Is It Really Over? Top 10 Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

Wonder if your ex moved on to someone else already after the breakup? Read the signs to find out if your ex has really moved on from you.

By Rebecca L
Is It Really Over? Top 10 Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

Did your ex really move on?

A great relationship can be very interesting, full of fun and it definitely takes you to a different world entirely. But what happens when this great and perfect relationship begins to crumble, what happens when he does not call you for two days and he is not bothered and does not show any remorse whatsoever. You have started noticing some strange signs you are not sure of and actions that you are not comfortable with. But you believe deep down that some certain stage he will come back to his right senses and be that sweet boyfriend you have always known. Love is like a blindfold, the more you love your partner the more you fail to see signs that tell you he has moved on. You can spend all the free time you have praying for a sign, seeking signs that he hasn’t moved on. Well, it is imperative that you also know that the more time you spend looking for signs that he hasn’t moved on the more you won’t see the signs that tell you he has actually moved on with his love life. It is probably the time to start listing the signs you should watch out for that tells you your boyfriend has moved on and you should also move on with your life.

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1. Your ex has stopped contacting you

The first thing sign is when he stops contacting you. It is so not okay for a guy to not call, text or messages his girlfriend after a long time like say 1 week. You might argue that 1 week is short, but a week is a long time for your boyfriend to totally remain incommunicado. This is the first of the signs you have been looking for and this sign never lies. You should think about how frequent he called you; he calls you a minimum of 3 times daily. He calls you every morning to wake you up or to be the first person you talked to. He calls you during the day and asks how you are doing, how work is going and how he wants to see you and just wants to hear your voice; and he calls you right before you go to bed and makes you laugh and you both recount what happened that day to each other. He then doesn’t call you for one week and you think it is okay for him not to call, if you start making excuses for him like his phone is bad, remember he can always use a payphone. He could text you if he was so busy he couldn’t call but he didn’t. However, you never think of the possibility that he is calling someone else. If he is not contacting you it is a sign your ex does not want to talk to you and that means your ex has moved on.

2. He shows signs of comfort around you

Seeing a face you know and wasn’t expecting can take you by surprise and you can give out a lot of information through your face and body language. You can tell if someone is feeling remorseful or bad, okay or happy just by the way the react. Let us say for an instance, you went for a cup of coffee and you got the coffee and your ex comes out of nowhere and says “hi, how are you doing?” Your head is down but you recognize the voice. you are so happy deep down to hear the voice of your ex and you quickly think of what answer to give it to him, whether to tell your ex how great he looks and you are happy to see him again or ask him why he left you and he should please come back so you can give it another chance. You are praying it is a sign he is back for you, but you don’t want to let your guard down; you just give him three words. “I am fine”. He nods to your response, says “see you some other time” and walks out with his coffee he keeps everything simple with you. This is a sign he is completely over you, for him not to stutter or try avoiding you, and is very calm and comfortable with you around is a very good sign he has moved on.

3. He has cut off all methods of contacting

Developing emotions for someone takes no time, but having an emotion strong enough to bring you down takes some time and bonding. And if your ex quickly shuts all the ways you can get him then this is a sign you will want to pay attention to. Another sign your ex has moved on is that your ex will stop going to a restaurant you both always go to when you were together, or he will stop going there the time you both were. Has your ex unfollowed or deleted you from his social media accounts not because he has stopped using them? And also, your ex has blacklisted your number so you can’t even call or text him because he doesn’t want you to contact him again.

4. He has asked you to move on

When it gets to the point when you start saying you don’t know your ex anymore you are scared of one thing and one thing only, that he doesn’t break up with you. Break up is the worst night mare of any girl that is in deep love with her boyfriend. But now that it has happened you are still thinking your ex is in all probability just stressed or has so many things going on with him and he needs some time alone. You have been looking for signs that tells you he has moved on, do not miss this sign. If you boyfriend has moved on and is completely over you, he will be trying to tell you not to wait for him. It might be the way he keeps everything simple, he doesn’t smile a lot and this is a good sign he has moved on and you should certainly move on too. Your ex will be hoping you don’t think that the situation is temporary and when your ex does finally tell you to move on with your life, you should move on with your life. You should definitely accept that your ex is no longer interested in having any intimate affairs with you.

5. Your ex is always with someone else

You were going to get something few things from a convenience store nearby and you see your ex leaving the place with this girl that you saw him with in a restaurant a fortnight ago. It doesn’t end there when it ends is when your ex-keeps bringing the girl along with him to parties you were also invited to and this is a sign you don’t want to see. If you keep seeing your ex around this same girl then she might be your ex new lover and this sign says your ex has moved on with his life. If your ex that is still into you, he will not want to give you a wrong impression that he is with someone else, so this is a very strong sign.

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6. Your ex shows no signs of happiness around you

You already know that one of the ways to get to someone you care about is to pretend you are happy and get their attention. But in this case, your ex is just acting natural, not concerned if you think he is happy or not. He sees no reason to prove to you that he is happy without you. Though this sign might be a very tricky sign, it says a lot if you’re your ex has moved on.

7. Your ex doesn't instigate conversations

Remember vividly that when your ex was still hitting on you or when you and your ex were still together, that your ex would talk about his days at work or how he spent his day or what happened in class. Your ex would ask you your favorite colors and quickly brings up the topic, but this time he act like you are not even there. This sign tells you your ex feels no obligations to chat you up because he is planning on moving on or has moved on already.

8. He returned stuff you gave him

You gave your ex a necklace or a ring he always wears and a picture frame of you two that you gave him that is hung up on the wall of his room. Suddenly ex returns all these stuff and tells you he doesn’t need or want it anymore. Your ex at this point is blatant about his moving on and is trying to erase you from his mind. This is a very clear sign from him that he doesn’t want you anymore and you should seriously forget about your ex and move on already.

9. He gives you signs of reluctance

If you still have the phone number of your ex or a means to contact your ex and you do, he takes forever to respond to your texts and messages. This is a sign that your ex has moved on and that he sees your calls as a disturbance and will quickly try to make you not contact him again by being reluctant to calls and texts. If your ex has moved on then contacting him is of no use as this is an obvious sign that you should also move on.

10. He doesn’t blame you for the breakup

If there’s one thing that is common in every relationship, it is the issue of who to blame, who should apologize and all that. Your ex has told you he doesn’t blame you for the breakup. He has completely forgotten everything and is not blaming you because making you apologize won’t change anything and you should probably take this as the sign of goodbye and the sign that you should also move on with your love life.

It is always better for him and you to move on

If you are reading this now it means that you are starting to come to terms that he has moved on, that the possibility of him coming back to you is as thin as the chance of threading a needle blindfolded. It is good you are considering that he has moved on. And this is why you should get yourself together, go out and live the life you wish for yourself hoping to meet someone else who is more loving and caring. Put all the weight of heartbreak behind you and see everything that happened as a good thing and move on.