20 Things You Should Know About Your Sex Life After Marriage

You're finally married but what does that mean for your sex life? Will it change or not? Keep reading to find out how sex is after marriage.

By Regina Basile
20 Things You Should Know About Your Sex Life After Marriage

Sex after marriage

Marriage is such a beautiful thing, creating an amazing union between two people. After having a big ceremony, or even something small and intimate, you might go away on your honeymoon. That's when the real fun begins, the sex! Problem free, no second thoughts just amazing, loving, passionate sex. What happens after the honeymoon is over? Where does your sex life go from there? Continue reading to find out 20 things you should know about sex after marriage. Remember that just like people no marriage or sex life is the same.

1.) Becomes so much better with marriage

Now that you're married you may notice that your sex life has become so much better. Maybe you waited until marriage to have sex and now that you have, it's the most amazing thing you could ever experience. Or it may not be your first time in general but the first time with the person that has stolen your heart away. Either way, your sex life has just sky-rocketed to the stars and you never want to come back down.

2.) Having sex while pregnant

You just found out you're pregnant, you're about to become parents. There are going to be times during pregnancy when the sex is amazing and seems to be non-stop. Then there are going to be times when sex is the last thing to pop up in either of your minds. It's okay to go through these problems during pregnancy, it's normal. As long as the doctor gives the go ahead and you're both okay with it go for it! This is a great time to try different ways to experience sex together.

3.) The problems with sex as parents

Being a parent is such a huge job in itself and having to maintain your marriage while raising kids is even harder. Now take both of those ​things and toss in balancing your sex life, may seem impossible right? Well it's not, there is hope. Those first few months after your baby is born sex may disappear; everything in your world is dedicated to your new bundle of joy. Don't let becoming parents become the end of your sex life. As long as you're both up to it try to make the time to have some kind of intimacy, even if it's just cuddling in the bed for some time​. Once your kids start to get older you'll see that it becomes a little easier to try to make time for each other. Even if you have to have a quickie during their nap time. Take advantage!

4.) Sex may seem to disappear

For a while, throughout your marriage, you may have moments when your sex life seems to disappear. That may cause you to feel like every problem in your relationship is the reason your sex life has vanished. Sometimes it might just be as simple as you're both so busy that you're too tired for sex. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Make sure to take time to talk it out with each other, find out what your spouse is feeling, and see if it's something you can fix on your own ​or something that may need professional help.

5.) You start to schedule your intimate time

When life gets busy you may start to forget to make time for the important things like intimacy. Don't feel bad if you have to schedule your sex life. ​If that's what it takes to be able to have that intimate time together, go for it. If you do schedule time make sure to stick to it. Don't let your sex life be put on the back burner for too long that could start to cause a lot of problems in your marriage.

6.) You start having more fun once married

Having sex after marriage might be the most fun you ever had. You get to have very intimate moments with someone you have pledged your life too, someone you get to wake up next to every morning. What can be more fun than having sex with the love of your life whenever you both want? Keep that fun going and don't let the flame die out.

7.) Problems arise that cause ups and downs

You may see that at times you have the most amazing sex life. Then there might be times when your sex life doesn't exist at all, like that invisible monster hiding under the bed. When you're having those ups keep them up, notice what's going on at that time to make it good and hold on to that. When the bad moments appear, try to find the good moments and brighten things up.

8.) The comfort level sky rocekts

Having sex with your spouse is the most comforting feeling in the world. Someone who knows you inside and out, someone who loves you just as much as you love them. It's the one person in the world who has vowed to spend eternity with you and only you. Take the comfort and use it to spice up your sex life as much as possible. Take your comfort level to a whole new place and enjoy being in love and married.

9.) The passion becomes more intense

This may feel like the most passion you've ever felt in your life. This is your soul mate, what more passion do you need than that. This is the person that you know was made just for your heart and having passionate sex really gets that message across. This is the time when you get to express your love for each other with all action and maybe a few words.

