2019 best fertility monitors popular with moms-to-be

10 best fertility monitors to get pregnant is a methodically way

By Anusha
2019 best fertility monitors popular with moms-to-be

People of all ages have been trying to find effective and reliable ways to get pregnant. In the older times, people pray to fertility gods or go for concoction based on old wive's tales to boost fertility.

Nowadays, we are so lucky to have advanced methods of testing fertility and the time of ovulation. Technology has brought significant changes in the methods. You would have heard about the rhythm method being used during their time but now, there are fertility monitors to make everything is effortless and easy to understand. Surprisingly, these monitors are capable of providing the date of ovulation with much accuracy.

All you need to do is to understand the signs and plan accordingly. If you and your partner are trying for a baby, then it would be the right time to plan intercourse. While, if you both want to abstain, then using protection is necessary. As far as fertility is concerned, you should have complete knowledge of available tools out in the market. A fertility monitor is a perfect tool to gather all the information about your fertility and the best time to conceive.

So, before moving ahead, let’s get to know about this small device and its importance:

What is a Fertility Monitor?

Fertility monitor is the invention of modern era that increases a woman’s chance of conceiving a baby. It starts by tracking two important hormones- the estrogen levels and luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine. The user will have to take stick readings for 10 to 20 consecutive days from the start of the menstrual cycle. It calculates the length of the cycle along with the LH surge timing, which examines the LH before ovulation. The fertility monitor shows the fertility level for a specific day: peak, high or low.

Apart from this, fertility monitors keep things simple by using “Peak, High and Low” readings to prevent any misunderstanding in the reading. It is the most reliable and advanced method of conceiving a baby. The readings are easy to understand and you can rely on the LH surge blindly. The best of all, fertility monitors are natural and non-invasive.

10 Best Fertility Monitor for 2019


Fertility Monitor



Easy @ Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips

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One of the most trusted ovulation predictor kit reviewed. It prides to employ strict quality control procedures that give accurate and reliable results. It always monitors LH surge and gives clean and clear lines within 3 to 5 minutes of the test. It can detect LH and hCG hormones in urine at 25 mIU/mL i.e. FDA standard level. It allows women to take pictures of their results to see their ovulation pattern.


Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test
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It is easy to use and is capable of giving up to 99% accurate results about the LH surge. Its optical reader shows a smiley face when the LH surge is detected.


Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test
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It can detect the 4 best days to try for a baby. It identifies two peak fertility days while the other two are high fertility days, when estrogen and luteinizing hormones (LH) are detected. In short, it gives better chances to get pregnant.


Emay Smart Basal Thermometer
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This fertility monitor is integrated with an application that focuses on the oral basal body temperature (BBT) and automatically syncs to the app. It then examines with the advanced algorithm and analyzes the daily temperature to predict the expected period accuracy.


Femometer Smart Basal Thermometer
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It syncs basal body temperature (BBT) to the app that records, tracks and creates a chart to calculate pregnancy rate for a particular day. It also helps in contraception, manages menstrual cycle and early-stage pregnancy monitor.


Ovatel Ovulation Monitor
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It examines the saliva to track a ferning (positive) pattern due to the rise in estrogen. It has a 54x durable microscope with no buttons, batteries or switches to replace. This fertility monitor also has an app and a smartphone camera for Android and iPhone.


Comper Basal Thermometer
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It incorporates revolutionary innovations for easy and accurate readings. It saves a lot of time and helps busy women to monitor their pregnancy status based on their ovulation cycle.


Smart Period Tracker Fertility Monitor
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It also syncs basal body temperature (BBT) to the app to record and chart the results. It analyzes the BBT and examines the pregnancy rate on a regular basis. It improves the manual input accuracy and simplifies the complexity of a basal thermometer.


Himama Fertility Monitor
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It works on the sleep patterns and core body temperature to collect the needed BBT data. BBT is lowest when the body is at rest i.e. during sleep. It gathers information when a woman sleeps and analyzes it to provide fertility details.


OvaCue Fertility Monitor
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It is a hand-held fertility monitor having a saliva sensor, a cervical mucus sensor and a color screen. It is one of the reliable monitors to detect fertile days in the cycle. It tracks the body’s biological clues.

Clearblue - Is it really that good?

Clearblue is one of the reliable and trusted manufacturers of fertility monitors. They are provided with a touch screen to explain fertility status along with tracking unique fertility information on daily basis. They focus on two major fertility hormones (luteinizing and estrogens) to mention the right time to conceive. You can plan sex based on those days and avail maximum chances of getting pregnant.

Below are some worthy features that make Clearblue a preferable brand in the category of fertility monitors:

Detects fertile days efficiently

It reads the urine tests accurately to predict fertile days. It tracks personal hormone level and identify all Peak and High days to conceive a baby. It works in a better way as compared to other LH ovulation test methods.

Touch screen

This features is helpful to determine when to perform urine tests and set an alarm. You can also record your period days as well as when you had sex.

Stores personal fertility information

Clearblue’s fertility monitors are capable of storing 6 information cycles that are displayed in the form of a monthly calendar or 6 graphs explaining each cycle. it creates a summary chart comparing all 6 cycles in order to decide the right course of action for getting pregnant.

Accuracy to predict ovulation

The clinically certified method to detect fertility and chances of pregnancy.

Test Sticks from Clearblue

Along with the fertility monitor by Clearblue, you can also take help from its test stick pack, which consists of 30 sticks for a pregnancy check. For one cycle, you will need to have 10 test sticks or if you have long or irregular cycles, then your need may increase to 20 sticks per cycle.

These sticks are scientifically proven to increase the chances of conceiving a baby. With these test sticks, you have 82% chance in the first cycle as they detect the most fertile days- that are usually more than traditional ovulation predictors. This feminine fertility monitor focuses on two important hormones i.e. luteinizing and estrogen to provide information on fertility status in the form of a summary of up to 6 cycles.

What else is important in these test sticks? What makes them different from the fertility monitors available in the market? Here are some worth considering facts:

  • Test sticks are capable of making pregnancy faster. They have the ability to quicken the process of conceiving but, be sure to use them with a reliable fertility monitor for better results
  • They are the advanced form of monitor that is used to identify fertile days, usually up to six cycles
  • They work on patented technology that tracks and analyses two hormone levels i.e. E3G and LH
  • Test sticks are ideal for women having cycles between 21 and 42 days

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So, if you are having a good life with your partner and now feel that it’s time to plan for a new addition, then you have everything to know about getting pregnant. After reading this article, you will be in a better position to know the right time of conceiving a baby. Just be sure to keep using them until you get desired results.



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