20 Wedding theme ideas you can consider as your own

2019 Most Popular and romantic wedding theme ideas for couples

By Caren M
20 Wedding theme ideas you can consider as your own

2019 Best Wedding Theme Ideas for Spring

Seasons come and go but love is forever and you should be able to celebrate a representation of that love through your wedding no matter the season. Incorporating season colors and themes into your wedding is a great and easy way to have nature make your day perfect for you.

1. Flowers and teacups

Flowers are in bloom and what better way to embrace the season than to showcase them. Have a display of flowers everywhere. And we mean everywhere, even in your hair. A good Alice in Wonderland theme is including teacups into the whole affair. You can have roses in tiny beautifully decorated teacups or whatever you are working with. Work with spring favorites like baby’s breath and daisies for inexpensive rustic looks.

2. What to wear

For the bride

As the bride, make your duty to stand out in a beautiful Spring-inspired theme wedding dress. Go with romantic materials like lace, tulle or even feathers and add a little floral detail to it if you’d like to. Flower crowns are also pretty cool this time of year so you can have one matching your bouquet.

Colorful grooms wear

Choose bright spring colors for the groom and his groomsmen attire. Work with different shades of blue, printed ties and colorful buttonholes to get the look bright and have your men looking dapper. You can also go for more country-inspired rustic looks like checks and tweed during this season.

3. Drinks and cake

Drinks are a very important aspect of a wedding. During spring you can serve a variety of fresh spring drinks like citrus flavors. Have guests enjoy a refreshing glass of sweet lemonade adorned with a flower accessory of your choice when they arrive to keep them cool and hydrated.


As for the cake, you can decorate it with cute spring flowers or you can choose the totally rustic design and go naked with it.

Naked wedding cake: bridal.com/spring wedding

4. Statement centerpiece

Tulips in glass centerpiece: bridal.com

Centerpieces are important for any after party setting. During this season, create simple yet stunning centerpieces.  You can play around with several themes and see which one works best for you. Simple arrangements of gypsophila, daffodils, and tulips add that romantic touch you’re looking for.

5. Incorporate nature into your day

Nature is already looking pretty beautiful with all the flowers and trees in bloom and you should take advantage of that. Garden weddings or having your wedding pictures taken near flower archways or near a blooming tree is quite beautiful.

Add a touch of nature to your day: Spring wedding/bridal.com

2019 Best Wedding Theme Ideas for Summer

Summer is a great time to have a wedding because of the little blessing of deliciously good weather. Here are some trends that spread like wildfire in 2019.

6. Summer flowers

Flowers are all over in summer, in all types of blooms and this is something you should take advantage of this free gift.

a) Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are such a goddess-que look that will have you looking regal just like that. Play with pastel blooms, eucalyptus and a few other flowers to get that crown-of-nature thing going.

b) Flower Chandeliers

Hang flowers from the ceiling in a tapering chandelier-like style and also adorn the walls with lots of flowers to create an outdoors ambiance. 

c) Greenery

Greenery deco: source, lifelinephotos

Think rustic garlands, trailing suspended chandeliers and freshly picked aesthetics and you will be in on the trend too.

7. Drinks

Drinks are fun for summer. Here are some perfect ideas.

a) Cocktails

Cocktails are for summer weddings what hot coco is for a cold winter night. People need to loosen up a bit for the party and a crafty, light cocktail is your perfect go-to. Add popsicles to your glass of Prosecco, a few edible and you have the perfect summer drink.

b) Hydration bar

You need to keep your guests hydrated providing flavored water at your wedding is a fun and flirty way to keep everyone hydrated.

c) Pre-wedding rituals

Serving a little alcohol before the ceremony gets the guests ready for the ceremony and the party afterward. It's a great way to get people to loosen up a bit before the ceremony.

8. Tipi weddings

Using a Tipi for an outdoor wedding is a great way to add a little magic to your big day. Try a tipi beach wedding and accentuate with floating lights and use beachy stationery just to get the theme really going.

9. Wedding attire

 Go for fashion-forward colors and designs. For wedding gowns, pay attention to the back, veil and the tail. Burgundy, violet and baby pink among other pastel colors have picked up too and would look great as the entourages’ color schemes.

10. Wedding theme colors

Gold and blush are two colours that really complement each other and are so feminine and chic, your wedding will look like a million bucks. Another colour scheme that will work just fine is pure white. No matter what people say, using white on white gives your wedding that magical fairytale feel and it looks good.

2019 Best Wedding Theme Ideas for Fall

Fall is calm and cool and nature is shifting to a cooler climate, more earthy tones like golds and browns and there are lots of fruit in bloom. Perfect to plan your wedding around.

11. Flowers

Beautiful dahlias, marigolds and zinnias are in bloom and would make a beautiful setting for your wedding venue. Planning a garden wedding at this time of the year is also quite a good idea because the leaves are a bright gold that will play perfectly into the romantic rustic look you’re looking for.

12. Color coordinated bar

red and gold hues on a light wood ceramic bar: brides.com

Have a color-coordinated bar where you match your signature cocktails to the rest of your décor and have the ingredients put in clear minimalistic vessels to make the bar appear uncluttered and rustic chic.

13. Food items

Creativity with the menu, leatherbound: brides.com

For a fall wedding, the food is the center of everything and a great way to wow your guests is to have a creative menu and food items that match the season. Think apples, pumpkins pears and so much more.

14. Fall color schemes

When planning a fall wedding, keeping it grounded and mixing some warm hues like yellows, reds, and gold to bring in the seasonal feel. Using wood and ceramics with light coloring will give you that great fall outdoors feeling.

15. Stunning tablescape

beautiful tablescape: brides.com

You want a rustic, chic and effortlessly beautiful tablescape. 2018 was the year of a rather surprising color mix- yellow and blue hues! Plus wood and veggies and flowers (no teacups this time)

2019 Best Wedding Theme Ideas for Winter

Winter weddings are a cozy affair and your whole wedding should reflect this cozy, cool and wholly romantic season.

16. Elegant wedding colors

dusty and green wedding theme: elegantweddinginvite.com

We are absolutely in love with the Dusty and green color scheme for winter weddings. It's laid back, can be dressed up or down and there's a lot to work with when it comes to decor so don't be shy. Check out this beautiful wedding collage from elegant wedding invites.com

dusty and green wedding theme: elegantweddinginvite.com

17. Bridal jackets

You want to stay warm and cozy during the ceremony(it's freezing cold!) and there's no better way to do it than with a warm and cozy faux fur coat or you can keep it classy and edgy with a white leather jacket to keep the frostbite at bay.

18. Drink carts and warm ups

Drink carts are big this time of year. Allow your guests to create their own drinks using dedicated carts. Have fun and warm drinks like mulled wine, cranberry juice and warming whiskey to your drinks cart to keep your guests warm and happy throughout the ceremony.

19. Cozy pashmina covers

pashmina cover: seckford.co.uk

Add woolly essentials to your wedding favors list. Use warm blankets draped on seats to keep them cozy in the freezing weather. You can also provide cute gloves and slippers.

20. Pets

This is a totally cute wedding idea to include any pets you might have to the wedding party. Pets add a splash of cuteness and your guests will be wowed watching these furry animals walking down the aisle in their cute animal-cut tuxes and their own bouquets. 


No matter the time of year you're planning for your wedding, it can still be a beautiful, romantic affair if you play around with the elements of nature that are in. Seasonal weddings are beautiful and it is something that will be remembered and cherished forever.

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