Best Naptime Music App That Even Parents Fall Asleep To

Popular naptime music apps downloaded by most parents for babies

By Anastasia K
Best Naptime Music App That Even Parents Fall Asleep To

Introducing naptime music

Whether your newborn follows a sleep schedule or randomly falls asleep, one of the toughest assignment you may face is trying to make your child sleep. Often, newborns almost sleep all the time, yet you may feel like your child is not getting enough sleep especially when they become a lot fussier. And this can take a toll on both your child’s and your sleep.

Let’s face it, the process of helping your child sleep, whether during the day or at night, is not a joke. You have probably tried rocking, sleeping next to your child, swaddling them and even singing to your baby, yet nothing is working – not to mention the fatigue you may feel afterward.

So, for you to successfully accomplish having your little one get that beauty rest, you need to be patient – and get a lullaby app that will make the work easier for you. But, how do you tell which naptime app is the best to help your child sleep?

Don’t worry as here, let's unearth the best naptime music app that will even make you fall asleep to.

Naptime music apps that are free to download

As much as you would want to get your child a lullaby app to help them sleep, it can be frustrating to have to incur certain costs in getting these apps. So, here are free-to-download naptime apps for your baby.

1. Lightning Bug

Lightning Bug - Sleep Clock

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you no longer need to sing to your child in the effort of helping him or her sleep. This app is available for Android mobile users and will go a long way in helping your baby sleep and even help you to relax and catch some Z’s.

Lightning Bug is a free-to-download app and comes with pre-installed soothing music. The app has a substantial list of free and premium sounds that make your baby – and you – relax and fall asleep.

If you’re looking for a sound machine then the Lightning Bug will amuse you. It has scenes, alarm clock functionality, and a gallery of sounds that will inspire you.

2. Sleep hero

Sleep Hero

Talk about an app that will help you get a good night’s rest, Sleep Hero is another naptime music app that will help in developing your baby’s sleep routine. It’s available on the iPhone app store and comes with numerous nursery tunes to soothe your baby and help them sleep.

This app comes in handy as it not only makes your baby get some sleep but will make you so relaxed that you eventually fall asleep to it. Sleep Hero is loaded with some catchy features that even parents will fall for. It has white noise, lullaby recorder, sound monitor, sticker rewards and video loop. Wow!

Thanks to the app’s white noise, both you and your baby’s ears are filled with beautiful sounds that soothe your baby and help you relax.

3. Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher
Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher is also on the list of naptime music app and is among the best naptime apps in 2019. The App is user-friendly and readily available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. In most cases, the sound “Shh” is applied to confirm silence. The app also makes sounds that create an environment which reminds the baby of the womb.

Baby shusher has some tested techniques that effectively work in calming a baby and drifting them to sleep. This app works best after feeding and swaddling your baby.

The app is a little bit different from others for one reason, the white noise is not aggressive. It has a single sound that delivers the shushing sound. The technique it uses is very simple as the rhymes keep on repeating the shushing sound.

The developers of the app also enable the app to have room for creating your own shushing sounds, in the case where your child is used to your voice. Therefore, you might find yourself falling asleep to your own shushing sound!

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Naptime music apps that are suitable for children’s bedtime

4. Nighty Night

Nighty Night
Nighty Night

Nighty Night app is one of the bedtime apps that will summarize your night perfectly. Your baby has probably spent a good portion of the day sleeping and you are worried that they may remain awake almost all night, which means that you don’t get to sleep either.

But, thanks to Oscar-nominated artist (animator and illustrator) Heidi Wittlinger, your child can have a good night’s rest and not get fussy at night. Wittlinger came up with this thoughtful app that narrates stories, through video clips, about barnyard animals falling asleep.

Your baby will watch the animal fall asleep and will tend to mimic the animals and also fall asleep since most children love animals.

5. Novel Effect

Novel Effect

One of the most downloaded napping apps is the Novel Effect. This unique app is a digital replacement of the “bedtime storytelling” whereby it contains stories and plays soothing music during the narration of the story. The stories are based on selected children’s books and the soothing music and sound effects that play are most suitable for the story, and this enables it to create a serene environment that will make both you and your child catch some nap.

The app features allow you to select a book and it plays the sound and effects accordingly by detecting your current reading position to produce the best storytelling effect.

6. Lullaby for Babies

Lullaby for Babies

As the name suggests, this app provides calm and soothing lullabies to calm a crying baby and help him or her to sleep. This app is available for free download on Google Play Store for Android users. The app is designed to offer softly crooning lullabies that create a peaceful environment that will easily make your child drift to sleep.

With this app, you no longer need to keep singing to your baby as it gives you a break by providing sweet melodies that will even make you drowsy. So, all you need is to download this app which comes with curated features that will save your day.

And one of the amazing features of this app? It capitalizes on the technique that allows you to pre-record your own lullabies. If the baby is adamant to your voice, then this app comes in handy since you can record your voice. This will soothe your baby and eventually help them nap. So, with a lullaby for baby apps, you can travel in peace or attend to your chores as usual.

Bedtime music apps with suitable playlist for toddlers

Singing a lullaby while rocking your toddler may not do the trick since they may be past the age of being lured to sleep by these techniques. Rather than hope that your toddler played too much to be tired enough and fall asleep once they hit the hit, you can help them easily drift to dreamland by getting these toddler bedtime music apps.

7. Sleepy Sounds

Sleepy Sounds
Sleepy Sounds

The Sleepy Sounds app is available on both the google app store and the app store and is welcoming for kids. The app has a unique sound that your baby might be familiar with. It has background white noise which mimics the sound your baby was used to in the womb.

The advantage of Sleepy Sound is that it can be used by an adult who is experiencing insomnia. It has some special effects that allow your mind to go into relaxation mode within minutes. The app also allows you to record your own sound which is a huge boost as some kids just want to hear sounds they are familiar with.

8. AmbiScience Sleep Aid for Children

AmbiScience Sleep Aid for Children

Considered the most unique app on the app store, your child will definitely love it and easily fall asleep to the app. The app uses a scientific concept that utilizes the mixing of two tones with each tone being sent to each ear at the same time.

This leads to the creation of a pulsating effect that results in the production of a frequency which triggers the slowing down of the brainwaves and creates a relaxation effect. Therefore, your kid gets to fall asleep easily.


Sleep is an important factor in the development and growth of your child. Hence, it is necessary for your little one to get sufficient sleep which will also help you get that beauty rest to help both of you face a new day with a smile and enough rest. In this digital age, you can help your baby sleep with these naptime music apps that are free to download and easy to navigate, and you will find yourself saying goodbye to sleepless nights.

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