Top 15 best Girlfriend anniversary gifts for the milestones

Best Girlfriend Anniversary gifts your babygirl would appreciate

By Evelyn
Top 15 best Girlfriend anniversary gifts for the milestones

15 Best Girlfriend Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Her

You're about to celebrate a milestone with your girlfriend and that puts a smile on your face because you know that thanks to her, your life has been better. She has made such a positive impact on your life! She's the person who always got your back, has been there during good times and bad times. During those bad times she has known exactly what to say and what to do, and during the good times, she has rejoiced and celebrated with you.

She's awesome and that's why you need to find the perfect gift to show her what she means, she has stuck with you during all this time. It doesn't matter if you have been together for just a year, that year has been one of the best years of your life. What can you give her that will convey that? Well, it's no breeze to find the best anniversary gift for your girlfriend but it can be done. 

To start, think about what she loves, what she values more. Maybe she's an adventurer or is she a homebody? Is she a traditional girl or does she like all things trendy? Is your girl practical or sentimental? Pondering this can give you some great gift ideas.

To find the best anniversary gift for your girlfriend you can also think about what's going on with her life. Is she starting a new job? Is she about to celebrate a milestone like finishing her studies? Have you been planning a trip? Here's a fountain of ideas.

Making lists always help, it could give you a visual of possible gifts. After the brainstorm, you can peruse your lists until you feel a tingling that says: Yep, she would love this! You have made your work, so trust your instincts. wink 

To give you that last push, we have compiled a list of top best anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. Take a look and see if one of them speaks to you.

The Most Ideal as First Anniversary Gift Present

How lucky are you to be celebrating a first year anniversary with a great girlfriend? Not everyone makes it, but you two have and you know you're a very lucky guy. Apart from the celebration, you need to find the ideal gift for her, something that says "Thank you for this wonderful year, looking forward to more years like this", or something thereabouts.

We'll give you some ideas, keep reading.

1. Eau de Parfum Set from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum Set

This could seem a little too much for your first anniversary but you know she deserves it. Treat her to this luxurious fragrance from Tiffany & Co. which is inspired totally by love. It's perfect for your girlfriend because the fragrance is bold and original, it smells like heaven (notes of vert de mandarine and blue iris). The set comes with two perfumes, one 2.5 oz, and one miniature and a ceramic keepsake. They give you the option of getting her a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co. to compliment the gift? You'll be her hero.

2. Murano Italian Glass Bracelet

Murano Italian Glass Bracelet

Jewelry is always welcome and this Murano bracelet is so gorgeous, it's the perfect gift to give her on your first anniversary. It's art glass for the wrist, directly from Murano, Italy, which is world-renowned for its glass-blowing artisans. The design is really beautiful with the glass pearls and the Swarovski crystals, a real treat. 

3. The "Explore Luxury Women's Bath and Body Collection" from Molton Brown

Explore Luxury Women's Bath and Body Collection

Give her something so she can pamper herself. Molton Brown is an acclaimed skincare brand and this specific collection offers some of their most popular products. It's a luxurious mix of body wash, body lotion and bath, and shower gel. She'll be set to have the best experience with these products. They come in a pretty pink bag that she can take wherever she goes. The perfect gift.

4. A Skin Care Set by Glossier

Glossier Skin Care Set

This skincare set by Glossier contains the essentials your girl needs to pamper her skin on a daily basis. She'll have her skin clean with the Milky Jelly Cleanser, moisturized with the Priming moisturizer, and happy with the Balm Dotcom. 

5. A Leather Cosmetics Pouch by Dagne Dover

Leather Cosmetics Pouch

This pouch was designed originally with cosmetics in mind, she can carry it everywhere because it's travel-friendly and it can hold all her beauty essentials. If your girl loves organization then this cosmetics pouch is just the thing for her. Thoughtful gifts are so romantic because they mean that you really know her, so you'll know what she needs. Also, it may be a gift that she would not buy by herself, so double points! 

