10 Best Pregnancy Fashion Done by Celebrity Mommies

Find Out What Other Celebrity Mommies Wear When Pregnant

By Sarah Potter
10 Best Pregnancy Fashion Done by Celebrity Mommies

The early morning sickness, nausea and sick feeling are taking a toll on you. And as if that’s not enough, this baby bump looks like it’s going to ruin your looks and it’s scary, I know. You are mostly wondering how you can keep up with fashion and still look as gorgeous as you always do. Some celebrity mommies have paved a path for us, showing us how you can be pregnant in style. Despite the noticeable physical changes and pressure, they've looked as stunning as always.

1. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Source: @evalongoria/ Instagram

Long and flowing gowns are absolutely perfect. This amazing American actress, producer and businesswoman stole our hearts with her eye catchy fashion even while pregnant. This long, black netty flowing gown isn’t just gorgeous but also satisfyingly comfortable.

2. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigan

Source: @Chrissyteigan/ Instagram

Who says some bit of glitter isn’t so awesome? Chrissy Teigen at Clive’s pre-grammy party looks as beautiful as ever wearing a golden and flowing dinner gown. She’s definitely shining as bright as a star.

3. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Source: @katemiddleton/ Instagram

This duchess always steps out looking all classy and sophisticated. She’s out on a mint green dress coat, which has a bow at its collar and a matching dress under to go with it. With some accessories like her Leofler Randall tab clutch and her Suede praline ink pumps, she looks absolutely stunning.

4. Cardi B

Cardi B

Source: @iamcardib/ Instagram

Cardi B, while pregnant always went out of her way to look exceptionally ravishing on all occasions. Who says you cannot dress hot even with that bump. She’s adorned with a fitting white, sleeveless, V-necked gown alongside a shoe that matched with her hair and a diamond watch. This outfit suits her personality completely.

5. Hilaria Thomas Baldwin

Hilaria Thomas Baldwin

Source: @hilariabaldwin/ Instagram

Who says sexy isn’t possible with that bump?  Hilaria poses to a picture with her white see-through lace gown just two weeks before the baby is born. You can totally achieve this sexy look and look as amazing as ever.

6. Joanna Stevens Gaines

Joanna Stevens Gaines

Source: @joannagaines / Instagram

She looks great, doesn’t she? Celebrating her book-themed baby shower, she looks absolutely stunning on her alluring back dress topped up with her maroon shawl and open-toe heels.

7. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Source: @katehudson/ Instagram

This breezy and flower patterned dress is absolutely comfortable and charming. One of the best outfits for the summer and it looks pretty great on Kate. 

8. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Source: @khloekardashian/ Instagram

Owning a clothing line, she definitely lives up to and surpasses expectations. Even with this pregnancy as her first, she was determined to look great as always. Her body fitting blue dress coupled with the leopard skin coat is a perfect combination.

9. Tia-Mowry Hardrict

Tia Mowry Hardrict

Source: @tiamowry/ Instagram

Scared that a jean or suspender might not be safe for your baby? Tia-Mowry has shown us how we can wear a maternity jean which looks utterly beautiful but straightforward for a casual day. This would come in handy when you need to take a stroll or do a few things and need a bit of freedom.

10. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Source: @mirandakerr/ Instagram

Scared of short, right? Your bump might just pull up your dress and leave your gown looking like it’s a shirt. Miranda here has no fears of wearing a short dress, and this gown looks absolutely amazing on her. This Australian model is dressed up in an adorned black mini gown and a black coat with a pair of bright heels. She looks sexy and stunning.

Getting Ready For Winter 2018 and Summer 2019

These two seasons are extreme seasons of the year, one, hot while the other, cold. Pregnancy is tasking enough, but these seasons wouldn’t make it any easier as they come with their own challenges. To go through either of these seasons without any hitches, they are few preparations that must be made. You definitely want to keep you and your baby safe. With preparation, one of the most important things you must consider is the type of clothes and shoes to wear.

