10 Outdoor Proposals That You Never Thought Of

Interesting and creative outdoor proposal ideas for the romantics

By Diana N.
10 Outdoor Proposals That You Never Thought Of

Creative Outdoor Wedding Proposal Ideas

When two love birds meet, the chemistry is so real that love spills out of the jar more often. As time goes by, love tends to grow and the bonds become stronger. There comes a time when courtship period is over and the relationship needs to be taken to the next level. That’s the time to “break the ice”. According to the traditions, the man is expected to make a move and propose to his wife-to-be, although the millennial generation has changed the norms as nowadays a lady can make a marriage proposal to a man she truly loves.

A marriage proposal is a dream-come-true for the majority of couples. An engagement ring is one of the most expensive things a man will ever buy for his girl. However, if you are on a budget, you should not let this be a reason for not going on one knee as you can get the best ring you can afford. Before you come up with a marriage proposal idea, you should interrogate your thoughts thoroughly and opt for the best among them. Here are some of the best outdoor marriage proposal ideas you should consider.

1. T-shirt proposal

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When you know the type of social event that your spouse likes to attend or her hobby, things become much easier because all you need to do is to make arrangements with the event managers. Without her knowing about it, have a few t-shirts printed with the proposal message “will you marry me?” You can print about five if you are running under a tight budget. You can request friends to accompany you at the event so that they can get to wear branded t-shirts as a surprise to your future wife. You can suggest for a group photo and have the friends don on the t-shirt during the photo shoot.  Pictures speak louder! She will never forget.

2. Photograph proposal

Special moments in one’s life deserve to be captured on tape or in a picture. A photo proposal is ideal especially for the couple who like to keep their lives private. Consider hiring a professional photographer and book for a ‘couple session’ photo shoot. Choose the best location that would please your partner. As the photographer is capturing the moments in detail, go ahead and propose to your better half. Those photos will always rekindle the love flames as you age together.

3. Carved pumpkin proposal

This idea is best possibly during the annual Halloween prep, come up with some convincing words to make participation in a pumpkin-carving challenge. You can come up with an idea that you give each other some space and work from different stations. This will give you some privacy as you carve the precious words “marry me” into your pumpkin. You can follow up with some other fun games to make even more exciting. Those sweet memories will never fade away!

Romantic Outdoor Proposals During Spring and Summer

4. Kite proposal

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During summer holidays, a couple may decide to visit the beach on a warm, breezy afternoon. If you have the nerve to make a marriage proposal, this is the most appropriate time when your partner is free and relaxed. As you join the others in merrymaking and fun activities at the sandy beaches, buy two kites and write, “will you marry me” on the underside of one of the kites secretly. As you stroll down the beach let the kites take flight. Go down on one knee and present her with the ring. Her heart will without a doubt skip a beat.

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5. Hot air balloon proposal

This is a great idea for a couple who loves to travel around the world or go on a safari. During summer holidays, if she loves to see wildlife, book for a safari to tour Africa and get to see amazing wildlife and their diverse cultural practices. Because you know the main objective of the tour, make sure that you will visit a park that offers a hot air balloon ride. When soaring in the clouds above and she is enjoying the moments, gently get down on one knee and pose the question “will you marry me?” make sure that it caught on tape for future reference.

6. Flash mob proposal

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This one is a true classic. For example, if she is the kind of girl who loves parting and clubbing, you should hire her favorite dancing crew or have the DJ play her favorite tunes. Get to the dance floor and get her dancing alongside the crew. At that moment when she is feeling like Cinderella, drop the bombshell and get down on one knee. Organize with the DJ to stop the playing record and the dance crew flashcards written, “Marry me!” This would turn out to be the party of her life.

7. On roller coaster

Visit an amusement park together. Ride a roller coaster that is capable of taking pictures. Make sure that your darling gets to seat at the front seat of the roller coaster. Before the ride starts, make sure that people behind you are supplied with poster cards that read, “Marry me”. Ask them to hold the cards in such a manner that the camera will capture the words right. Buy the photo immediately after the ride and give it as a present to your future wife as you go down on one knee. It’s a unique one and a wonderful proposal idea.

Gorgeous Outdoor Proposals During Fall And Winter

8. Coffee or a cup of tea proposal

If your girl is a tea roller or loves to take a cup of hot coffee, you have the remedy to a perfect marriage proposal. While she still at work, expecting to be served with her hot chocolate, is the best time to pull that stunt. Buy a “marry me mug” and request the official caterer to serve her using the cup. Let her be served last so that when you finally pop the question in front of her friends and colleges, she will be really excited. It’s quite simple but effective and a wonderful gesture of true love.

9. Snowmen contest

Cold weather can make you stay indoors quite longer. Consider taking your sweetheart out when the sun shines just to warm up a little bit and breathe some fresh air. Come up with a proposal where the two of you will contest on who can build the most handsome snowman. Make sure that you are seated back to back so that it can be an element of surprise. Before you turn on her for a big reveal, make sure that you attach the ring box on your frosty. It’s even better to say “Do you want to marry me?” that is absolutely romantic. She will definitely fall for it.

10. On top of a mountain

The mountains have spectacular views that make many people feel excited. If your darling loves such ambiance, you are truly lucky. You can engage her in any snow activity that she likes, for example, if she loves to ski or snowboard, go for it as a team. Make a pact between the two of you that you are in it together and no one should leave the other behind no matter what. As you head out to enjoy yourselves, make sure that you are left behind at some point without her noticing. When she gets to know that you are missing, she will definitely come back looking for you. Be down on one knee by the time she gets to you and when she asks you what’s wrong, don’t hesitate to pop up the question “will you marry me?”


The above marriage proposal ideas are original and have been proven to favor many in their quest.  If you intend to make a marriage proposal to your significant other, it’s good to be well prepared psychologically because the outcome may be not as you expected. Also, do good research about what she likes and that would help you come up with a proposal she will fall for. You should not exaggerate things, be simple and articulate and she will definitely love it. Try one of these proposal ideas and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. Wish you all the best as you scale your love life to much satisfying level.

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