10 Sure Ways On How To Make Someone Like You

Delve into these useful tips on how to make someone like you

By Kimmy
10 Sure Ways On How To Make Someone Like You

How To Make Someone Like You Instantly

If you only have one chance to catch someone's heart, what would you do? It's a make it or break it moment. Life don't always give you second chances. If you want to win someone's heart, better look at these tips on how to start!

1. Put a smile on your face!

How easy is that! No work required almost. You just need to put on a friendly smile on your face and you instantly becomes 10 times more approachable and friendlier. A sweet smile is the gateway to capture someone's heart.

Girls that love to smile a lot are lucky, because everyone likes a cute smile. You will be shocked by how a simple smile can change the way people see you.

2. Be talkative

People can't get to know you better when you are shy. That's just a fact. Taking the initiative to talk to people is a great way to connect with different people. A lot of people have tons of interesting stories about their life and it could be up to you to ask them the right questions.

Being friendly and talkative will open a lot of doors for you. It's a wonderful way for people to like you fast. You should also leave some room for other people to tak and listen and not just take the stage to yourself

How To Make Someone Like You Over Text

3. Adding emojis

A tricky thing about texting is that you can always get the wrong idea of someone's intention. They may just trying to be nice but you think they sound cold or being sacarstic. In our century, the only way to not seem cold when texting is adding a ton of emojis.

Adding a lot of emojis may seem to childish but it's very true that it's just how it is today it order to seem like you care about a conversation. So when you first meet someone and you don't know how to text them to sound appropriate and friendly. Just adding a lot of emojis to show them that you really care and want to talk to them more and it's a lot easier for them to think you are approachable too!

4. Always leave room so he/she can have the chance to text back

If you're asked 'How's your day?' and you answer 'good', that's pretty much the end of the conversation unless the other person really likes you. Rarely do people ask someone else how they are through text just to want to hear 'good'. Give them a chance to text back by either saying 'Good. It's been a long day. And you?' or 'It's been alright. Got stuck at a task at work for so long and still couldn't finish it'. 

Always leave room for possibilities. It's quite an easy way for people to like you. People like the idea that there could be something more. So opening the option for them so they feel they might get something more from you can already make them like you a lot more. 

How To Make Someone Like You More

5. Try to look sexy and beautiful even more often

NEVER stop trying to look good because you've got someone on the hook. Always adding value to yourself is the key to boost self-esteem. If you haven't known each other long enough to say that you only like each other for the personality, then you should know that the moment you start slacking and stop trying to dress up, your attractiveness drops for him.

You can easily make him want you more if you feel wanted. Pick up that sexy dress and walk down the street. He will want you even more after he realizes how many other people want you! 

6. Don't always make yourself available

It's easy to forget how to appreciate the things you have when you can have them so easily. Make yourself scarce sometimes. If he wants to see you, tell him you're busy planning activities with your friends. Let him know that you have a good life even without him. He will instantly want to be part of your awesome life even more.

It does suck sometimes to think that in order to love someone, you have to push them away sometimes. Balance has always been the key to anything. So you should never push someone too far away but never only stick to one person 24/7. Give it some space and show that you're independent is a major attraction to guys.

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How To Make Someone Like You When They Hate You

7. Make a compromise and do something they like

Very much a rom-com plot. If you have someone that you hate at work (or he hates you), why don't you be the bigger person for once and invite them to do something that they like? Get him to watch his favourite movie with him, and tell him that you want to make peace with him, even if not to be friends.

Show them you mean no harm. You just want to be nice and hope that they can give you a chance. Get them tickets to a concert and tell them to just go out with you once so you can talk everything out and no hard feelings if he still hates you by the end of it. Everyone deserves a chance!

8. Find out why they hate you and work on it

Seeing the change is the best way to get someone to like you again. If they dislike you for your personality, once you make the change, it's easy for them to see and they will give you another chance again.

They come to you and tell you they dislike you for your dark sense of humour, then you should think about how true is that statement. Do you really make inappropriate jokes a lot? Do your jokes hurt people?

Apologise to him if you realise that you were in the wrong and tell him you're trying to work on it and it would be great if he is willing to help you and point out your mistake along the way.

How To Make Someone Like You Spells

Love spells! Don't worry, you won't make someone lose their conscious and follow you around like a zombie, not that kind of spells. With some love spells, you can spice up the interest the other person has in you and gives you more opportunities to be with them. Always know to put in extra effort to maintain the relationship you have, a love spell is a tool to help you, not something to automatically get you what you want if you don't take the tool to reach it.

9. Burning candles

White or gold candles for a guy and black or silver candles for a girl. All you need to do is to get three candles and place them on a piece of white paper in triangular shape. Then burn all three of the candles at the same time while reading the name of the guy/girl you're thinking about repeatedly until all the candles are done burning.

This spell will only work if all three candles burn out at the same time. If they didn't, then you have to start again until they do for it to work. The best day to do it is on Friday and the best time is between 11pm-12am, the magical time between the last bit of the day and the new day.

This spell is easy and you can do it anyday. You should know that there's a chance you have to do it a few times before it works if the candles don't burn out at the same time.

10. Writing names

This is also an easy one. Take out a piece of paper and at 12am sharp every night, you have exactly one minute to write your lover's name for as many times as possible. You have to write his/her names exactly 99 times, doesn't matter how many days it will take. After you've got it, place the piece of paper under your pillow the night you complete it and sleep on it. Your love should fall in love with you very soon!

Love takes dedication, if you're willing to keep on writing his/her name every night. Your reward will just be waiting for you! Life is fair, you get how much you pay. So start writing today, not a day should be wasted!


There're many different ways to get people to fall in love with you. The best is to know who you're dealing with. Is he a playboy type or a nerdy type? Knowing who they are helps you a lot in dealing with them because you know exactly what dose to put in.

Love isn't the easiest lesson in the world, but it's definitely one of the most rewarding ones. If you're willing to work for it, when you receive what you paid for, it's all worth it. See what situation you're in and pick the best tip for yourself to try!

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