15 Dead Giveaways To Spot And Stop A Psycho Girlfriend

One of the most challenging thing you can do is to date a psycho girlfriend. To avoid that, here are 15 great signs to spot one and stop her.

By Gerald Matiri
15 Dead Giveaways To Spot And Stop A Psycho Girlfriend

How do you spot a psycho girlfirend?

When you have just started dating, it is easy to assume that your relationship will be a pure bliss. Even when there are some obvious faults that you see in your girlfriend, you will ignore them with the argument that even the most beautiful girls in the world have their own faults. However, one of the fact that you need to know is that while the girl may be very beautiful, there may be something that may not just be right; She may be crazy. You may be able to notice this behavior by the way she act in real life or even the story she tells you. It can hard know whether the erratic behavior of your girlfriend is a case of being extremely clingy or she is psycho. This is why it is important to understand the tell-tale signs of a psycho girlfriend. For the sake of this article, I am using the word psycho to refer to creepiness. Therefore, when I talk of a psycho girlfriend, I am talking about someone who is extremely needy, clingy and unstable. When you have such as girlfriend, you can be assured that you will have a difficult moment. Here are some 15 deadly signs that you may be dating a psycho girlfriend and what you can do to stop her.

1. Stalking You is a sign of a psycho girlfriend

When you hear or read about a stalker, what comes to your mind? Probably, you think of a guy in a long trench coat lurking in a dark alley. But today you will see a completely different meaning of the word stalker. In fact, the stalker may be in your home. This could just be your girlfriend. Your girlfriend may start to hang out in the places that you go. You may later find her following you in her car even when there is no reason for her to believe that you are cheating. When you find any sign of stalking no matter how little it may seem, this may be a sign that you are dating a psycho girlfriend.

2. Telling lies is a sign of psycho girlfriend

We all tell lies. There are those lies that we consider to be harmless. But again there are some more blatant lies that seem to be the psychotic type. When you find that your girlfriend has started closing the red line in her lies, then this is a red flag. But how do you tell that she is already closing the line in her story? You may notice that your girlfriend is becoming angry when she realizes that you are not spending enough time with her. She might even start calling you with a fake story that she has been involved in an accident and she has been rushed to a hospital. She will conveniently hung up before she can even share which hospital she is admitted. You will spend the whole night agonizing about her. You will even rush to different hospitals. But wherever you go, you will be met with a report that no patient has been admitted with such a name. When you finally see her the next day, she will have a cane. This cane will be shed off in a few days and she will be back to business as usually. Your girlfriend may also tell a fake story that she is carrying your baby. She may even bruise herself and tell her friends that you are physically abusing her. All these lies are signs that you are dating a psycho girlfriend. A psycho girlfriend will give excuses for everything even when these are not necessary. She will make up a story faster than you are able to question it. She will constantly blame other people and it will never be her fault. She will also spend a lot of time trying to rationalize this behavior or even improve on it. When you catch her lying, she will show no embarrassment or remorse. Actually, you will wonder whether she really wanted you to catch her.

3. Becoming delusional is a sign of a psycho girlfriend

One of the other signs that you are dating a psycho girlfriend is that she will become delusional. This is a condition where your girlfriend mistake one situation for another. For instance, you might wave at a friend in a distance. But your girlfriend mistakes this as love affair. This could be a sign that not all nuts and bolts are working in the head of your girlfriend as she seems to misinterpret things. Let us look at another instance. Your sister may be getting married. Your girlfriend turns up and tells everyone that she is the maid of honor. Never mind that she wasn’t even invited. This is a sign that you are dating a psycho girlfriend.

4. Extreme jealousy is a sign that you are dating a psycho girlfriend

There is nothing wrong with a little jealousy in a relationship. But when the jealously gets to a point where it becomes uncontrollable, this is a sign that the relationship is headed for destruction. The odd thing with jealousy is a symptom of a psycho girlfriend is that it is not as clear as the other signs. This is because it is even easier to confuse it for other signs. When you find that you girlfriend doesn’t want to see you talking to other females no matter the kind of relationship you have with them or the kind of work that you do, this is a sign that you are dating a psycho girlfriend. She will come to you and ask you who is that you are talking to. Never mind that you may be speaking to your cousin. She will even slap you for hugging that colleague. This form of jealousy is a sign that you are dating a psycho girlfriend.

5. Where she was brought up could be a sign

Depending on where a person was brought up, their parents and even friends, it is possible to tell a lot about a person. How the person as raised and the people she socialize with can give you some mighty clues on whether you are dating a psycho girlfriend. For instance, if you find that her parents were drunkards who fought a lot, this could be a tell-tale sign. If she was sexually molested by her dad, this could also be another sign. This is because in most cases, there is a depressing story behind every psycho girlfriend.

6. Watching you when asleep

Probably you have ever woken up to be met by the stare of your girlfriend. If this happened once, then it can be very sweet and cute. But when it happens every time when you are sleeping, this is definitely a warning sign. . It could be that your girlfriend is just into you. The girl could not only be watching you when asleep but she could be watching you wherever you are going. It is only that you have never found out because she could be using spies.

