10 Ways to a Mind Blowing Intimate Sex with your Partner

Enjoy Great Good Intimate Sex with your Partner with these Tips

By Sarah Potter
10 Ways to a Mind Blowing Intimate Sex with your Partner

It’s been a while you last enjoyed sex with your partner, maybe you got tired of the usual routine, or perhaps you had a long fight. Or maybe you just lost interest, or you haven’t ever even enjoyed sex with your partner, and now it’s becoming burdensome. Great and intimate sex has a great way of strengthening bonds between you and your partner and also creating a strong connection between you two. Great and intimate sex is no doubt one of the most significant turn on for everyone in a relationship.

Great sex is one of the most important things today that keeps a lot of relationships going today. But it so turns out that a few people fail to enjoy it or somehow, it isn’t just going down well with them, this is worrisome and definitely needs some solution ASAP!

We see plenty of sexual interactions literally everywhere, it's either in the movies, on a TV show, on the internet and so on, and it’s quite amazing how most times, it turns out the two partners are well interested in the process and are entirely enjoying themselves. This leaves you wondering how you can keep your sex life with your partner strong, thrilling, exciting and unwavering. There are several ways to do this, from knowing what makes you aroused, to what makes your partner at his or her best in bed and so many more. To have the kind of hot, steamy and sexy sex, we have compiled the list of tips you can do to help you and your partner enjoy the best intimate sex.

What does Intimate Sex Mean?

We all know what sex means, well at least most of us. But when it comes to intimate sex, I can guess a lot of might get lost trying to explain what it means. In other, for you to have great and intimate sex, you must at least understand what intimacy is all about and how it works. Intimacy is connection and closeness on a whole new level with your partner; now combine this with sex, what’d you think you’ve got? Amazing right? Yes.

Being able to desire and enjoy your partner during sex, understand your partners' emotions is what makes sex intimate. It goes beyond just thrusting, it is feeling every moment an connecting with your partner through every part of the process, from the foreplay to the actual act and finally to orgasm.

How does Intimate Sex feel like?

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If you think or feel you haven’t had intimate sex before, you might definitely want to know what it feels like. It is one of the bond strengthening and exciting feelings you could experience with your partner. Here, time halts and everything else ceases to matter except the process, the action, the moment, the connection and your partner. There’s an outburst of feelings coupled with an intense desire that sends chills down your spine. Intimate sex leaves you feeling more drawn to your partner, safe in his or her arms, feeling loved and aroused alongside heightened sexual activities.

The type that leaves you both amazed mad breathless, coiled up in each other’s arms and lavishing and reliving each moment of what you just had. This dramatically improves the bond between you two and satisfies you sexually. For you to enjoy this luxury with your partner, ensure you are able to build an intimate relationship with him or her to make sex much more intimate and enjoyable for you both.

A List of Tips on How to Make Great Intimate Sex with your Partner

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There are so many things you could do to get great intimate sex with your partner. First things first is a close relationship that is intimacy and romance without sex. Sex is definitely one of the most intimate physical acts between partners, but it can go beyond that. To do this you need to be vulnerable, but sadly, a lot of us fear vulnerability. Vulnerability enhances intimacy. Here are some tips to great intimate sex with your partner.

1. What are your desires?

You both should communicate your desires to each other.  Don’t just say it, explain what you mean, how much you want it and what it would mean to you. Share your thoughts on what you both think intimacy is and try and work with it. You think your partner is always distracted, tell them, you want more of something, tell them.

You both can talk about your experiences during sex, how you feel about it and how you can improve intimacy and connection. It can never get too much, as long as you both are making good progress. This would definitely go a long way in improving your sex life and making it more intimate.

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2. No distractions

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Cell phones, children (if you have any) and pets amongst an endless list of other things can be a great distraction during sex. You wouldn’t be able to have any intimacy if you have to keep picking up your buzzing phone, running out of the room to attend to your child or something. You need absolute peace and quiet. Prepare for the moment, turn off your cell phones if you have to, tackle everything that would be a source of distraction, lock yourselves in the room (or wherever you decide to) and have a good time with your partner.
Put in your undivided attention and stay connected and undistracted throughout.

3. Pre and pro-intimacy

Intimacy during sex doesn’t just happen; you have to build up the moment. During or even before foreplay, try and create some intimacy between you two. You could try to relax, and cool your nerves, especially after a long and stressful day. You could cuddle up, talk, laugh and spend time. You could do this until the intensity of your emotions and desires are built up or until you feel you are connected enough to start out something. Slowly go into foreplay and let the energy build up. After sex, you can coil up in each other’s arms and talk about what you liked most.

4. Talk

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Talking during sex isn’t weird, and it plays a pivotal role in great intimate sex. I don’t mean, long boring talks, you could tease each other sexily, complement or praise yourselves. Tell your partner how much you love and adore him/her. You could also bring your partner back to the moment if it seems he/she is drifting away or disconnected. Make subtle jokes and so on. But try to avoid lengthy and unrelated talks while in this process.

5. Switch Roles

 Switch roles, positions, change pace, anything changeable. Try changing and switching roles and positions when you can. A lot of men have the habit of trying to distract them so they don’t orgasm too fast and this may ruin the whole mood. You could change positions; you could take the lead and be on top after a while or below.

Change the pace at which you are moving, from fast to slow or the other way. In all this, make sure you stick with styles that would promote intimacy; any technique that would keep your bodies against each other would be great.

6. Some eye contact would do

This is one the best and fastest way to get and feel intimate, sex or not. They say the eyes are the doorway to our souls and so locking eye contact can be a great way to connect and improve intimacy. You both can work towards maintaining eye contact at least once or twice, whilst kissing, while thrusting, whilst touching yourselves and even during orgasm.

7. New things are fun too

Trying out new stuff together would definitely keep you both connected and concentrated. It would prevent either f you from drifting far. You both would increase sexual intimacy and also get rid of any boredom. You could try out new positions, new toys, new patterns, even new locations and secret fantasies too.

8. More touching

This might sound a little off to you, but it would definitely work a great deal for you and your partner. So many couples leave out touching or strokes during sex because they feel it might be off the hook. But strokes on the back, face, chest, grasping your partner tightly, touching sensitive parts of your partner’s body lightly during sex would do a great deal I heightening your experience.

9. Expectations

We watch so many things on the TV today, online and so on and this keeps us setting unreasonable expectations for our partners. Most times, what we see online or on TV are far different from the actual process. Therefore it is essential that you focus more on your partner and developing intimacy between you two, by discovering your unique likes and communication of intimacy.

10. Above all: vulnerability

This is what tops it all, as said earlier; you can’t be intimate without the littlest bit of vulnerability. You shouldn’t be afraid to be vulnerable if you want the best out of your sex life and your relationship. It keeps you connected and in touch with yourselves, and it allows you to see beyond the physical act, to be able to recognize emotions and desires behind your sexual activities.

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Intimate sex goes a long way in improving your relationship, deepening and strengthening the connection between you and your partner. Here we have listed out many things that can help improve your sexual life and promote the bond between you two through great intimate sex.