16 Best Advice For The Bride On Marriage and Married Life

Funny to serious advice for the brides to keep for marriage life

By Aey
16 Best Advice For The Bride On Marriage and Married Life

Bridal shower advice

1. Share the wisdom

A wedding is the most important day in a girl's life. Before her big day, she will need advice from her close friends and family. The most important advice you can give to the bride-to-be is your wisdom and experiences on how to not let the stress get the best of her. Tell her to focus on her beauty sleep and throw her a great bridal shower. Do your research and let her know the most effective ways to keep her anxiety in checks such as meditation and breathing techniques.

2. Keep it personalized and special

A bridal shower is a party thrown for the bride by her friends and sisters. It is an all-girls party only where the purpose is to make the bride feel special. One important bridal shower advice is to keep it personalized and special. Do not invite unnecessary people and only invite close friends who really matter to the bride. Too many people especially those the bride is not even comfortable with will only increase the guest list and her anxiety. It would be a lot more fun with close friends only.

3. Play fun games

This is probably the last day before she turns from a Miss to Mrs. As she is about to start a new chapter of her life, advise her to do everything crazy today that she has always wanted to do but couldn't do. Play fun games and treat her like a queen for this one day. Get drunk and dance to the fullest!

4. Give her tips on how to be a good wife

This is also one of the games played at the bridal shower party. Give the bride tips on how to be a good wife! You can write the tips down on sticky notes anonymously and make the bride guess which tip each friend gave. Whether you are married or unmarried yourself, give tips that can help her in the future.

5. Ask the groom questions about her and match her answers to his

This is another popular game played at the bridal shower. Make a list of questions and ask the groom and then ask the same questions to the bride. Note down how many answers she guessed correctly. This is a fun way to advice the bride on how important it is to know the guy she is getting married to and also to notice how well the guy knows her.

6. Make it a memorable day of her life

This is probably the last day your friend is meeting you as a Miss. From this day onwards she will be someone else's Mrs. Make sure to make this day extremely fun and memorable for her. Play fun games, order a beautiful cake for her and make her do all the stupid things she had always wanted to do.

Funny advice for the bride about marriage

7. Before you marry him, listen to him chew

This is a piece of funny yet important advice to give to the bride before her marriage. Remember that once you are married, you have to spend the rest of your life with this person. The way he eats or chews, if you think you can stand that noise for a lifetime only then marry him. The same advice also goes for snoring. Before you marry him, hear him snore. 

8. Keep your man well fed

Another funny but also an important piece of advice to give to a bride before her marriage is to keep her man well fed. It is often said, a hungry person is more likely to argue over petty issues. If you keep your man well fed and comfortable, it will keep him quiet for some time.

Advices For Bride On Wedding And on Her Wedding Day

9. A good night's sleep

For a bride, her wedding day is of utmost importance. She is excited but anxiety always ticks in before something important is about to happen. Advice the bride to take a good night's sleep! If she is too anxious and unable to sleep, give her warm milk or a sleeping pill. A tired bride with anxiety isn’t a good combination, trust me!

10. Calm space on your wedding day

This is your big day and you want to look like a fairytale. Important advice for the bride on her wedding day would be to ask her to stay calm and not lose her temper. As a bride, mixed feelings would be rushing inside of you. You will be overwhelmed with too many emotions and feelings. Get your hair and makeup done in a relaxed place a little ahead of time and then spend some alone time. Try to avoid anything that might trigger restlessness and if you’re getting overwhelmed, keep reminding yourself of all the amazing things about the groom because of which you’re marrying him.

11. Eat something before rushing to the saloon

A wedding day is filled with a lot of emotions and hassle bustle. Brides are usually so busy doing hundreds of things that they often forget to eat anything at all. Before you rush to the saloon, make sure to take a light snack as staying hungry all day wouldn't do any help. If you are too panicky and unable to eat, just take a glass of juice or milk.

12. Keep your maid of honor close

There are a number of last minute things you will remember and since you are the bride, you will be panicky about irrelevant things as well. Hence it is important to keep one person, particularly your maid of honor close to you. Ask her if you need anything or if you want help in fixing your hairpin, jewelry or veil.

13. Choose and decide the music beforehand

Every girl from a very young age has decided a lot of things for her wedding day. One such thing is the song or the music you want to enter on. It is extremely important to have the music chosen beforehand and it should also be told to the musician or DJ beforehand so that you don't have to wait for the song during entering for your big day.

14. Do what you have always wanted to do

It is your big day and both you and your fiancé would have a lot of plans for the day. Do everything you have always wanted to do at your wedding. Do not let people's opinions or judgments take away this day from you... If you want to dance the night off, do it. Do not regret later for not doing what your heart wanted. For one day stop pleasing everyone and live it for yourself.

15. Take pictures before the ceremony and ask the photographer to stay longer

From choosing the perfect dress to perfect jewelry and makeup, you wanted to look nothing less than a fairytale, you have put your heart and soul in every decision. It would all go in vain if you didn't have the perfect pictures. It is often difficult to have perfect shots during the ceremony hence it is always better to get a solo photo-shoot done before the ceremony starts. You should also get the couple shoot done before all the guests start coming.

16. Slow down and enjoy it to the fullest

A lot of the women who are married know that the day goes by extremely fast and ends even before you know it. One of the most important pieces of advice for the bride for her big day would be to ask her to slow down and enjoy the day to her fullest. Stop stressing over petty things and just enjoy the moment.

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Weddings are one of the most stressful yet the happiest days for the bride. She is a paradox of emotions and trusts me when I say, no matter how much she tries to convince you that she knows what she’s getting into, she actually doesn’t! The truth is, no unmarried girl can ever know what being married is like. This is why advice from experiences Mrs.’s can go a long way in helping her go around the mistakes all brides make. In the end, we wish nothing but all the happiness in the world for all our bride-to-be readers <3



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