7. She wants to control your social media pages

7. She wants to control your social media pages Your girl may asked for the password to your social media accounts and emails accounts just in case of an emergency. But when you find that she is always keeping tab in all contacts and the people you interact with, this could be a sign that you are dating a psycho girlfriend. She will also post things for you and unfriend some of your contacts. By doing this, she will be breaching your privacy. But this is not the end and you should prepare for worse things. If the woman doesn’t trust you, there is no reason why you should continue trusting her. So, don’t give her password to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is because when she comes across a single random post from a friend who is just being friendly; this is what will turn her into a psycho girlfriend. You may also notice that she is a friend to half of your class mates. While this may look harmless, you will be left wondering why she needs to keep exchanging pokes with your classmates in college. You will also not understand why she needs to add all the people in your list of friends. Therefore, if you find your girlfriend reading all your mails, email, social media etc, it could be a sign that you are dating a psycho girlfriend. When you tell her to keep her boundaries, she uses different weapons such as storming out, crying or going silent on you.. In case you yield to her demands because you don’t want to see her crying or you want to avoid her scorn or even causing pain to her, you would rather be warned.

8. Being manipulative is a sign of a psycho girlfriend

One thing you will notice if your girlfriend is psycho is that she will understand all the tricks and will use them against you to manipulate you to do what she wants. She will shed some crocodile tears to make you take her on a holiday. Or she will use those intimate moments to put you into her pocket. At times, she will direct all her attention to you. But the next moment, this attention will be withdrawn and she will focus on someone else. The things she does will leave you doubting your place in her heart. She will like the pictures of her ex without caring what you feel about this. She will deny her manipulative behavior and will ignore any evidence that you present to her. She will become critical or dismissive when you try to disprove any fabrications against her with facts. Rather than addressing her bad behavior, it will somehow be your fault and you will be accused of being lazy or insensitive. These toxic girls will make you believe that how you react to the abuse is the big problem. Probably you have ever planned for an all-men retreat. But your psycho girlfriend sent you a text at the last moment that she was sick. She might even urge you not to worry because she will be well. She understands that this will cause you to cancel your trip. Of course you don’t want to leave your sick girlfriend for a night out with the boys. If you decide not to go, just know that you have just being manipulated by your psycho girlfriend.

9. They provoke and then accuses you

Your psycho girlfriend will flirt blatantly with her ex. She will often do this on social media without a care whether you will see or not. When you ask her, she will accuse of being jealous. She will refer to you as needy after ignoring your calls for the whole day. She will use your reaction to get sympathy from other people as she shows them how hysterical you have become. Even if you previously considered yourself to be easy going, once you start dating a psycho, you will realize that you are not.

10. Calling you in the middle of the night

A psycho girlfriend will never care what hour of the night she will be checking on you. When you go out with the boys, she will camp outside your home waiting to see who you will bring home. In the same breath, she will call or text you in any hour of the night, just to make sure that you are asleep and not talking to any girl on phone. With such a partner, you can now clearly see why having such a paranoid person as your girlfriend can be stressing.

11. Your psycho girlfriends will text you using different numbers

The only reason she will text you using different numbers is that she want to try you. She will pretend to be another girl in order to see whether you will take the bait. When you find a girl sending you a text using another number, it simply mean that she is in denial or unstable. This is definitely an obvious sign that your girlfriend is a psycho case. This is particularly the case when she sends the text not once but multiple times.

12. Selfishness and thirst for your attention

A psycho girlfriend will drain all your energy and consume your entire life. This is because they have a demand for adoration that cannot be easily satisfied. If you thought you were the only person who could make the psycho happy. After sometime you will realize that she is comfortable with anybody who has beating pulse. However, nobody can be in a position to fill the void in the soul of a psychopath.

13. A psycho girlfriend will plays around with your emotions

After your first meeting with your psycho girlfriend, things will move quite fast. She will tell you that she feels you are the right person for her. She finds you perfect. She will mirror your dreams, hopes and insecurities. This causes you to put all your trust in her. You get excited over your new found catch. She will constantly get in touch with you and she will be fascinated with you at all levels. However, this will only be for a short period before her true colors starts to manifest.

14. She wants to be part of your plans

A psycho girlfriend will ensure that she has no life outside you. She will want to go with you to any place that you are going, whether this is a social outing or even a work-related trip. She will ensure that she becomes part of all your plans.

15. You cannot recognize your own feelings

In the past, you were filled with some natural love as well as compassion. But now this has been overwhelmingly turned into anxiety and panic. Despite apologizing, you are always finding yourself crying more than ever before. Not only don’t you ever sleep but every morning, you are waking up with that unhinged and anxious feeling. You no longer understand what happened to your former self who was fun, relaxed and easy going. Once you meet a psycho girlfriend, you will be left feeling empty, exhausted, drained and shocked. She will make you tear your whole life apart. You will end up spending money and even breaking friendship even as you seek for the reason behind that. A relationship with a psycho girlfriend will do you more damage than good. This is because; she will leave you in doubt as to whether you are good enough. No matter how much your psycho girlfriend hurts you, it will always be your fault. She will never notice anything good about you and she will make you insecure to a point where you will no longer recognize your whole personality.

Final thoughts

If you are dating a psycho girlfriend, you may feel as if she is there to finish you. The good news is that it is possible to overcome this emotional abuse. Your first step should be to stop contacting her though various channels such as emails, texts or even Facebook. At first, you may think that his is impossible but with time it will become easy. You will start gaining your sanity and this kind of chaos will reduce. Finally, you will realize that this great opportunity will help you to self-discover. You will also be able to set healthy boundaries that you will operate within for the rest of your life.