Everything to Find Out About an Aries Man in Love

Know in detail about what happens when an Aries man fall in love

By Fred S.
Everything to Find Out About an Aries Man in Love

Have you met an Aries man that has had your heart beating? Have you met a few times, and hit it off, but you are still a little confused with the complexity of the man? When an Aries man falls in love, he becomes devoted, and single minded. Once he sets his heart on a woman, he does not hesitate pursuing her and showing her how he feels about her. The efforts may seem overwhelming to the person on the receiving end, but the truth is he is not afraid to look stupid and failing – if anything your Aries man would learn everything the hard way, by stumbling countless times.  

The Traits and Characteristics of An Aries Man

1. Competitiveness:

An Aries man loves competing with himself as much as he loves to compete with those around him, be it in business settings, or in personal life. He believes that he can conquer all grounds of life. He sets his heart on the most desirable thing, and works relentlessly until he achieves what he sets his eyes on; if there are people in the way wishing to achieve the same, he will give them the toughest time possible, and take victory!

2. Difficulty in finding the perfect mate:

We explained earlier how persistent an Aries man is for the people that he loves, and the ones that he holds close to him. However, it is hardly ever love at first sight, Aries tend to be one of the signs that find it very difficult to find the perfect person for invest their time in. It is not always about relationships, sometimes they have a hard time finding friends too. They don’t trust easily, therefore take their time before finally taking the first step towards a strong friendship or relationship. 

3. Passionate:

Once an Aries man is invested in you, there’s no going back, they will be the most passionate partner to have. While they are passionate about the ones they love, their passionate nature is not just limited to a relationship. He can be passionate about his work, his sports life, or his social life. Anything he puts his foot in, he looks for passion in it, he does it with full zeal, and doesn’t hold back. With an Aries man, if he likes something or someone, it will always be right there on his face, without any room for doubt.

4. Enthusiastic:

Aries are a sign that are full of life, and have the energy of a fireball! They always want to stay upbeat with whatever they do in life, they also want the people around them to have the same energy. When invested in a relationship, he would want a partner that could meet his excitement about life instead of someone absolutely dull!  

5. Intact Innocence:

The energy, and the passion in the traits of an Aries man helps them stay young. They are reluctant to grow up entirely, and stay afresh about life and how to go about it. They stay young at heart, regardless of what age they might be. They choose to wake up every day and start each day as a new one instead of carrying the burden of yesterday into today. There boyish charm never ceases to exist, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it makes your heart skip a beat. 

Signs of An Aries Man in Love

1. Always make the first move:

Aries are not afraid to make a fool out of themselves, when they will be in love, they will tell you this by constantly making the first move: the first phone call, the first text, the first person to make plans. If you see an Aries taking an initiative to stay involved in your life, know that they might be in love with you. If you feel the same, don’t wait, and just tell them! We would like to see a beautiful happy ending too.

2. Protective:

An Aries man is the most possessive one out there, if they form an imaginary circle around you for protection, it is because they are in love with you. We do not mean it figuratively, you will see that people will approach you less, and they will be more thoughtful of your likes and dislikes. They will also become jealous very easily. Aries in love believe that if you belong to them, they will make sure to protect you against all odds!

3. Honesty:

They maybe all games and fun, with a child-like heart, and always ready to be the sunshine to everyone’s life, but the truth is, for an Aries in a relationship, they value honesty more than anything else in the big picture. So if he is absolutely honest about difficult things with you, then know that they are in love with you. We would recommend that you should be honest in return as well, considering they want to be treated the way they treat you.

4. Puts you on a pedestal, expects the same:

For an Aries man to be in love, all they can see is their love interest. They will ignore all the bad things about you, and continue to highlight the good in you. They set you on a pedestal, for them you are the perfect example of everything and anything. For them, you could do no wrong. However, this is not a selfless act, when they do this, they expect the same importance be given to them in return by you.

5. Expressive:

Be it jealousy, anger, passion, or aggressiveness an Aries man has no problem in communicating all of these things to their lovers. They could communicate with words, or with their behavior. You need to keep your eyes and mind open to the signs that your partner might be disturbed about something. The more expressive they become about an issue, the more they want you to notice it. While it becomes overwhelming at times, but the intensity of their love and the intensity of their negative emotions maintain a balance in the relationship. 

How to Know if It’s Love or Lust

Aries is a strong headed, and a passionate star sign, but it’s also the easiest to decode an Aries behavior and determining whether he is in love or not. We mentioned earlier that an Aries is never afraid to go after what he wants, and stay persistent about it. When he is in love he will push you too much to see the love he has to offer, he will continuously remind you what you mean to him, he will look for reasons to be with you. His loyalty would be so fierce, you would blindly trust him to make the right choices for you and for himself.

This however is subjective to whether he is in love with you or he is enjoying fooling around with you or not. When you are doubtful that whether he loves you or not, it is probably because he isn’t that in to you! When he promises to be there for you, but fails to keep his promises, is when you see the irony in the situation. If you feel he gets bored around you easily, that is when you step back, because his heart does not reside with you. For an Aries, if he is in love, boredom just isn’t part of the deal.   

Winning an Aries Man’s Heart

An Aries man is adventurous and wishes to find a partner that shares the same zest for life as him. He does not want someone with a laid back attitude. By nature, Aries men see themselves as the more dominant ones, and usually think of themselves as the leader, but it becomes very boring to lead people that are not whole heartedly involved. To win his heart, you would need to be just as excited and full of energy as him.  

He wants someone that he can get involved in a little playful banter with, instead of someone that would just talk about the serious things, you should know how to laugh at yourself if you want to walk step in step with an Aries man. An Aries isn’t all about the jokes, he would love to see you engage in some intellectual debate with him, if anything, your intellectual edges would turn an Aries on.  

An Aries man is in love with adventure, and a new day every day, if you want to impress him, you must display and even feel the excitement of going on an adventure everyday instead of just following a monotonous routine. Be ready to see new places, eat new things, and make new stories about places you’ve never seen, and people you’ve never met, because with an Aries every day is an adventure!  


An Aries man falls in love very soon, but he is also just as quick to fall out of love and move on. While he may be the most loyal and honest partner amongst the zodiacs, but if he loses his interest in you there’s very little you can do to regain it. It is always advisable to keep him involved and stay excited about life with him, you will see that he will remain in love with you for a long-long time.  

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