The best 30 Marriage gifts every couple really wants

Popular and useful Marriage Gifts to give wedded couples in 2019

By Kimmy
The best 30 Marriage gifts every couple really wants

Some couples like to give out gift lists to make sure they can get what they want and at the same time, no gift will be wasted because it's not useful for them. But for some couples, this act may seem too demanding and they don't want guests to feel pressured about what to get them so they will leave it for the guests to decide.
If you have to decide what to get your newly wedded friends. Here we have the best 30 ideas for you and any one of them will make your friends happy!

Best Marriage Gifts Ideas For Couple

(1) A cake dome

For every couple that's about to start their new life together by moving in, you need to get them some kitchen equipment. Something even as little as a nice silverware set will be appreciated. The shopping you need to do to just move in with someone is insane and draining. A cake dome will be much appreciated!

(2) A vintage rug

A vintage rug on the floor just speaks class on its own. Perfect for couples that like vintage style and decorations. But be sure it fits the overall aesthetics of the family.

(3) A chandelier

If they are really close friends of yours or you just feel like giving them the best, a chandelier is your first choice. Imagine moving into a new house and you've been too busy to just get all the basic necessities around that you don't even have time to properly decorate the place, then your friend shows up with a chandelier to light up the house. Isn't that a sweet gesture?

(4) A pillow set or comforters with their photos on

Get them matching pillow set with their photos printed on just for fun! It's very practical because obviously we all need comforters to get us through the snowy nights. As newly weds, they probably would want to see their happy face everywhere anways. So you're just giving them what they want!

(5) A baking set

Also a very thoughtful gift because there're too many couples moving in after their weddings that got so busy and just forgot about so many things. I've heard about a couple forgetting to get a bed (yeh, literally), it happens. While getting them a huge bed may be too much in size, getting them a baking set is certainly cute! It's easy to forget but very useful!

(6) A suitcase set

Maybe they're packing for their honeymoon last minute and realized they would need more suitcases! Get them matching suitcase so they have match on their honeymoon!

(7) Paintings

Some paintings to put on the walls would make the new house less empty and more homey!

(8) Two flight tickets!

Probably the best gift for two adventrous souls, getting two tickets to any corner in the world! You can get deals with airlines to get two gift tickets when it's being redeemed with real tickets to any destinations, your account will be charged the amount, or you can set an amount to the cards in advance so you don't go bankrupt on this!

(9) A pet!

So many couples love starting their new chapter by raising a pet. The best you could do, is to rescue a dog or a cat and gift the couple with it. But make sure you know that they do want a pet to begin with, then you will show up with the best gift possible!

(10) A set of bathroom mirrors

A very grand and thoughtful gift for the newly weds. A set of massive bathroom mirrors, just feels good to look at.

2. Best Marriage Gifts Ideas For Wife

(11) A hair curler/straightener

Hair is really important. Don't ever forget to make your hair sleeky just because you're getting married!

(12) Makeup kit

A lot of girls stop trying to look radiant just because they got married. You should always try to look good if it makes you more confident and makes you feel better about yourself! Gift your bestie with a makeup kit so she doesn't forget to stay pretty!

(13) Sewing machine

Yeh, women tend to behave more like a mom immediately after they get married even if they don't have kids. They start becoming interested in knitting and sewing. Practise makes perfect and so surely they will be ready when they have kids!

(14) A cookbook

Girls our generation are usually very terrible cooks compared to our moms. But still, we want to cook for our husband just to impress him. The key to keeping a man around is by making their stomach happy. Your friend will be thankful for the cookbook.

(15) Lipstick collection

Get her a series of limited edition lipsticks to impress her man everyday.

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(16) Spa treatment package

She must be exhausted after having to deal with all the wedding fuss, the stress is not good for wrinkles and skin. Get her a spa treatment so she can just be herself for a day, forget about everything and everyone and just relax so her skin can finally breathe!

(17) Stationary set

Married women tend to be more organized and enjoy writing down every plan so they won't forget. Getting her a stationary set is just the best for her to start writing down the details of her every plan!

(18) A princess costum

Not as silly as it sounds. Every girl wanted to be a princess at one point during their childhood, not that many get to live it but certainly we can all dream it. Get her a princess costum so she can have some fun while having a tea party with her besties after getting married. Even a princess needs a best friend, it's too boring with just her prince!

(19) A sports watch

Staying in shape and exercising is important. Let's not forget the effort she's put in to stay in shape for her wedding. Getting her a sports watch is the perfect way to remind her that she should keep staying in shape because it's healthy and of course, attractive when you're in shape!

(20) A book

You should know what genre of books she would like to read. The point is to get her something to spend her time on. Married couple live their lives together but still have to have some alone time and their own lives at the same time. The wife should find a hobby of her own to kill time, starting with a book seems like a good choice.

Best Marriage gifts Ideas For Second Marriage

(21) A weekend getaway trip

Perfect for couples that already have kids so they won't have much time to themselves after they get married. A weekend trip is great and you can even offer to babysit their kids so they can fully enjoy the weekend knowing that the kids are fine.

(22) A fireplace

Fancy and simple. If you know how to build a fireplace yourself, definitely try to build one for the couple in their lovely new home! Sure they will appreciate it!

(23) A tool kit

Very practical. Couple in their second marriage tend to look for more practical things in their wedding gifts. Giving them a tool set will make it to the top of the list. They will appreciate it when something breaks down in the house!

(24) A dog house

Perfect for couples that have a dog or planning to get one. Finding them the cutest dog house is just the funnest thing anyways. Not only will it make the couple happy, it will make you satisfied seeing the look of the doggo's face.

(25) A sex toy

Well, second marriages could honestly feel a lot less exciting and they probably don't have the same butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feeling. It doesn't mean the love isn't real. It means that they've entered a stage in life where they look for security and calmness. Give them a sex toy so they can find the excitment in peace!

(26) Get them a pet

If they are an older couple without kids or with kids that are grown ups, get them a pet so they can keep themselves occupied and it won't be just them in the house!

(27) Gardening kit

Fun couple thing to do. Every good bonding moment comes from achieving something together!

(28) A donation made to charity under their names!

Yes, it's actually a very real thing that many second marriage couples prefer. They feel that they've already gotten gifts once and they would be happy if something good is being done under their names this time.

(29) A projector

Seems odd? Imagine having a projector in your room and the whole wall is your movie screen, not so odd anymore right? It's awesome and a fantastic idea!

(30) Matching plates

Matching plates are so cute that they will just melt your heart, print their pictures on them too if they're a fun couple that has a sense of humor!


Picking the perfect wedding gifts can be hard and stressful as you want to give the perfect thing but there're too many options. Now with our 30 best ideas, you can go shopping stress-free knowing the couple will love your gift! We've covered pretty much all grounds and in different cases so you can find something that suits your situation! Happy shopping today and have fun at the wedding!

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