For the summer, the perfect clothing to get is your swimsuit, loose dresses, and maternity shorts and so on. For the winter, your target should be warm and cozy. Get some sweaters, hoodies, hats, gloves and scarves. Anything that would keep you warm and safe.

Also getting rid of your heels and getting quality boots for the winter would be an excellent idea. Although boots might not be so comfortable to work in, they are much safer for you and your baby.

Celebrity Mommies and Their Summer Pregnancy

1. Big Sized Maternity Dresses

Tia in Loose Maternity Gown

Source: @tiamowry/ Instagram

You would agree that a brisk and airy dress for the summer is just perfect and Tia-Mowry Hardrict apparently acknowledges that. It is not only comfortable but also allows you a lot of freedom.

2. Swimsuits

Kate Hudson in Swimsuit

Source: @katehudson/ Instagram

You definitely need some fresh air and a dip into the water. You shouldn’t be scared to show off that baby bump, just as Kate Hudson isn’t.

3. Blazers would be Perfect

Tia-Mowry in Blazers

Source: @tiamowry/ Instagram

Blazers would give you that perfect and attractive chic look, making you look elegant and classy just like as Tia-Mowry Hardrict.

Celebrity Mommies and Their Winter Pregnancy

1. Boots would do just great

Blake Lively

Source: Dailymail

Boots during the winter are more preferable because they prevent you from slipping down the pavements or roads.

2. Coats are necessary

Olivia Wilde

Source: Daily Mail

What do you expect? It is winter, and it's freezing outside. A coat is essential to keep you warm and cozy even on the layers of clothing you might have already worn.

3. A Scarf Would Come in Handy

Jessica Biel

Source: Glamour.com

Sometimes the cold might get a bit overwhelming, and you would definitely be needing some extra accessories to keep yourself warm and from catching a cold. Other additional accessories like gloves, beanies would also help.

Tips and Ideas on Dressing the Bump

Being pregnant and fashionable is one of every ladies dream. The thought of being a mother is definitely exciting, but the challenge begins to dawn on you when those visible physical changes start to occur. Your body grows more significant in size, your usual dresses are now so small, and you need to get suitable dresses that not just comfortable but stylish. Here are a few great tips that you can stick to, that would do you a lot of good.

1. Stick with your style if you want to

A lot of people think that once you get pregnant, all you should wear are long, bogus maternity gowns. But that is false; you are absolutely free to maintain your style, to wear fitting clothes as long as they are comfortable for you and safe for your child. Although those loose, long and flowing dresses could come in handy and could also be fashionable.

2. Elastane is definitely perfect

Balcombe Maternity Dress in Black | Isabella Oliver

Dresses with elastane are definitely one of the best you can wear while pregnant. They are really comfortable; they help blend in your bump. They also highlight your body features without making you look fat.

3. Who says denim wouldn’t fit

Maternity Jeans | GOOD AMERICAN

A lot of women get scared of jeans, for fear of being uncomfortable. Maternity jeans would kick out this fear because it is comfortable and would also help support your bump. Maternity jeans and a loose top would make you look and feel great.

4. Enshroud yourself

Wraparound dresses are absolutely perfect for pregnant mothers. It is not just comfortable and adjustable but also allows you to show off your bump. They make you look smart, classy and sophisticated.

5. Take a break from those bright colors

If you like bright or large prints or pattern, you might have to change that while you still have that bump on. Perfect colors for this period are dull or neutral colors like black or brown.

6. Be Proud of your Bump

You should be proud of your bump and own it! How confident you are about your bump would definitely play a significant role in the dress. Make sure you are happy to show off that bump. Being confident about it would give you many choices when dressing up.

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Discovering you’re pregnant is really exciting and thrilling. But as time goes on, a lot of challenges begin to pop up. Of all these challenges, your dressing might pose as a major one, especially if it’s your first. To get a good feel and idea of what could be suitable for you, follow the celebrities mentioned and also stick with our tips. Once you do all that, you would always look as gorgeous and amazing as you need to.