15 Types of Wedding Photos your Photographer should capture

The various photos your wedding photographer should be taking

By Caren M
15 Types of Wedding Photos your Photographer should capture

The list of must have wedding photos to have during the wedding

The memories of your wedding are as important as the big day itself. We are, of course, talking about your wedding pictures. These will be the most important memory shots that you will keep for all eternity and get to show future generations to come.

Have a professional that will capture the energy and emotion surrounding your wedding

For this reason, you want to have memory keepsakes that will capture those precious moments; of the spirit surrounding the wedding, the wedding itself and a few-or a lot-candid shots with those that celebrated your big day with you.

There's so much to capture, before and during the wedding and if you and your photographer are not careful, you might find yourself missing the most important shots. Enter the shots list. The shot list is simply a list of all the photos you want to be captured by the end of it all.

For this to happen, you must first find a wedding photographer that you feel you can work in tandem with. Spend as much time with them explaining what you and your partner's plans are for the big day and notify them of any special add ons. The key really is to trust your photographer and not stress yourself over tiny things. They'll worry about that so you can worry about making it a perfect day for you and your love.

Wedding shots are not like a one-fits-all because each wedding is different in its own right and the people involved should choose what candid shots are more important than others but there's a general gist to it and a list will really help smooth things along so you don't look back and suddenly realize that you don't have a certain photo that you really wanted.

1.First look: Aisle

A groom watching his bride for the first time: Photo credits/Melissa Justen

A shot capturing the reaction of the groom while his bride walks down the aisle for the first time is important. Having a photo of you coming down the aisle and your husband-to-be staring at you liked you fell from heaven as your official first look is a magical and beautiful moment that should be celebrated.

2. Ceremony reaction: The couple

wedding reaction: couples

The ceremony itself is a pretty emotional affair that's worth capturing. From the deep laughs to the teary vows and everything in between, You'll be smiling your way through your masterfully documented wedding photos when you remember just how happy you are.

3. Ceremony reaction: Parents and attendees

Parents reaction: photo courtesy of Melissa Justen wedding

While the ceremony is still in progress, it is important that the reactions of the parents are captured. They are there to see one of the most important days for their kids and their pride and joy is something you want to remember long after the wedding and the fuss around it is done. Also, have photos of reactions of the rest of the attendees, the laughter and joy will still be infectious years after the wedding.

4. Important kisses

a) First kiss

The first kiss, after you say 'I do', will always be memorable to you and your spouse. It is, after all, the first of many that you will share in your life together. You want to have a photo to remember this special moment and reinforce the wonderful feeling surrounding that kiss... You'll want to reference it over and over, trust us!

b) Kiss at the end of the aisle

This is another pretty important kiss. After the wedding officiator finally declares you husband and wife and you're running down the aisle with people throwing confetti at you, you're happy and at the end of the aisle where everyone's gathered to see you off, you stop to share a happily married kiss with your husband to the cheers of the crowd. That's definitely a moment you want to capture.

5. Wide view shots of the venue

Have shots taken of the wedding venue as well as the reception. You want to remember where you held your wedding and show your future generations how good it looked. It will make the memory more grounded and who knows, someone else may really want to try out your theme too.

You'll be in the thick of things so you won't be able to see how your entire wedding looks like on a larger scale, it's advisable that you have your photographer take wide view shots of the venue that cover everything including the attendees. This really works if you're having an outdoor wedding set but indoors could work too.

6. Demonstrations of love

You love each other. You just did the biggest demonstration of this by tying the knot and it was beautiful... You can have a representation of this on a smaller scale by having a portrait photo done showing a moment of you sharing your love. Whatever it is, be it a kiss or a tender look, it's best if it's taken as a candid shot rather than a planned one.

7. Family and group photos

Another important batch of photos you should have is ones with family members and other key people that attended your wedding. You should remember your day with the people that celebrated with you as this will show your appreciation and they might want to take a few pictures to remember the day by too. Have the photos were taken in order of importance, parents from both sides, then immediate family; brothers and sisters and then with other family members too... If there are any grannies at the wedding, they should get their own shots too. Next should come one with close friends and others that might want to take pictures.

8. Couple portrait

Most photographers like working with couples to capture the official couple portrait after the ceremony and so will you after you see the photo for the first time. It captures your connection as a couple, two people that have come together and even better you can hang it in the foyer-if you have one- or just anywhere in the house.

What are the must have photos before wedding?

Before the wedding, there are a few photos that you should look at.

9. Styled wedding invite

You should have a closeup of your wedding invite taken surrounded by other important wedding stationery like your vows and the big-day program. This professional look will add a touch of class to your wedding shots.

10. Rings

The rings that you'll exchange during the ceremony are important and should have their proper place in the record of memories... Pose them prettily and have a shot taken of them.

11. Solo portrait of the bride

A solo portrait of the bride is a pretty important photo that should be taken. A closeup of the wedding dress, the from and the back should be taken too for remembrance.

12. The bride and groom with their entourage

A series of photos should be taken before the wedding of the bride with her bridal party as well as the groom with his groomsmen. Everyone's pretty formal and you want to remember the people who've been there. Have the photos taken before the ceremony in case time is tight on your schedule.

13. Getting ready: The bride and bridesmaids

Have photos taken of you and your bridal party taken getting ready? This will capture the moment you and your girls help get each other ready, the joy and general good vibes of the ceremony to come.

14. First look: Couple

Some couples prefer to have their first look before the wedding ceremony either because of time constraints or to help ease nerves or just to talk for a little bit. Whatever the case, if you will have your first look before the ceremony, your photographer should capture the moment.

15. The bouquet

Bouquet shots are an absolute must and the best time to have the shots taken is when you're just dressed and the flowers are fresh out of the water.

3 Tips for taking wedding photos ideas with dogs

If you have a dog or two and wondering how to incorporate your special babies into your special day, then we have some ideas that you might want to use for your wedding shots.

a) Dogie in a tux

Cute pet wedding ideas: Photo credits, HappyWedd.com/pinterest

Check out this cute little munchkin wearing a tux to his parents big day. He looks so dapper and adorable he's going to steal everyone's heart.

b) Dog of honor

Dog of honour: photo credits, brides.com/Pinterest

Forget the human entourage, what's cuter than having your pet as your most honored entourage. We're kidding, don't forget the humans but having your dog in a place of honor will make sure he's not forgotten.

3. Bouquet of their own

Beautiful family: photo credits, bnb.com/Pinterest

This is one of the more common dog incorporations to weddings. Having them pose with their own set of flowers. We can't deny how good that shot looks. 

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Wanting the perfect wedding, including the perfect ways of remembering is crucial to us when we're thinking of getting married. We spend hours on hours searching out the best photographers and then we spend time obsessing on whether they got. Having a good photographer that you're in tune with and having a shot list will keep you at ease knowing that your photographer got your back and they will give you exactly what you want.