30 Top of the line Marriage anniversary gifts for your partner

Fly high with these cool luxury Marriage Anniversary Gifts

By Patti Flinsch-Rodriguez
30 Top of the line Marriage anniversary gifts for your partner

Traditional Marriage Anniversary Gifts Ideas for him and for her

You love your spouse, so when your wedding anniversary comes around, it is only natural to want to celebrate the occasion with a gift.  The wedding anniversary gift allows you to acknowledge how much you love your spouse and is proof you are happy to be married to each other. 

Celebrating with champagne and flowers is nice, but did you know that there is a list of traditional gifts to give on your anniversary date?  Read on for traditional marriage anniversary gift ideas for him and for her.

1. Paper

The traditional gift on your very first anniversary is paper.  You could buy fancy stationery for your spouse, but we all know that most people don't write letters very much anymore.  Instead, you could buy a journal and a nice gel pen to go with it.  You could record how you spent each anniversary in the journal.  Years from now, you will be happy to have those memories jotted down.

If a journal doesn't fit your spouse's personality, buy an Origami flower.  Bonus points if you make the Origami yourself!

2. Cotton

The traditional anniversary gift for your second year of marriage is cotton.  Sounds a little boring, but get creative with it.  Buy fabulous linens for the bed.  Threadcount be damned and go for Egyptian cotton.  You can buy cotton scented cologne or perfume.  Cotton frangrance always smell fresh and clean.

3. Leather

Year three is leather.  Maybe a leather jacket isn't your thing, but if it is, go for it!  A leather satchel or computer bag will be a lasting gift for your spouse.  You can buy handcrafted leather hats or belts too.  There are even leather scented candles if none of these other ideas appeal to you.

Leather Scented Candle

4. Fruit or Flowers

Fruit or flowers is the traditional gift for year four of marriage.  Flowers are an easy gift, but you might want to think of switching it up a bit.  Instead of a bouquet, why not a flower crown?  There are edible fruit arrangements that you can send that resemble flowers.  Or you can get a flower tattoo if you are both up for that adventure.

5. Wood

Year five is wood.  You can get creative with this.  Surprise your spouse with a new wooden desk or a hand made wooden bowl that you can put on your kitchen table filled with fruit.  If you are do-it-yourself kind of a couple, why not get a new hardwood floor and put it in together?

6. Iron or Candy

Year six is iron or candy.  Candy is s no-brainer.  You can even enroll in a candy-making course at your local craft studio or community school to learn how to make candy together.  Iron is a little harder.  You could buy a cast iron skillet to make fajitas or cornbread.  If that doesn't appeal to you, try buying a hand-forged wrought iron bracelet.

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7. Copper

Year seven is copper.  You could buy each other copper jewelry.  Copper mugs are popular to drink chilled adult beverages from with lots of crushed ice.  You can put the copper mugs in the freezer to chill so they are ready to use.

8. Bronze

Bronze is the traditional gift for year eight.  A great gift made from bronze would be an address marker that goes on your lawn.  You can commission a custom name marker with your last name and "Date Established" as your wedding date.  A bell made of bronze is a lovely gift and you can use to to summon everyone to dinner.  A pocket watch or cuff links would be a fantastic gift for your man.

9. Pottery

Year nine is the gift of pottery.  You can take a pottery class and make something out of clay for your spouse.  A handmade mug or platter will mark your anniversary with style. Since it is year nine, you might be in need of a new set of dishes.  You and your spouse could pick out a new set together at the Pottery Barn or anywhere else. 

10. Tin or Aluminum

Aluminum or tin is the traditional gift for your tenth year of marriage.  A brand new set of aluminum pots could be a great gift idea if both of you like to cook, or a set of cookie cutters for all of your holiday baking.  A personalized key chain that has your wedding date engraved on it would be a practical gift.  You could get a recent photo of the two of you printed on aluminum or tin and hang it in your living room as a work of art.

11. Steel

Steel is the traditional gift for year 11 of marriage.  You can buy each other matching steel watches.  Jewelry made from stainless steel and engraved with your names would be an elegant gift.

12. Silk

Silk, that luxurious fabric, is the traditional anniversary gift to mark year 12. A tie made of silk would make a sensational gift for your husband.  A silk scarf or hair tie would be a lovely present for your wife.  Silk flowers are a gift that keeps on giving because unlike traditional flowers, silk ones will last forever.  You can leave them out for a few months, put them away and then enjoy them again later in the year.

13. Lace

Lace is the 13th year of marriage traditional gift. Lingerie is a good bet that is really a gift for the two of you.  A lace tablecloth or a lace hankerchief are gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

If you want to think outside the box, lace can refer to "laced shoes," and your man will love leather lace-up dress shoes.  Maybe your man likes to go hiking so you can get him lace-up hiking boots instead if that is more his style.

14. Ivory

Ivory was a traditional gift to give your spouse on your 14th wedding anniversary.  Times have changed because ivory had become such a wanted item that it lead to illegal ivory poaching.  As a result, many animals are on the endangered species list as their tusks were harvested for the ivory.  Ivory, as a gift, has been replaced with animal themed items.   

