of advantages as there are a lot of games that can be played and it’s not expensive to host the party.

Surprise Birthday Party At Home On A Budget

Birthday parties can sometimes be very expensive affairs which is why you can easily get turned off by the thought of having a birthday party when you don’t have a lot of money to spend. You should, however, not get discouraged if you find yourself in a tight spot financially as you can still hold an amazing birthday party. Some people have a tendency of forgetting their birthdays as they are always busy working and taking care of other people but themselves. You can show appreciation for your loved one by planning a birthday party for them without their knowledge. It would be such a lovely surprise!

So how do you go about it? The first thing you should do is coming up with a guest list that includes close family and friends of your loved one. Avoid inviting too many people as the more they are the higher the expenses will be and also the harder it will be for you to keep the party a secret. When it comes to the decorations, you can reduce the costs by doing them yourself or by asking for the help of your friends. Some of the things you can use to decorate your house include balloons, lanterns made of paper, and splendidly colored tablecloth for the main table.

If you know how to bake you can bake the birthday cake yourself or you can ask for the help of a friend who knows how to bake as this will bring the costs down significantly. A birthday party is never complete without food and drinks! There are a lot of cheap and easy to prepare foods and cocktails that you can decide to try which would make the party even livelier. Alternatively, you can decide to have a self-cooking party where your friends will prepare their favorite dishes. After everything is in place, all you are supposed to do is to receive the guests and you all hide in the corners of the house and wait to shout “SURPRISE!” to your birthday boy/girl immediately they enter the house.


Every birthday is special no matter how many what age you are. Planning a fun and unique birthday party for someone entering his 40s can be very challenging as such a person has almost experienced all sorts of birthday parties. The above themes can help you to create an exquisite birthday party for your soon to be 40-year-old husband. The kind of birthday party that will make him to age gracefully like fine wine as it will create a boulevard of momentous and sweet memories that will live with him forever.

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