The Different Phrases Of Married Sex Through The Years

What are the Different Phases of Married Sex for Married Couples?

By Sarah Potter
The Different Phrases Of Married Sex Through The Years

Marriage is not just about love, it’s about sexual, physical and emotional compatibility. It is exciting to get into that lifelong agreement with the love of your life and oh my, is it worth it. Different things keep a marriage going, and great and awesome sex is doubt one of the essentials. But the truth is, sex itself isn’t always rosy or always constant in marriages, because of so many factors.

Some of these factors could be pregnancy, illnesses, responsibilities, work and a lot more. There are different phases of married sex in marriages, and it’s essential you understand these phases so you don’t get all worked up or worried when it begins to feel like something might be wrong with your sex life.  We have got the perfect explanation for the different phases of sex in your marriage. You might also be thinking of a way to catch up and get back into your healthy sex life perfectly, not to worry, we have just the perfect tips install for you. This would guide you on how to regain your sex life and intimacy successfully with your partner.

The Different Phases of Married Sex for a Long Term Relationship

You might find this is a bit too funny, but there are actually different phases in marriages when the couples sex life takes different turns. It either gets better or maybe a bit worse or perhaps it stops completely.

The Honeymoon Sex

Everyone looks forward to the honeymoon stage right after the wedding. It’s like a sex marathon in exotic places or in a different area, maybe even in non-bedroom areas at home. Here the couples take almost every opportunity to explore various locations, styles, deepen the connection and improve physical intimacy.

The Acclimatization Sex

This merely is the settling in sex, getting settled into your new home, new job, and new environment. Taking moments for quickies while housekeeping, after watching movies, doing the dishes, and after or even while having your bath. It becomes an integral part of your schedule, and you can’t miss it for anything, well not technically.                                    

Baby Making Sex

At this stage, the goal is making a baby, you end up having more sex than planned out in your previous schedule. You explore more styles, mostly ones that are baby friendly and would quickly result in a baby, more frequency and intensity. It doesn’t just end here, it gets hotter, sexier and more intense, mostly because your partner might find you more sensual after the bump.

Postpartum Sex

This comes after the baby’s been born. This might not kick start immediately after you give birth, majorly because of the stress, the pain and probably the unpleasant feeling that comes after birth.  It might take some time to regain and build intimacy with your partner, do some exercise, heal and recuperate. The thought of having sex again might be scary, and the action even more terrifying and challenging, but it doesn’t stop you from having sex. After you have healed and gotten yourself, sex is better and much more exciting.

No Sex stage

This is the point where work, kids, and responsibilities take the most of your time you both understand your schedules and accept it, and even become comfortable with not having sex at all. You might both see as time-consuming or stressful or tiring at this stage and you both agree. This might last for a long while and sometimes even more than necessary.

Back in the Groove Sex

At this stage, you are both tired of the no sex spell and are desperate to cut it off. So you find a way to either take a break of the kids or make the kids take a break off you. You send the kids off to their grandparents, or for a road trip in school. Or you and your partner, take a weekend trip off or lodge somewhere to get back in the sex groove. This stage gets better with time, as you both get wilder and try out new and exciting things together.

6 Tips to Great Married Sex for Couples after Baby

A lot of women particularly pregnant ones worry about their sex life after having a baby. This is most common with new mothers since it’s their first. Your pregnancy and the cute creature you are giving life to would definitely have an effect on your life generally, that is, your sex life, your body, your mind and this might get you a bit worked up.

There is no doubt that things would be different after having your baby, but most times different is better. It turns out that, most women enjoy their sex lives better after birth, but this is usually possible with a few tricks and tips. Once you can heal and recuperate after birth and your doctor gives a go-ahead for sex, there are a few tips that you would need to get back your healthy sex life and make it even better. Here we have a few that would help you get back on track in no time.

1. Take it Slow

You obviously just had a baby, and your body has gone through so much in the last 9 months or more or maybe even less. There isn’t any rush to get into the sex groove with your partner just yet. Take time to heal, recuperate and get yourself back. Having any form of sexual intercourse when you aren’t prepared both physically, mentally and emotionally can take a significant toll on your body and your mind. You can try getting intimate with your partner, but don’t rush into sex.

2. Bubble Baths are a Great Idea

A bubble bath can be so relieving and relaxing after a stressful day, how much more after months of stress that has left you with a sore body and probably some aches here and there. You could take some time out, perhaps when your baby is asleep, prepare yourself a bubble bath and immerse yourself in that luscious beauty.  You could do this with your partner to relax, have some alone time and also have some bit of physical intimacy.

3. Couple Time

Plan a getaway time with your partner, but always make sure your baby is well taken care of during that time. This time should be used to revive and strengthen the intimacy between you two, it doesn’t have to be sex, and it could be doing your favorite thing together, seeing your favorite movie, eating your favorite snack. It could even be you both snuggled up on the bed, talking late into the night, subtle kisses and maybe a bit of making out. This would make you feel better and prepare you for sex.

4. Be Adventurous

All healed up now and ready for sex? You can’t go back to the boring old night time and bedroom sex. Try out something much more exciting. Think of new places you can have exciting and thrilling sex. It could be the rooftop of your car, the backseat of your car, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, any place that suits you better. It doesn’t even have to be within the confines of your home. Make your sex life much more exciting by trying out new places and times.

5. You Still have to be Careful

As much as you can have sex, you should also be a bit more conscious about your body. Whenever you and your partner decide to have sex, always ensure your vagina is wet and moist enough for penetration, take your time to get into the mood through foreplay. If this isn’t working out for you, you could try out lubricants or talk to your doctor. You can have sex all you want but not too frequently, well at least for now, it doesn’t have to be daily, it could twice, thrice, weekly or whenever you both choose. Make sure you also seek advice with your doctor on the need for contraceptives, if you don’t want any pregnancy soon.

6. Scared?

A few women, as a result of difficulties, while giving birth, get tears and have their vaginas all stitched up. This might get them scared of sexual intercourse either because of pain or because of fear of how their partners now see them.  If you are having either of these or more, take out time to talk with your partner and explain your fears, this would definitely have you feeling much better and relieved, improve intimacy and also your sex life.

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Enjoy Great Good Intimate Sex with your Partner with these Tips


Understanding the phases of sex in marriage that you are going through, would help you live out and enjoy your marriage to the fullest. Also, getting your healthy and exciting sex life after birth might be a bit challenging for you, but it is absolutely possible. Although it might take some time to achieve, the outcome is promising, all you have to do is stick with our tips and take life, one step at a time.



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