17 best cotton anniversary gifts for your dear husband

The best Cotton Anniversary Gifts to surprise your love

By Gabriela Petit
17 best cotton anniversary gifts for your dear husband

Gifts are something that always creates a bond between you two love birds. But when it comes to anniversary gifts it has to be something special and unique has can make your hubby’s day anytime special just looking at it. For such ones, the easiest solution you can have it to have something with cotton. 

Here we have some amazing ideas that can contribute to your gift ideas and make the anniversary day more than special.

Homemade Cotton Anniversary Gifts

1. Decorative bed pillow

What can be an easier thing than making a pillow? Just a few fabric, paint or other decorative kinds of stuff, cotton, thread, and needle. That’s it! The next thing is to just give it a couple of tries and you’ll have an amazing pillow. Just a couple tries can help you make a full pillow even without any experience.

And what else you can do for extra touch is to get a custom-made printed fabric (maybe with the best or special memory with your dear husband) from somewhere and use it as the fabric for the pillowcase. If nothing else, a least your husband’s mind is going to blow away seeing the effort you made.

2. Bow tie

A cute bow is also never worthless. Take a little cotton fabric and cut it into a rectangle shape clean and sharp. Cut two fabric like that and sew it up leaving a hole at a corner to put very cotton inside to make it a bit fluffy but not too tight. Then sew it up securely and take another same pattern fabric and tie in the middle like a mini mouse bow knot and done1 each time you’ll help to wear the tie, he’ll remember the love you put while making it for you.

3. Braided Rug

Won’t lie, this is a bit time consuming and effortful work. But what’s a gift if there the gift doesn’t need effort, right? Why not give it your best and welcome your man every time steps in the house. How to make a braided rug is available everywhere on YouTube. You can just search for it and get it done.

4. Decorated shirt

Painting on fabrics is probably one of the most hyped DIY you can find o internet. So, reference and instructions on how to do it are everywhere. So get yourself some fabric painting or fabric marker today, and paint some sweet message on your hubby’s cotton shirt.

Luxury Cotton Anniversary Gifts

5. Cotton Robe

KYS 100% Cotton Personalized Premium Waffle Robe at Amazon Men’s Clothing store:

A comfy bathrobe of cotton can not only make him comfortable but also escalate his love for you. What can be better is to make twos for both of you with sweet writing on the back like - ‘Hers’ on your hubby’s and ‘His’ on yours. Luxury and sweet – jackpot!

6. Cotton Flowers

Amazon.com: CEWOR 20Pack Really Natural White Cotton Stems Dried Flower Branch for Farmhouse Style Antique Floral Furniture Wedding Decoration (Cotton Stems): Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Home décor is never old when it comes to gift ideas. This time decorating your bedroom with a new makeover touch with something new. Buy cotton flowers which are cheap and long lasting as well at different crafts store. The next step is to turn your bedroom into Pinterest worthy décor. Makeover’s done. And hubby’s happy too!

What can be extra is to greet him with the flowers as well on the anniversary day. Just a hint for him as well that what he’s going to experience the next moment will blow his mind. So go ahead and be extra!

7. House in a house (make an Instagram-ish tent)

Source: www.goinghometoroost.com

Cotton fabrics for better temperature, better grip and comfort can be turned into a cute tent. Add star lights and flowers to make it special. Make it as much luxury as possible like – add wine and rich foods and have a movie night. Add throws and comforter and spend the night with amazing time with your hubby.

8. Cotton String Necklace

Green patina Leaf necklace Greek metal pendant scalloped | Etsy

If your man is into neck pieces, then this is the best piece so far. Choose a design he likes - a hobby, a representation of him (e.g. if he is a green finger, you can give a leaf pendant) or a love pendant to signify your love for him.

9. Cotton Apron

Wow! What do you have there? A gourmet chef in the house? Well, however, he is perfect or not, he will be the best chef for you, won’t he? Well, a good uniform for a good chef is the best gift. Make him a custom-made kitchen apron with his name and something funny maybe if you want. The idea is all yours. A cotton apron will be easy to find and comfortable to wear. So, you’re all good.

Unique and Quirky Cotton Anniversary Gifts

10. Cotton Canvases

You can put another level uniqueness to this. Because the canvas is all yours and you can put any color you want to make it special. An idea is to add the recording of you saying ‘I love you’ and print the recording sound into the cotton canvas. Hang it in the guest room or even your bedroom. It’ll add unique décor your residence as well.

11. Cotton Coffee Filter

Coffee Filter

A coffee freak husband? So why not to use this as an opportunity to innovate something new? Have a reusable with a great lovely message so that each morning your hubby can start the day with your writing. C’mon, let’s face it… all caffeinated and zero grumpiness of your hubby = HAPPY YOU!

12. Cotton Table Mat

A cute combo of table mats for plates, bowls, and glasses specifying your name and your hubby’s name can be a good idea. Just print a piece of designed cotton fabric with your photos or writings specifying your and his names or identity. It’s a cute idea for long being. And your husband will for sure appreciate your unique thinking while using the mats each time.

13. Funny Clothing Writing

Custom Personalized Designed Boxers With The Force Is | Etsy

Your man isn’t into washing his boxers or shorts? Well, there can be a solution. Funny yet a good anniversary gift though. Buy any boxer or underwear with funny writing like ‘I need bathing as well as you do please’. Or you can buy cotton boxer or shorts and do the writing job by yourself as well. Your man can’t just forget to buy them then.

Or even the toilet seat issues. Add a cotton clothing piece over the high commode and write something like ‘the toilet seat isn’t going down by itself’. Quirky yet unique, what say?

14. Cotton String Art Map

Don’t we stay most of the time of life at home? Even at the weekend just staying home and Netflix-chill is what we can do at best. But what if you set a goal and a road map adding places in the bucket list to visit? Create a map of the world or your country whatever suits you on a piece of printed cotton fabric and create string art on it as a checklist wherever you visit.

Romantic Cotton Anniversary Gifts

15. Cotton candles

Amazon.com: Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Clean Cotton: Home & Kitchen

Well, it’s an indirect use of cotton. Cotton flavor in a candle. Who doesn’t love a good candle? An also some touch of woody natural fragrance can give you amazing sentimental moments for you and your hubby. And a relaxing bath for you two with cotton candles and give each other a romantic pampering time.

16. Cozy hammock

A hammock can be a great idea actually. If you have space and long trees in your front yard, you can use the place to build a hammock. A good time to spend with your hubby. And also, he will never say ‘no, to a cozy hammock while tanning in the sun. though there are alternatives for hammocks, cotton is the coziest and romantic option so far.

17. Cotton T-shirts

A pair of cotton t-shirts with any romantic writing dedicated to each can be a great idea. Any day out or hang out can be special with that, plus it’ll be a photogenic one that you can hardly avoid posting on social media and show off your romance and man. Oh, you can also print watercolor print of your favorite destination with him and quote on your experience, or add your wedding photo – there are hundreds of ideas.

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Cotton gift ideas are the best because they give you a feeling of home-love and of course closeness to the partner. I mean why not? Just imagine, you and your boo gazing start with a cotton comforter and a comfy blanket. Can you seriously ignore such moments? 

So just embrace cotton for amazing gifts & moments as well as use the ideas above to gift him something that he’ll never forget. Hopefully, you already have now some ideas about how to do something or what to do for him on your upcoming anniversary. So good luck and share with us as well! Till then, have a good time!


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