How To Date A Girl Of Your Dreams And Keep Her Happy

Tips and bits of advice on how to date a girl in a happy relationship.

By Chelsea Lane
How To Date A Girl Of Your Dreams And Keep Her Happy

Tips on How to Date a Girl with Trust Issues

In a world full of instant dating websites and applications, finding a nice and decent romantic partner is a daunting task. And even if you are lucky enough to find one, it is only an uphill task to take care of that relationship and nurture it into something meaningful. But worry not, no matter what the hurdle, you can always work things out together with your partner.

By being compassionate, you can make sure you understand your partner’s feelings about a situation, especially if that someone has been through a rough patch before. A girl may not be open to dating because she might have had some past experiences, due to which she has trust issues. One advice – be careful while approaching someone like her.

Here are some steps you can follow to ensure you can approach the person whom you have developed a likening for:

Try to find out more about her

Now, you do not have to stalk a person out to know everything about her life. But when you know someone’s story, you tend to understand why they behave as they do. Ask a common friend about their situation, but make sure you do not invade her privacy.

Treat her as a friend

Try to strike a friendship with her. You do not have to be a couple on your second meeting. Try to make her comfortable around you or a group. If she sees you as someone who she can trust, she will definitely open the door for further steps in the relationship.

Be genuine

Girls who have trust issues are extra careful about placing their trust in anyone. If you are trying to act like someone you are not, she might sniff that out and there goes your chance out of the window. Staying humble and genuine will help you in the long run.

Go slow even after she agrees to go out with you

If all things work out, and she has decided to place her trust in you, you need to go slow with things. Make her feel comfortable and do not rush into anything. She needs her space and will open up to you in her own time.

Tips on How to Date a Girl with a Boyfriend

This is an infamous triangle of love, a concept that has been seen recurring multiple times over the history of mankind. You like a girl, but she is currently with someone else. How do you approach someone who is already dating someone? Well, today might just be your lucky day, friend.

A situation like this has to be overviewed carefully before diving head-first into it. You need to understand that love is a two-way process. Concepts like one-side love are nothing but a modern world illusion. It’s either she likes you or not. Simple as that.

If a girl is in a relationship and you like her, but she is happy in her current relationship, just walk away. However, if you have reasons to believe that she might be stuck in a relationship and likes you back, you might just have a chance!

If you like someone who is currently happy about a relationship, here are a few things you can do to be with that someone:

  • First of all, try to find out if that girl is unhappy about her current relationship. If not, do not try to destroy someone else’s world to make yours beautiful.
  • Make sure you let the girl know about your feelings with her. If the girl sees you for the amazing person you are, she will be vocal about her feelings for you. And if she is unhappy with her current relationship, she might just walk out of it to be with you.
  • Be patient. You have to be very patient in these kinds of situations. People tend to develop bonds with people they have been with for years. It is difficult to break them and start over. Let them take their time in such situations

In the end, you always have a chance of getting punched in the eye by her boyfriend. Just make sure that you understand that a relationship is a two-way process and if your feelings are mutual, you folks will be happy together. If not, there might just be someone waiting for you. Be with someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them.

Tips on How to Date a Girl Taller Than You

Love is said to be blind. The person’s age, height, weight, skin color, race, or any other factor does not matter if you like him. That is what the world wants you to believe, but the reality might be something different from an ideal romantic tale.

Physical appearance is important. It may not be the defining factor in a relationship, but it can be something that sets the standards for starting a romantic relationship with someone. Sometimes, it can assist you, but other times, it can be a barrier as well. Say, for example, you want to date a girl taller than you. That won’t be an easy job, right?

Imagine yourself standing on your toes, trying to kiss the girl. That would be some awkward situation. But worry not, my friends. If your determination is strong and your intentions are good, you can just sweep the girl right off her feet!

Here are some ways by which you can definitely impress that beautiful girl:

Exercise and build yourself well.

The girl might be taller than you and you can almost do next to nothing to increase your height. However, you can maintain your physical self by building up a decent body. You may not be able to reach her, but you can definitely hold her well in your strong arms. The girls love that!

Do not be intimated

A lot of your friends would not be able to muster up the courage and talk to this gorgeous tall girl. And that is where 90 percent of them would fail. The 10 percent who gather up the courage to speak to her will be the ones taking her out for a long drive next weekend. So gather up your confidence and go say hello.

Take the lead

She might be taller than you, but that does not mean she is not a lady. If she agrees to go out with you, make her feel like one. Do everything you would do for someone you would go out on a date with. Let her know you are a gentleman. And if you two are able to hit it off, you just might not have to stand on your toes to end a perfect little evening together.

Tips on How to Date a Girl with a Child

Motherhood can be a tough phase in life, especially when someone has to go through it alone.

You might start to develop an affection for someone in life who has the responsibility of a child or children in her life. When you want to go out with someone who is a single parent, the dynamics of the relationship are going to be completely different. Not only are you taking up a romantic relationship with someone who is much mature than you, but you are also taking up a huge step towards maturity yourself.

First and foremost, you need to have a clear difference between compassion and passion for someone. If you want to go out with a person because you pity their situation, then you should just take a step back and go on with your life. However, if you really want to develop a relationship with someone with a child, here is what you can do:

Make her feel normal

Single parents are much stronger than you think. Make her feel comfortable around you so that she can see you for the genuine person you are.

Inquire about her past

While you should get to this slowly, do ask her about her past life to make her trust you. Listen to her situation and try to be emphatic towards her life.

Develop a bond with the child

If you want to go out with a mother, you need to go out with the child. Make sure you have a good bond with the child and he feels comfortable around you. An occasional toy or sweets would always act in your favor.

Give her time to think.

Make sure she is ready for something with you before you go any further. Let her think and think for yourself too before jumping into anything big. Make mature decisions for everyone involved. Make the right decision for everyone involved, and you just might be on your way to a very stable and healthy relationship. 

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Dating should not be limited by any of the above features. You are free to choose your partner in life as long as they choose you back. Be aware of your decisions, respect each other and always be honest to your other half. May you have a happy dating life!


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