10.) Everything stays the same

Your sex life might not change at all, which isn't a bad thing. You may have been having great sex together before you got married and it might be just as equally great now that you're married. There is nothing wrong with your sex life staying the same it just means you both know what you both enjoy sexually.

11.) You become more expressive

You might feel like you can express yourself more now that you're married. Maybe you were a little uneasy about approaching sex a certain way prior to marriage and now second guessing yourself is out the window. Expressing what you like or don't like sexually is a great way to keep everything interesting. You might even be more verbally expressive as well.

12.) Marriage may bring less sex but more fun

Maybe your sex life has decreased but when you do get to have that moment together it's absolutely amazing. Just because you're having less sex doesn't mean the sex is bad, it just might mean you have more responsibilities that take you away from being able to have more sex. Like they say, sometimes less is more and in this case more is very much worth the wait.

13.) Sex can start to feel like a chore

Sex may feel like a chore now. When you have the time to do it you feel like it has to get done right away. This is even truer when you have kids; more so when they're really young. Try to take the time and enjoy the moments you have together. You don't want to feel like you have to have sex at a certain time because it's on the list, do it because you both emotionally want to at that moment. If it has to come in between the wash and rinse cycle, so be it.

14.) You start with the first round, then the second, and beyond

First round was great but if you can manage to get in a second and third round, go for it. Having sex more than once is great and it gives you both more of an opportunity to share that emotional and physical time together, which is a huge plus when it comes to marriage.

15.) You have more spontaneous moments

You're both sitting in the living room watching a movie and the next minute you're wrapped in the throw blanket making sweet love to one another. Those moments of spontaneity can be so exciting. Who wants to plan their intimate time all the time? Why not have spontaneous moments? Who knows, it might be some of the best sex you've ever had.

16.) It may start to dim but find the time to light it back up

If you feel like your sex life has taken a turn for the worst, turn it around. Make time to have sex. Don't let your busy life take away from sharing a very important part of marriage. There is nothing wrong with making time to have sex. Your spouse will be happy to know that you're up for it when you both have the time.

17.) Knowing what each other enjoys

Knowing what you both enjoy when it comes to sex is a great way to keep it sexy and steamy. Talk to each other, tell your spouse what you do and don't enjoy in the bedroom, that's the only way to know. Just like your marriage if you don't talk how will you ever know what the other person is feeling? Sometimes once you get married you start to automatically pick up on what your spouse likes. Sex will flow so freely and comfortably.

18.) New and daring moments together.

Now is the perfect time to really go for it, no holding back. Try something you've both always wanted to do but might not have felt as comfortable before. Maybe it's meeting up in the shower or even trying sex on the beach. Whatever you both have wanted to try why not try it out now with your soul mate, and if things don't go right you'll have something to laugh about later.

19.) Everything is perfect but sex, what's that?

Sex might have become a foreign word to you, hopefully it hasn't, but if it has it's okay. You could have an amazing marriage, tons of passion and love, but maybe the sex has disappeared. All you have to do is find it and you do that by talking to each other. Find out what happened to cause the sex to almost vanish and once you find the issues, fix it. It could be something as simple as time management or maybe you both just don't care to think about sex right now. There are so many other ways to show love to each other than just sex.

20.) Can't keep your hands off each other

You could be having some of the best sex you've ever had in your life. You might even have moments when the sex feels like it's lasted an eternity. Enjoy every second together, let those moments be filled with tons of emotional and physical love that makes you never want to leave each other's side. Having a strong and pleasant sex life can lead to an amazing marriage together.

Love and marriage till the end

Being married can be such an amazing thing in life and yet sometimes it can bring some stress. Try to stay focused on all the great things about it and make sure your sex life is one of them. Every marriage is so different and so is every sex life. What's great for one couple might be the complete opposite for another. Try new things and have fun. As long as the love is there it will be a piece of cake.