The dos and don't when it comes to Vow Renewals

Find out exactly what should you do and not do at Vow Renewals

The dos and don't when it comes to Vow Renewals

Marriage is a lifetime love commitment to each other, and therefore, when it comes to vow renewals, you've not only to follow some rules but also to sincerely express your love. You can take people opinions but find the right choice that makes your heart tick romantically. Marriage is a unique play you and your spouse are the only participants, so you need to know some Do’s and Don’ts that will guide you through vow renewal event.

If you crave for a memorable marriage milestone, you've got to check the do’s and don’ts when it comes to Vow Renewals before sending the invites.

Vow Renewals Etiquette

When it comes to vow renewals the “vow renewal etiquette” helps you deal with, don'ts part. These are simple codes or rules to be followed or avoided to bring about a magnificent event. The following are the vow renewals etiquette you should adhere to. 

First, Why are you having a vow renewal?

Many people around the world do this with different reason but with the same agenda to reaffirm their love to each other. You can go with a big invite or small whatever you like but remember it is an intimate ceremony that helps you too to regroup, make your marriage formal if it wasn't, bring that unity after a rough spot or split up.

Vow renewals Do’s

  • Since it is a memorable occasion, you need to involve your family members and children to create that gratifying scene. Therefore, do have other attendants if you want.
  • Dress what you wish and like to wear, don’t confine yourself because it is your day so feel free to wear whatever colour you want.
  • Make a well planned ceremony since you are the sole financers for this; thus you need proper planning to avoid inconveniences and to ruin your special.
  • Since the ceremony will involve vows exchange, you will need customs vows written, or you can make it even better by exchanging new rings.
  • Do have any kind of reception you like, either a wedding-like but you won't want to repeat the all wedding-like since it will seem a little bit vague.

Vow renewals don’ts

  • Don't do pre-parties stuff. Bachelorette party is a no on all occasion, why? Because you are already married, and this isn’t acceptable.
  • Don’t hope or ask for gifts. If your anniversary is that big (25th or 50th), then gifts are not acceptable since it is not a gift-giving ceremony but a reaffirmation of your love. So say no to showers.
  • Don't wear a wedding dress. The main reason behind this is that wife is not a bride, and you need to create a new scene, a fresh start so definitely you won't like to be in that dress. But feel free to wear white but not the one that looks like a wedding dress.
  • Attendants other than your family and kids are part of this ceremony unless you need to recreate the all wedding scene, or you had eloped with your partner.

What should you do at vow renewal wedding ceremony

Let's say both of you have strongly agreed about vow renewals to pledge your commitments to one another again. Therefore, you need to do proper planning to make it memorable and heartwarming as you like. Here is how to plan your vow renewal ceremony to be as modest as possible.

1. Pick an appropriate date for the ceremony.

This is the first and essential part of the ceremony. If you need to invite some friends, then you need to choose the date that they will all be available or likely to be available. For instance, on weekend or holidays, but remember not within the week since most of them will be at work.

2. Choose the site

First choice: Recreate or replicate a place near to home since you need to invite friends and other family members. Using the same place, you used for your wedding won’t work you only need to choose another site and replicate it but not the entire wedding.

Second choice: For this, you can pick a meaningful place for both of you, such as the picnic sites you like visiting, park you both like or any other meaningful place.

3. Find or get an appropriate copy of your vows.

Yes, "appropriate copy", this reason is that it should not limit you, but it should express you. Don't just pick any vows copy that will restrict your words; you can even recreate one using the existing one by getting some ideas from wedding videos on TV. This will help you emotionally express yourself fully.

4. Find an officiant for your ceremony

If you to do a more intimate vow renewal you can ask a relative or friend to make a little introduction, then followed by vows from both of you. Other than intimate vow renewal you can find clergyman, priest, rabbi or any other officiant that wedded you to do the honors. If the officiant isn't available are free to find another officiant you like.

5. Who to invite.

This part is crucial since you(couples) are the sole financier of all this ceremony then you will need to choose who to invite. You could invite your coworkers, friends, relative as in a big wedding or make just you, your partner and children just exchanging vows.

6. After the ceremony celebration

This should be left out at all since it will rub-up the mood in a beautiful way. Have dinner in your favorite restaurant, book a banquet hall with a DJ to make the things lit up if you are with a crowd(Guest). This will add that last set of memory regarding the entire ceremony.

Vow Renewal Ideas

Every memorable event needs the finest ideas, and for that, I will give some of the best approaches to keep that romantic atmosphere buzzing throughout the occasion. Here are the top Vow Renewal Ideas.

1. Glam gold or any color.

Bring out that retro feeling by having a glittering dessert. Make up a standard cake with a little sprinkle of shy gold and on top of it have some candles that represent the no of years you both of you have been married. Or you can write a number that shows that you have been married for how long.

2. Sweet treats of the tagline.

Make your guest enjoy the taglines you use during the vows or any other session within the vow renewal event. Remember people love a sweet-inspired catchphrase.

3. Have a rustic snapshots display.

This is the golden way to steal people’s heart in the vow renewal ceremony. Setting up photos from the entrance or any place that will capture people attention first will bring them into that romantic mood. The photos should be arranged to show your love or relationship journey. This will create that short, vivid story in both you and your guest minds.

4. Create a love timeline.

This is another way to steal the show. Love timeline will help you create a love story that you and your guest will see. It should entail all the best, memorable and meaningful moments of your relationship life.

5. Keep "we-still-do" theme.

This may seem simple, but it is more adorable than you see.  The sweet “we-still-do” invites your guest or bring your guest into you (captures attention). Also, using a rustic rhyming "I-do's" helps you direct your guest and create a smooth flow for your vows session.

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A vow renewal is an important ritual that marks a specific important landmark of your marriage life, and thus it should be well planned in accordance with partners specifications and likings. Don’t limit yourself and don’t overcomplicate things, sometimes having a simples set adorned with great ideas brings out the best vow renewal ceremony. Take the above inspirations and craft it in your style to recreate a memorable occasion that will portray and reaffirm love within both of you.



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