Tired Of Being Single - 10 Tips For Wanting To Fall In Love

Work on these tips to be attached as you're tired of being single

By Aey
Tired Of Being Single - 10 Tips For Wanting To Fall In Love

Tired of being single and lonely

It’s completely normal to want someone to share your time with. If you’re tired of being single, you’ve landed on the right article. Keep on reading to explore some of the best tips you can get to start dating and falling in love again!

What to do when you're tired of being single

Well, most people don’t do anything about it. They wait for the right person to roll around and I’m not completely in favor of this technique. I think that if you want something, you need to put in the effort to get it. If you searched up this article, congratulations because you are already putting in the effort!

Tips to begin dating and falling in love

1. Be unapologetically yourself

You have to always remember to be yourself. When you’re in a phase in trying to find the right guy feels like a challenge, you can easily question yourself and assume that maybe you’re a difficult person. You have to be mindful of your thoughts in this phase because once you start blaming yourself, you will try to change. Remember that if you fake a personality just to start dating, the love won’t last for a long time and you will ultimately find yourself in a heartbreak situation because at one point you will feel tired of trying to be someone else. This is why you need to be unapologetically yourself! To find happiness in a relationship, you must find someone who is compatible with your personality and not the one you’re trying to fake. It might be hard but it sure will be worth it.

2. Don’t turn your volume down

“Ex said I’m too much? I’m going to be just enough by controlling my acts.” “Ex said I’m too emotional? I’ll suppress my emotions so that my partner won’t feel overwhelmed.” “Ex said I’m depressing? I’ll fake my happiness.”

There are numerous cases out there where an ex threw pointless allegations at you like confetti just because they weren’t mature enough to deal with a break up in a decent manner, ladies and men out there turn their volume down. You’re not too much! Your ex just wasn’t able to handle your awesomeness. You’re not too emotional! You’re in touch with yourself which is a gift not everybody has; the right person will see it as a gift. You don’t have to suppress your emotions because that will be suffocating; you just have to find someone who values emotion.

3. Get yourself out there

There are cases out there where ladies found love on Tinder or Bumble but the statistics aren’t that great. If you’re fed up of being single, you need to get yourself out there. I’m not saying that finding love on dating app is impossible but why not try both? Invited to a party? Dress up and show up! How about a night out at the club with your friends? If a random person smiles at you, smile back! You need to make yourself available. Remember that there is a fine line between making yourself respectfully seem open to dating and being straight out desperate. The former will attract healthy relationships and the later will only leave you heartbroken.

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4. Learn about postures

Did you know that your posture sends out messages that you don’t even want to send? Have you ever been at a bar, all dolled up, and wondered why nobody offered to buy you a drink? Maybe your posture wasn’t welcoming. When you’re outside and want to be approached by people, make sure that you’re giving off a friendly and easy-going vibe, your hands aren’t crossed over your chest and you’re not on your phone. This will make other people feel welcomed and give them the confidence to interact with you if they find you attractive.

5. Have a great time

Wherever you are, looking for a guy could be the motive but it shouldn’t be the priority. The priority should be having a great time. When your priority is to find a partner, you might lower your standard and might even cross over to the desperate side. On the other side, if you’re having a great time, you will automatically send of good vibes and the right people will be attracted to you. So go out, be open and have a great time the rest will happen itself.

6. Don't even think about lowering your Standards!

Everyone has experienced the phase where they lowered their standard just because they felt lonely. We all know how that ended, don’t we? The lesson we should take from this experience is that ‘standard’ can make or break a relationship. It is one of those things that a person should take lightly when they’re contemplating whether a person is worth dating or not. You should be very well aware of the type of partner you’re looking for and you shouldn’t lower it just because you can’t find someone who fits that standard. So the tip is ‘hustle so you won’t have to settle’. If you settle for lower standard, the cycle will repeat and in no time you will embark again on the journey of finding a suitable partner.

7. Don’t rush

This is one of the most cliché tips that you will read on here but definitely one of the most important ones. When we’re out of a relationship and entering the new one, we always want to fast forward to the point where the comfort level is at its highest because that’s what we miss the most. This makes us want to rush things and ultimately ruin a chance at a relationship. So, be patient and let time handle the rest.

8. Learning to not take rejection personally

Dating is most definitely one of the many things where people are bound to face rejection. The best tip to begin dating and falling in love is making up your mind that success follows soon after failures and the rejections that you might face along the way doesn’t say anything about you. You’re amazing just because someone isn’t compatible with you, doesn’t mean that you need to change yourself. You will eventually find someone who the right fit for you.

9. Learning to meet halfway

Understanding the difference between not changing your way and compromise is the key to a happy relationship. You need to know the times where compromise and meeting your partner halfway is necessary to work things out without draining yourself out by giving up things that make you happy. The slight difference between these is what makes the former healthy while the latter is toxic.

10. Say yes to Blind Dates!

As much as the idea sounds weird to you, this actually works. If you want to start dating, ask your closest friends to set you up with someone in their circle. This works because your closest friends know, as a third party, the type of person you’d be compatible with. This is a great way to put yourself out there after a dating break.

Quotes about tired of being single

Instagram: @annehathaway

"Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I'm most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me."
          -Anne Hathaway

Instagram: @adamlevine

"I'm fiercely independent, but I'm also terrified of being alone."
          -Adam Levine

Source: Wikipedia.com

"The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely."
          -Charlotte Brontë


The desperation of getting over with the single life may cloud our judgment and become the reason of unneeded heartbreaks. We’ve talked a lot about how to avoid it and the right steps to take to build a healthy foundation. If you’re one of those people who keep forgetting their worth and forget all the pieces of advice given to them, you might as well jot these 10 tips on a piece of paper and read it every day to stay reminded. If you have to lose yourself to find love, that actually an investment that is bound to bring you terrible loss! So be unapologetically yourself and don’t hesitate to say no if someone doesn’t meet your standards. You’re amazing and you need someone equally amazing to fit you. So, don’t let setbacks disappoint you and keep at it!  

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 It’s advisable to take things slow, with established rules and boundaries for yourself as you begin dating someone.