Buy your wife Chihuahua shaped earrings if she is a Chihuahua fan.  Take a photo of your hubby with his cat and have it framed so he can look at the pic on his desk while at work.  There are so many possibilities with animal themed gifts!  If you are stuck on the idea of ivory, what about ivory colored dominos?

15. Crystal

Crystal is an elegant gift to mark your 15th wedding anniversary.  You can give candlesticks, wine glasses, pitchers, platters and bowls.  A crystal glass ball is an alternative to the traditional crystal gifts.  You can opt for a crystal geode too if that suits your lifestyle better.

Modern Marriage Anniversary Gifts for him and for her

Did you know that there is also a list that is more modern and up-to-date for marriage anniversary gifts?  There is a specific theme to the gift for each year of marriage. You can deviate, of course, or mix and match between traditional and modern gifts to your liking.  Here is the list of the modern anniversary gifts for him and for her.

1. Clocks

The modern gift for the first wedding anniversary is a clock.  It signifies that the both of you has had each other's back for the whole of last year, and you will continue to do so for the years to come! You can buy a desk clock or an alarm clock.  It is often fun to re-imagine these anniversary gifts.  If your husband wears ties, why not buy him a tie with clocks on it?  You can buy your wife a silver pin that is a clock.  You don't have to strictly adhere to the list.

2. China

Year two is china.  If you never received the complete set of china that you asked for on your wedding registry, now would be the time to complete it!  Already have your full set? Buy your wife a fine china ring holder or music box.  Your husband probably needs a new coffee cup, so get him one made from china.

3. Crystal or Glass

Crystal or glass is the modern anniversary gift for year three.  Some gift ideas are healing crystals, a crystal candy dish or crystal earrings.  A set of glass beer mugs or maybe sunglasses for your husband would be a welcomed gift.

4. Appliances

Appliances are the modern gift for your fourth year of marriage.  It is a pretty vague classification, and while you will have many options, be careful of what type of appliance you choose to give.  Does your wife really want a vacuum as an anniversary gift? Maybe, but make sure you are confident that this will be a welcomed gift.

If your wife is a runner, get her a fitness tracker.  You can stretch the appliance to something that is more of a gadget.  Your husband might appreciate getting an espresso machine or a one-cup coffee brewing system. If your wife hates cooking, do not buy her a pressure cooker.

5. Silverware

Year five is marked with a gift of silverware.  You can buy new flatware or purchase the serving pieces that you didn't get from the bridal registry.  You could also buy an oversized knife and fork to hang on the wall of your kitchen. It all depends upon your style.

6. Wooden Objects

Give the gift of wood for year six.  A wooden storage box for his tools or a set of wooden utensils for the kitchen would be great gifts.  Other ideas would include just about anything made of wood.  It could be a desk, a side table, a pretty box or a picture frame.

7. Desk Sets or Pen/ Pencil Sets

For your seventh year of marriage the modern gift is a desk set or a set of pen and pencils.  A desk set might include a monthly planner, personalized stationery or an engraved pen.  

8. Linen/ Lace

The gift for year eight is linen or lace.  Buy your wife a dress made from lace, and take her out on the town for a night of romance and dancing.  Your husband might enjoy a linen pair of slacks or shirt.

9. Leather Goods

For year nine, anything made from leather will do.  This could be a belt, a wallet, a jacket, a pocketbook or gloves.  It should be something a little extravagant that your spouse would not purchase for themselves.

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10. Diamond Jewelry

There is a saying that "diamonds are a girl's best friend," but men like them too! Since year 10 is the gift of diamonds, make sure it is going to be something they will really wear.  Diamond wedding bands are a popular gift idea for both men and women.  Diamond earrings for her or a ring with a diamond accent for him are other potential gifts.

11. Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

Year 11 includes fashion jewelry and accessories.  There are so many possible ideas for this anniversary.  Chunky necklaces, scarves or purses would fill this requirement for your wife.  You could buy a heavy silver chain for your husband, a leather computer bag, a new tie or a wallet.

12. Pearls or Colored Gems

Pearls or colored gems, such as sapphire, ruby or emerald are the gifts for your 12th wedding anniversary.  Sure, a pearl neclace is nice, but not so practical.  Maybe a pearl ring would fit her lifestyle better.  You can look into freshwater pearls since they are less expensive and come in a variety of colors.  Give your husband a pearl handled pocket knife or fancy razor blade as a gift.

13. Textiles or Furs

Textiles or fur is the modern gift for year 13.  A fur jacket, a fur hat or fur-lined gloves would make excellent gifts.  It doesn't have to be made of real fur either.  Faux fur counts!  If you don't like the idea of a fur gift, you can look into textiles.  A wool coat or a tweed jacket would be considered a textile gift.

14. Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is the designated gift for your 14th wedding anniversary. Gold necklaces, rings, earrings are nice choices for your wife.  Your husband migh enjoy a new gold ring, or a money clip.  

15. Watches

Celebrate your 15 years of marriage with matching watches.  Engrave the watch bands to add that personal touch.

Feel free to celebrate your wedding anniversary any way that you want.  These are some ideas that you can choose from, but maybe these have spurred some ideas of your own so go for it and enjoy your anniversary!



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