6. A pair of Stuart Weitzman Shoes!

Stuart Weitzman NearlyNude suede sandals

Girls are crazy about shoes, you can count on that. These suede sandals will hit pretty hight on the gift-o-meter with your girlfriend. They are made of black suede in Spain, they are very comfortable and sexy. She'll look cool whether she decides to wear them with a dress or with skinny jeans. 

Romantic Gifts for an awesome anniversary with your girlfriend

For romantic gifts ideas, you can always go with chocolate or flowers. She's going to be charmed that you thought of giving her something to commemorate your anniversary but if you want to ramp up the romance this year you should give her something that'll make her feel loved, something she really likes, something she wouldn't buy by herself.

Here are a couple of romantic gift suggestions that have the perfect balance between thoughtful and romantic

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7. The Big Activity Book for Couples

The Big Activity Book for Couples

This activity book is a very clever way to get to know your sweetheart. It's page after page of fun: silly games, puzzles, quizzes You can do and play them as a couple or individually. It's the perfect gift so you two can grow together and have fun and a lot of laughter while doing it.

8. Star K Endless Love Pendant Necklace

Endless Love Pendant Necklace

This necklace is the ultimate romantic gift. The amethyst heart pendant is really beautiful and you have lots of color choices to choose from. The necklace could be 10k Gold or Sterling Silver so you know it'll last and she can wear your heart with everything. wink  

9. Mrs. Fields Classics

Mrs. Fields Classics

Indulge her sweet tooth. This basket of goodies form Mrs. Fields is so scrumptious it will be hard for her to resist it. It has cookies, muffins, and brownies all backed fresh and packaged with care. You can personalize it with a cute bow. Yummy and sweet. wink

10. An Amazing Girlfriend Tee

Amazing Girlfriend Tee

Maybe your wallet doesn't allow for a very expensive gift this year, don't worry this T-shirt is a perfect romantic gift for your amazing girlfriend. She'll love it because you thought to look for it and she'll wear it proudly.

Creative DIY anniversary present for your girlfriend

There's something special about giving her a present made with your own hands. It's meaningful and very personal, you took the time to think about what she would like and then to make it. Have you made your choice of what to give her for this coming anniversary? Maybe you have an idea, or maybe you're clueless, either way, we'll give you some suggestions on DIY presents.

11. DIY Clay Cactus Ring Holder

Clay Cactus Ring Holder

Since you're a very observant boyfriend, you've noticed that her jewelry is all over the place. This DIY ring holder is the perfect solution to this issue and it'll be a great gift. She'll really appreciate it, so big points for you. You can check the full tutorial here.

12. DIY Anti-Frizz Hair Spray

Anti-Frizz Hair Spray

Come summer the humidity can be a hair ruiner, especially if your girlfriend has curly hair. So this Anti-frizz spray is just the thing to give her, she'll love it because you'll help her control her hair during humidity season. It's a very thoughtful gift. Learn what you need and how to make it, it's fairly easy.

13. Heirloom Beaded Picture Pendant

Heirloom Beaded Picture Pendant

This is a very special gift and it's just a perfect gift to give your girlfriend for your anniversary. You will be replicating an antique locket, (cool right?). You can use a picture of someone very special for her and place it in the DIY locket. It looks intricate but it's not difficult to make, check it out here

14. DIY No-Sew Graphic Picnic Blanket

No-Sew Graphic Picnic Blanket

An outside picnic during lovely weather is a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary. What if you go the extra mile and make the blanket where you can sit while enjoying said picnic? Sounds like a very romantic idea and she'll melt with this surprise. She'll have the best anniversary! The good news about this blanket? No sewing required, check out how you can do it.

15. Sugar Bag Planters

Sugar Bag Planters

This gift you can make of recycled paper sugar bags. Do you have some of those? If you do or have something similar you can make these lovely bag planters. It's a very thoughtful and romantic DIY present that you can give your girlfriend. You can put inside her favorite flower, those lovely baby roses look so cute inside the bag planter. Here's the tutorial.

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Giving your girlfriend the perfect gift to celebrate your anniversary is not that hard right? You just need to think about her, what moves her, what kind of woman she is. what she has a passion for. After that, you just need to browse above and we're sure you'll find something perfect for her.


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